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  1. treadingwater

    How Often Do You Add Or Change Out Fish

    Try mixing up the contents of your tank. Switch the fish to another tank or better yet, rearrange the "furniture" in your tank. When humans get tired of living in the same place and we dont want to move, we rearrange the furniture without getting rid of anything. I would bet your fish would...
  2. treadingwater

    Funny Funny Tank Pics/ Happenings

    Gemini and HER fish. I have a video of her trying to pet the fish but there’s glass in the way so she just ends up running her beak over the glass.
  3. treadingwater

    Funny Funny Tank Pics/ Happenings

    You know, mine do that too! They get all up in your face, nose to nose on the glass but when you bust out that camera, "swim away!"
  4. treadingwater

    Funny Funny Tank Pics/ Happenings

    Oh yes, the Bubbles story especially! That’s better than finding a random rock in the tree this morning! I got a juvenile green spotted puffer last night and while I’m waiting to be able to move him to his own brackish tank he is in with my sons fish. He has a Chinese algae eater, Mr Suckface...
  5. treadingwater

    Funny Funny Tank Pics/ Happenings

    I looked for another thread to post this in but the latest was from 2012 that I found. So I’m starting a new one. I’ve had some funny things happen Un my tanks recently and I’m going to start documenting them. A fish tank really is like watching a better version of reality tv. This isn’t just...
  6. treadingwater

    Oscar Loses Eye

    Eventually the pellets will be soft enough after sitting in the water for it to eat. @Dawn Michele knows a lot about oscar care. Maybe she can give you some advise about this.
  7. treadingwater

    Question Can Someone Tell Me If My Female Molly Is Ready Or Near Birth?

    Shes really pretty! You also might want to put a lot of plants at the surface of the water and make a floating nursery in case she drops and you don't see it. The babies will head for the plants and you'll be able to save more of them. Doesn't have to be fancy plants or even real. Just like, 3...
  8. treadingwater

    Good Mobile Games?

    Dude, my husband actually breathed an audible sigh of relief when I mumbled the other day about Skyrim not being mobile. Id be chill with it being retro graphics if we had just a third of the game to play around with while we were on the go, vaycays and what not.
  9. treadingwater

    Just Got My First Otos

    This one always has super long poops. Every time.
  10. treadingwater

    Just Got My First Otos

    I just bought my first 3 otos and they are currently in the quarantine tank. All look very healthy, all are eating...except one. Its stuck on the same rock its been on since Saturday. Its moved off for a bit but just goes back to sucking on that same spot its been on for the 4 days I've had it...
  11. treadingwater

    Even Cories Are Colourful

    I love how cories look like they are french braided together. Fancy little fish, they are.
  12. treadingwater

    Good Mobile Games?

    I just downloaded Mario Kart Tour on my iPhone along with Dr Mario World. We will just have to see how long I keep them. I would recomend looking at PUBG. It takes a lot of space on your phone but like I said, theres 1 game with so many ways to play it that its like getting 8 or 9 games in one.
  13. treadingwater

    Good Mobile Games?

    I have PUBG and am honestly pretty addicted to it. Yes, they have subscriptions, in app purchases, ect, but it truly is a game where its possible to go in and win without spending a penny. The things that you purchase, like outfits and characters and paint jobs for your weapons enhance the game...
  14. treadingwater

    Fish Has Lost It's Tail! What Do I Do?!

    Please keep us updated on what happens to your fish so that others can learn from your experience.
  15. treadingwater

    Hmmm 3 Of My Neons

    It happens to me with my smaller fish all the time. Well, not ALL the time, but you know what I'm trying to say... I have the same thing you do and count my fish, especially my neons. When one dies, its like trying to find Jimmy Hoffa. ONCE I found some small guppy bones on my way out the door...
  16. treadingwater

    Question Snail Stowaway

    Actually, since I have other snails, Id rather it be Malaysian at this point. As long as I can find it again quickly I should be ok. I have a spare 20 gallon that I thought about putting pea puffers in around November so this isn't a bad thing,actually.
  17. treadingwater

    Question Snail Stowaway

    Went to my LFS and asked for 3 Otto cats. He said “ok!” And I went to pick out some new live plants while he filled my order. When I came back he handed me a bag of fish, I said “thank you” and paid for my purchase and left. On the way home I was gushing about how freaking adorable they are and...
  18. treadingwater

    Fish Has Poop Coming Out And Something White Bellow It?

    Oh, sorry! I thought that was a bubble on the glass! :facepalm: Anyway, hopefully someone else with experience with mollies will be able to tell you.
  19. treadingwater

    New Member - Under Stairs Fish Tank

    As Crispii said and if you want something with a hinge, you can use these plastic doohickies. I have sheets of glass with a cut across the top and these hinges so you can have easy access. You can even glue a handle to the lid for easy opening.
  20. treadingwater

    Help New Betta Suddenly Sick! Dropsy? Parasite?

    I'm sorry for your loss. Bettas are amazing companions but there are so many issues with them by inbreeding and genetic mutations. I would encourage you to try again but this time, cycle your tank first. That will definitely help. See if you can get some filter from someone else with a tank...

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