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  1. AbraCadaver

    Floating Plant With Surface Movement

    Hornwort, water sprite, maybe some duckweed.
  2. AbraCadaver

    Ich... What To Do With Tank And Remaining Fish

    You need to treat for ich about 3 days after the spots are gone from your fish. The only time you can kill them is when they are not attached to your fish. Ultimately, bleaching everything won’t do anything but kill your cycle. It’s a parasite, not bacterial. Wouldn’t hurt to add salt with...
  3. AbraCadaver

    What’s Happening To My Koi?

    Post it on YouTube then post the link here. What’s the mucus look like?
  4. AbraCadaver

    Help Does My Shrimp Have A Parasite?

    I can’t really see in the picture but perhaps he is molting? From my experience, the ghost shrimp I’ve that had parasites, had a long white spiral inside them... looked like a thin, white, corkscrew
  5. AbraCadaver

    Question Gourami Social Behavior

    Exactly! From my experience, a lot of betas are calm. Unless they’re isolated to where they can’t see other males when kept in a store or wherever, they can be feisty. And some are mean by nature... but I’ve only come across 2 total mean male betta fish since I started this. They got along with...
  6. AbraCadaver

    Instagram Worthy Member Pictures

    They are awesome. I’m always looking for stuff that’s “new” to me. My LFS just got in a couple axolotl and ima go get one my day off lol. Ima ask about these fish here too and maybe order some
  7. AbraCadaver

    Pregnant Guppy Or Bloated Male?

    My female gourami have plump bellies always as well. I’d still just treat the entire tank for parasites... if the guppy has it, all your fish will more than likely get them. But I’d personally try epsom salt baths and fasting first.
  8. AbraCadaver

    Are These Worms In My Dwarf Puffer?

    All of my puffers get weirdo lumpy bellies after eating snails and such. Weirded me out at first, lol. I’ve come to realize it’s normal. Glad your little dude is okay
  9. AbraCadaver

    Pregnant Guppy Or Bloated Male?

    FemLe.. considering she doesn’t have a visible dark gravid spot... and considering your gourami seems to be the same way... I’d say go ahead and fast them in case of constipation, maybe an epsom salt bath for 30 minutes a day... and treat with API general cure in case it’s parasitic.
  10. AbraCadaver

    Bloated Dwarf Gourami

    I’d do epsom salt baths 30 minutes once a day... it’s a laxative for humans, and fish as well I’d then fast for 3 days, and feed skinned peas. Frozen peas tend to break up less easy but I use organic canned because they’re softer and I feel like it’s easier for them to digest when they’re...
  11. AbraCadaver

    Question Gourami Social Behavior

    I have 2 blue gourami and a pearl gourami together... they’re fine. I think they’re all 3 “pearls” tho technically. I have no issues. 2 females 1 male. I also have 2 Australian rainbow fish with them, and guppies and Platy and mollies! They all work out just fine and dandy 60g tank. But here’s...
  12. AbraCadaver

    Instagram Worthy Member Pictures

    What are those!? They’re stunning
  13. AbraCadaver

    Are These Worms In My Dwarf Puffer?

    That’s... bizarre. I mean, I would treat him anyway... I treat all my fish when I get them simply because, you never know... and you don’t want to wait until symptoms occur because it could be too late. I use Ich-x for bacteria related sicknesses, and API general cure for parasitic illness. I...
  14. AbraCadaver

    Keeping Wild Bettas With Betta Splendens In Community Tank?

    Sorry! Been super busy at work. But yes, the only option I have is to shop at petsmart for my fish, and it’s in the next state over. So what I find helps, is petsmart keeps them on shelves together in clear containers so they can see each other... this, is basically the same thing you do to...
  15. AbraCadaver

    First Dwarf Puffer And Feeding Questions

    Petsmart will give them for free with a purchase. i have tons of trumpet snails, if anyone’s interested.
  16. AbraCadaver

    Frog Eggs!

    made a summer Betta pond, and I woke up this morning to see hundreds of little frog eggs Hope they don’t get eaten! They’re so cute! I can’t wait to see what kind of frogs they are. Had a bad storm last night and heard tons of tree frogs around the house. Maybe they’ll be tree frogs
  17. AbraCadaver

    Want To Buy Floating Plants

    I it’s 62476 Def interested! Okay, let me get my ducks in a row and we can figure out all the stuff figure out who all I’m buying from and do it all at once lol
  18. AbraCadaver

    Want To Buy Floating Plants

    How much on them and shipping, (each) PayPal for payment?
  19. AbraCadaver

    Want To Sell Assorted Plants And Fish

    Could you quote me on shipping??
  20. AbraCadaver

    Is My Walmart Stopping Fish Sales?

    I have to agree with that. I think I have 1 actual mom and pop pet store around me, and they suck. The fish I’ve bought from there die before I’m done medicating them from god knows what. And most the pet stores I go to, have sick fish. They probably hate me by now because when I see a fish with...

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