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    Update? Pothos Plant

    So I'm referring to this thread a made a bit ago. Question - What On Earth Is On My Plant? And with all the theories and suggestions, I decided to just keep it and see what it turned into and this is what happened. Does anyone one know what this is? I didn't know pothos made seeds lol. I...
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    Dead Cory?

    Soo.. I just found one of my panda Cory's upside down on the bottom of the tank dead and I'm not sure what I did exactly? My other Corys seem fine, I did water test and these are the results. Any ideas? Edit: I'm doing my water change today btw
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    Sand And Plants (osmocote Plus Root Tabs)

    So I really want to plant my 20 long and these are the most realistic things i can afford. Not including the plants, I already picked the ones I want. Are these sands 100% safe? I cant justify spending lots of money on sand so Is this good Also does the osmocite root tabs actaully work?
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    What On Earth Is On My Plant?

    Okay so I have a betta in a "quarantine 1.5 ish gallon tank (I know at least 2.5 I'm sorry ;_; but he won't be in there for long I swear) because he's going in a community tank [if he likes it]. Well I just saw this rn and I'm sort of freaking out at this point... I have a pothos plant in with...
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    Canister Filter

    What size tank would you really upgrade to a canister filter? I recently inherited a 55 gallon that I plan on setting up in the future, however I don't have a filter for it and dont know if a regular HOB Filter would suffice. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Tank Almost Cycled

    I have some feeder fish in this tank with a filter and these are the results I got today. Am I Almost there, should I do a water change today and after that how often? Thanks!
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    Cycling Tank

    It's been about month since I started out this tank and these are the API Freshwater Test Results Why do I have such high nitrites but not a lot of nitrates?
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    Terrarium Vs Aquarium Question

    Can someone tell me real quick what the real difference is ? Like if you got a terrarium tank and silicioned the sides, could it be an aquarium?
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    Api Freshwater Test Results

    What does this mean on a tank that's in the process of cycling? I clicked something and it posted without the last image.
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    What Is My Molly Doing?

    Well I think it's a Molly anyway, its my only fish I'm not too sure about lol. But what exactly is she doing? Its been going on for at least 5 minutes

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