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  1. kgoerg

    Filtration Question

    See iuf this helps: How Do I - Improve The Efficiency Of The Marineland Emperor 400 Hob
  2. kgoerg

    Question Does Anyone Know What Type Of Cichlid This Is ?

    Yeah, I'm going with female peacock.
  3. kgoerg

    What Type Of Thermometer Is Better? Poll

    Use whatever works for you. The floaters use alcohol with red dye. The companies that sell the digital type use a disclaimer that says it's within N degrees + or -, so you know they're not accurate. Get a good digital thermometer for people or an expensive meat thermometer and compare that...
  4. kgoerg

    Poll , How Do You Do Refill Tank After A Water Change

    I'm sure we all have our own methods and preferences. I change 25% of water in my tanks every week. I use the syphoned out water to water my indoor and outdoor plants - great plant nutrients. I use a digital meat thermometer to measure the tank water so that I know the tank temp and added water...
  5. kgoerg

    What Type/species Of Angelfish Do You Have?

    Hey Biz - I do care! I love to learn, it's one of life's greatest pleasures. Can you recommend a good detailed book on Angelfish or, like me, do you follow link after link after link until you wind up down some rabbit hole that has no more rabbits? Popeye
  6. kgoerg

    What Type/species Of Angelfish Do You Have?

    Gorgeous. Well, that supplier's mis-identification was certainly to your advantage. Maybe I should start haunting my LFSs more. I broke my habit of doing the rounds weekly and now i'm going back to that if there's vars like this to be found!. Thanks for sharing.
  7. kgoerg

    What Type/species Of Angelfish Do You Have?

    Hey Biz- Got any pics of the Phil. Blue Leopards. I'd love to see them. Where'd you get them from? I'm looking for trustworthy sources for some unique vars. Popeye (I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam!)
  8. kgoerg

    Question Tank Brand Preference?

    I agree with the advice from Fashooga. If you're buying a smaller tank, say 20G and under, Fashooga's right on. If going bigger or ordering over the web it may not be so easy. I have purchased a few tanks from a reputable online supplier and I just flat out asked them what do they recommend that...
  9. kgoerg

    Hello! New Member/fish Enthusiast

    Welcome on board Spyder. Enjoy the forums and discussions. I've been into fish since I owned my own tropical fish store in New Jersey in the 70's and 80's and still learning from the great people here. Wow how the hobby has changed - and certainly for the better.
  10. kgoerg

    20 Gallon Tank What Are Good Fish Options To Add?

    I don't know how long you've had the rams, but I'd watch out some (not all) can be territorial. For safety sake when you add any fish to your 20G move some of the deco around so the rams don't get protective and aggressive with the newbies. You could also try a half dozen rummy-nose tets -...
  11. kgoerg

    Question What Type Of Different Species Tetras Will School Together?

    You might take a look at the Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish (melanotaenia praecox) and some other smaller rainbowfish like Gertrude's or Blue-eye forktail. The latter are smaller and both will school/shoal. Try to keep them in groups and have females out-number males. Really gorgeous color, great...
  12. kgoerg

    Question Help Identifying These Toads?

    Try this site - great info: Fowlers Vs American toad?
  13. kgoerg

    Question What Type Of Different Species Tetras Will School Together?

    I bought 9 Rummy Nose for my 50G and 9 long fin Candy Cane Tets about a year ago. The tank they are in is at 80F. They don't school together but never had any fights, fin nips, etc. Very peaceful and they are great fun to watch. Last week I caught them sitting around the campfire singing **** Ba...
  14. kgoerg

    What Type/species Of Angelfish Do You Have?

    Here's a couple of my angels This guy passed away two weeks ago, If there is such a thing as a Blushing Koi Marble Veil that's what he was I am really diligent with my maintenance and haven't lost a fish in over a year. One day the angel pictured above stopped eating and his stomach shrunk...
  15. kgoerg

    New To Fishlore

    Nice fish, Sabrina. Thanks for sharing. That gold colored discus is really beautiful. Good luck with your leaky 48" tank..
  16. kgoerg

    How Do I Improve The Efficiency Of The Marineland Emperor 400 Hob

    I use the Marineland Emperor 400 on my 46G bowfront display tank and two more on my 60G. There are two pre-loaded (carbon) filter pads and two plastic "fill with whatever" trays in each filter. I alternate (right side/left side) changing the pads and trays every month. I always cut open the very...
  17. kgoerg

    New To Fishlore

    Thanks, Sabrina. Right now, since I am in the process of starting a 90G Angelfish species tank, I have pared down to only a couple of active tanks. I am down to multiple species of Pleco, Rainbow, Goby, Rummynose, Angels, Corys, Loaches, Rams. I'm heavily loaded with clean-up crew members while...
  18. kgoerg

    New To Fishlore

    Hi all - Just joined the community. I have been keeping freshwater tropicals since the 1970's. I am from New Jersey originally, now in Michigan. I owned a tropical fish store in New Jersey up until the mid-1980's. We have two dogs, two dependent feral cats, a parrot, and multiple tanks. Huge...
  19. kgoerg

    Help Angelfish Species Tank

    Thanks for the welcome! That's a great idea - willdo, thanks.
  20. kgoerg

    Help Angelfish Species Tank

    Crispii - Nice - the "real" Columbian Altums? Got a picture? I have read that they can be more aggressive that other angels and get bigger, too - who are they keeping company with?

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