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  1. SSJ

    Adding Ada Substrate To A Live Tank

    I am planning to add an ADA layer of substrate to my active tank, maybe in parts of two. Is it true that it would raise the ammonia levels?? As im doing it in parts, is it ok to add it while the fish is in tank? Please advise
  2. SSJ

    Question In Activated Carbon

    I have a 45gal heavily planted tank with a canister filter. I had to remove the activated carbon TWICE due to a fungal infection, which required medication. Currently the tank is running absolutely fine with no issues at all. Thinking of adding the activated carbon back...but not sure if it will...
  3. SSJ

    Mysterious Death, Confused.

    So i bought this big male molly, see pics. Quite active in the tank etc. He just stopped eating sometime back and kept himself confined to a corner at the water surface. Then died the day before. Parameters are all fine, other fish is fine too. Only one observation, he used to chase probably...
  4. SSJ

    Not All Heros(you Guys) Wear Capes

    I was an absolute rookie, started in April, but today by the grace of God and you guys here i have a nice community tank with a very very low death rate. Wouldn'tdn't have been possible without you guys selflessly helping out. I have subscribed to other platforms as well, but to be honest either...
  5. SSJ

    Constant Occurance Of Fungal Infection. Please Help

    This is the third time I would be battling fungal infection in my fish, first it was neon tetras..then again neon tetras and now rainbow fish. My LPS guy suggested adding anti fungal drops then changing 30% water daily as a treatment...not sure if thats the right protocol. Some details: 45 gal...
  6. SSJ

    Why Is This Neon Rainbowfish Behaving Strange??

    So one of my neon rainbows is behaving wiered. He stays at this place almost all day long (see picture) and if anyone comes near that area..chases them away. Not sure if this is normal. Rest of the fish is just fine.
  7. SSJ

    How Much Percentage Water Change Allowed?

    So i keep hearing Rainbow fish loves a huge water change. Brings up two questions to my mind. #1 how big of a change is legit? #2 can we do a big water change if the tank is cycled? (Mine is cycled)
  8. SSJ

    Am I Underfeeding??

    I have 39 rainbows, 26 mollies and few guppies in my tank. Unlike other countries we dont get these fish big in size comparatively, they are max 1-1.5 inches in size. I understand my tank might look like an LPS tank egarly waiting to sell fish..but somehow i have managed to keep the parameters...
  9. SSJ

    My Neon Rainbows Wont School Anymore :(

    I have 27 neon rainbows. Initially i added 19 and they did school a bit...after adding 8 more..they felt confident/brave and used to school from the left side of the tank to the right and vice versa. But since past Saturday, they just stopped doing that. They are active but wont school together...
  10. SSJ

    Molly Behaviour, Normal? Abnormal?

    So quite often my mollies go to the surface, float around like trying to eat food...though one by one..not all at once. Is this normal behaviour? My tank is heavily planted with constant water agitation..other fish seems fine too. Please advise
  11. SSJ

    My Rainbows Stopped Schooling

    So i have around 27 rainbow neons, and they school pretty well. I read somewhere that these are intelligent species and can identify activities outside the tank. Weekdays im alone, and only i am near the tank, they school well over this week. Weekend my place is full of people..and they arent...
  12. SSJ

    Will Different Molly Types School Together?

    I have around 25 White mollies, planning to add four Dalmatian mollies..will they school together? Or i need more dalmatians?
  13. SSJ

    Question On Schooling, Neon Rainbows Vs Bosemani Rainbows

    So I have around 19 neon Rainbows..want to add some Bosemani Rainbows but they are expensive. Thinking of adding just four, my question is, will they school with the neon rainbows? Or do i need more number of Bosemanis??
  14. SSJ

    Can An Aquarium Cause Skin Infection?

    My wife has this skin infection..rashes..itches etc..and somehow it points to the aquarium. Doc says duebto pets..and when we tracked down the actually started since i bought the tank. The tank is clean..and cleanliness around it is managed well. Anyone came across something like this?
  15. SSJ

    Lighting. Too Much? Too Less? Please Advise

    This is a 45 gallon tank, with some plants mentioning the names of whatever i know of - common bacopa, camboba, wild weed, amazon(i think). The tank has Phillips lighting, one 20watt tube light and one 18watt LED light. Is this light enough? See attached pic
  16. SSJ

    Do All Plants Need Soil

    So i have potted plants, due to lack of pots at the moment..i left few plants without any soil, and they r growing pretty well. So my question is, do we need soil for all plants as a mandate? Or they can grow without it. Plants i have are - common bacopa , camboba carolina
  17. SSJ

    Can I Add Rainbow Fish With Guppies And Mollies?

    Having tetra neon, guppies and mollies. Can i add rainbow fish in the mix? Attached is the one i want to add
  18. SSJ

    Discus Experts, Any?

    Im a biggener but too tempted to keep few Discus. Some questions that pop in my head: Is it true that u need to clean their poop daily? Is it true that they shouldn't be kept in a tank with lot of plants? Do they stop eating at times..and it becomes hard to maintain them at that point...
  19. SSJ

    Molly Activity Thru Out The Day? Normal?

    So i have around 16 mollies and i have the bad habit of observing too closely. They seem to run a lot in the morning..also after i feed them. But then activity level goes down in the noon/evening where they just nip on plants and graze the bottom. On the other hand i see the...
  20. SSJ

    Urgent Help Needed: Parasite Infection

    Folks, all other mollies are fine, this guy has a strange thing protruding out of his gill(i believe), see attached pics. Not sure if its a plant twig or something coming out of the body. She is not swimming much.static at one point..not eating etc.

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