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  1. LiterallyHydro

    Local Alternatives To Ial?

    Check on Ebay, there are a few listings that are pretty cheap for Indian Almond Leaves.
  2. LiterallyHydro

    How Long Can Live Plants Be Good In A Bag For

    Plants often get shipped wrapped in nothing more than wet newspaper, they should be fine for that time period as long as you don't let the water in the bag get very hot or very cold.
  3. LiterallyHydro

    Cycling Tanks With Ammonia

    Definitely agree with sfsamm here. And hang in there It all begins to make more sense later. Just keep in mind a lot of the information you receive anywhere, is anecdotal.
  4. LiterallyHydro

    Danios Chasing 1 Danio

    No problem. Just make sure to keep an eye on them in the coming days. If you spot any ripped fins, missing scales, sores or other injuries, make sure to treat it accordingly and potentially remove the aggressor.
  5. LiterallyHydro

    Ammonia Too High!

    Short answer: yes. The measures I would take if you have an ammonia spike in an aquarium would be as follows: 1) Immediately cut feeding back to once every other day until the problem is fixed. 2) Do a 50% water change with a double dose of prime 3) Monitor all tank parameters (pH, Ammonia...
  6. LiterallyHydro

    Quick Advice

    The reason for not testing the water any sooner than a day after the water change is the Prime could have a false positive effect. It breaks Chloramines down into Ammonia and Chlorine? Which will show up on the test, the ammonia in the water is no longer toxic however. I will certainly take a...
  7. LiterallyHydro

    Live Rock Vs Dry Rock

    Funny enough, the attractiveness of lowering the risk of pests go up tenfold after playing around with saltwater for a few years. After dealing with all of the pests, you will never want to have to go through that again.
  8. LiterallyHydro

    Suggestions For A 20 G Community With Higher Ph ?

    If the supplier for your local fish stores breed the fish in local waters, many of the fish will have already adapted to the higher pH. You could lower your pH with peat moss and driftwood, if you don't mind the water browning a little from the tannins. I wouldn't use chemical buffers however...
  9. LiterallyHydro

    What's Your Opinion On Buying Fish Online?

    For more delicate or exotic species, such as Discus, I definitely agree with that. The supply you get from wholesale is nowhere near the quality of known breeders. I also like how a lot of online vendors will have an extended guarantee on their fish, so instead of 3-7 days like many fish stores...
  10. LiterallyHydro

    Quick Advice

    I would do the water change with prime, wait 24 hours, then use Tetra Safe Start. I'd be worried about Prime detoxifying the ammonia into a form the bacteria from Tetra Safe Start can't consume, and would starve off. A 50% water change shouldn't have a very large impact on your beneficial...
  11. LiterallyHydro

    Ammonia Too High!

    If the ammonia in your tank is 1, and in the water is 0.5, do the water change anyway then. It would still technically lower the ammonia a bit.
  12. LiterallyHydro

    Ammonia Too High!

    I do not believe Aquasafe neutralizes ammonia, but I could be wrong entirely on that. Prime has worked so well for me throughout the years that I never gave any others a shot.
  13. LiterallyHydro

    Ammonia Too High!

    If the tap water that has detectable ammonia is city water, that would mean your municipality treats your water with chloramines. In that situation, I would do the water change as I mentioned earlier (50%), with a double dose of prime. Then wait 24 hours to test your water again to see what it...
  14. LiterallyHydro

    Danios Chasing 1 Danio

    If they are continuously chasing and harassing the long fin danios, I'd separate them. Otherwise you may have some dead fish on your hands. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of them "playing" either though.
  15. LiterallyHydro

    Ammonia Too High!

    Everyone's well water is different. I don't trust using well water because there's a high chance of there being other toxic compounds, heavy metals and other nasties you don't want in the tank. I have lost fish just using well water to do a 20% water change. If you have access to city water, I...
  16. LiterallyHydro

    Guppy And What Else ?

    Oh! I also forgot! Chili Rasboras would be another good option to look at.
  17. LiterallyHydro

    Quick Advice

    Fish in the wild don't come across food every day, if there is a major issue cycling the tank, I would even cut the feeding back to once every other day to minimize waste going into the tank. I would discontinue use of quick start. Prime can help to detox ammonia and nitrite for up to a day...
  18. LiterallyHydro

    Ammonia Too High!

    What are all of the other readings? That determines the best long term action. As for right now, I would do a 50 percent water change (Using water conditioner) and test all of your parameters.
  19. LiterallyHydro

    Quick Advice

    I've never had a good experience with API Quickstart, I would replace it either with Tetra Safe Start or Fritz Turbo Start. Since you don't have any Nitrites yet, it definitely didn't work for you. The cloudiness is normal during a tank's cycling. It's just a bacterial bloom that will die out...
  20. LiterallyHydro

    My 20 Gallon Tank Plan

    If have a pair of rams, there might be an issue with aggression related to spawning in a 20 high. The tank is small enough the other fish would have nowhere to get away from them. Otherwise, you should be fine.

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