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    Help Cory Infection?

    Thank you for your reply, I will buy some para guard ASAP.
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    Help Cory Infection?

    Hello everyone my 40 gallon aquarium is going well with 30-40% weekly water changes and has been running for about 8 months now. So I noticed one of my peppered cories has strange growths on his skin (pictures attached) and immediately I bought api fungal infection medication and dosed the...
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    Question Changing Substrate

    Thanks for the info mate I will keep my hang on back filter with water in it to ensure the BB doesn’t dry out. I get what your saying but I have to disagree on that one, the sand in my tank is so fine I actually suck up more sand than dirt while doing water changes so I’m going to change to a...
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    Question Changing Substrate

    Hello everyone so my 12 gallon fluval edge has been running smooth with my single betta and 8 Ember tetras. Previously I’ve had cories in this tank so I’ve made it a sand bottom tank as cories like to dig through the sand for food. My cories are moved to my bigger tank now and the fish in my...
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    40 Gallon Tank Dwarf Cichlid Community?

    Hi there. In my opinion cichlids are territorial so I would either keep the one Bolivian Ram and get a nice dither fish species to add to the tank. Another option is to add more of the same species maybe even a pair then add some fish that would eat the eggs if they ever had fry such as...
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    How Attached Are They To Us?

    In my opinion it’s how you interact with your fish and what fish you have. My fish know the difference between water change time and feeding time. My plakat betta follows me around the tank when I observe them but when it’s feeding time he goes up to the corner of the tank which is a specific...
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    Question Mystery Rainbowfish

    Thank you, yep looked them up they must be Celebes.
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    Question Mystery Rainbowfish

    Hi guys so I’ve been keeping Dwarf Rainbowfish for a bit now as I have the Pacific blue eyes and a honey blue eye and when I went to the pet store they had 2 unknown dwarf Rainbowfish which the employee had no idea what they were aswel. They were getting a bit picked on in the store by tiger...
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    Question New To Otocinclus

    Hi there. Ottos usually clean the surfaces of the tank and search for leftover food. If they are hiding a lot and inactive they might still be getting used to the tank. If they are swimming around and exploring structures and looking for food they should be just comfortable. Just make sure...
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    Question Cockatoo + Ember Tetras =bad Combo?

    Hi there. If you have a nicely scaped tank with space for fish to create territory (Apistos) and a large number of Ember Tetras you should be fine. When breeding they get territorial because they are about to have offspring but Ember tetras aren’t going to bother or go near them. If you have...
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    Question Darkening In Double Sword Tail?!

    Hello there. Usually males of most fish species gain darker and more vibrant colors to: Prove dominance over tank mates or area of the tank. Show off and display to impress the females (what he is most likely doing.) Food choice can also enhance his color as it might have more nutrients...
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    Question Fantail Tail Rolled Up?

    Hello sorry to hear about the situation. Is he floating or sinking? In my opinion might be swim bladder issues. Fantail, and most fancy goldfish, are actually deformed and bred to have a short stubby body. This makes them look really cute but the downside is all their internal organs are...
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    20 Gallon Tank New Stock Ideas

    That’s a good mix I’d wanna try too, might add Amanos instead of cherry shrimp just so they don’t get eaten lol. Thanks for the idea
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    20 Gallon Tank New Stock Ideas

    Hi everyone so i have purchased a new 20 Gallon Aqua One (76 Litre) aquarium and I haven’t even opened it because I’m stuck with the hard decision of stocking ideas. I’m very knowledgeable in fishkeeping and will have to go through the nitrogen cycle quickly as I have established tanks. So...
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    Question Link To Fish And Human?

    Hey guys this might be a very “different” question but over the years I have noticed something strange with me and my pets and I want to know if anyone else is experiencing the same. I’ve heard of a link between arowana and their owners and when their owners are in danger or trauma (including...
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    How Do I New At Keeping Shrimp - Looking For Advise

    Hi there, Personally I keep my Amano shrimp for their cleaning purposes as they are great algae eaters but if you want to start a colony I recommend adding plants. They love leafy plants that they can hide in and some carpeting plants too. But that’s not really a “need” for them. They like...
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    Question Peppered Cory’s

    Hello so everything is all well although I noticed my peppered cories are different colours. The same species but when I usually buy ones that are in white sand they are lighter silver and then turn a bit darker when I add them to my tank with black sand. So I’ve had my 5 peppered cories for...
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    Fish Id Please

    First pic is an Ember Tetra, small schooling fish.
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    Oscar Tank Stocking??

    Hi. A 75 gallon is what is recommended for a single adult Oscar. A brittle nose pleco could work as they usually don’t use the water column and stick to surfaces. But even then with an Oscar you would need to have strong filtration. Haven’t kept oscars in years though and haven’t kept...

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