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  1. Donnerjay

    South Florida Aquascape Contests?

    Hi there! Just saw your posts and wanted to say hello from Pompano Beach. Check out the Gold Coast Aquarium Society. They meet monthly on the 2nd Wednesday and often have mini fish auctions and annual conventions. I went to their Spring Auction in March at TY Park and picked up some very...
  2. Donnerjay

    Help Want Koi Kanke Or Showa Swordtails

    Imperial Tropicals has koi swordtails.
  3. Donnerjay

    Comment by 'Donnerjay' in media 'IMG_0333'

    Hello. Endler's livebearers are a type of freshwater fish. The males are extremely colorful. Check out the Endler's sub forum in the livebearers section under Fish Profiles
  4. Donnerjay

    My 38 Gallon Retreat

    Hi there! You could get a small plastic syringe from your drugstore to measure 5ml. Drugstores like Walgreens typically give them away free to their customers.
  5. Donnerjay

    Meet Hybrid The Betta

    Hi there. I really like your multi-level aquascape. It reminds me of a desert scene. Well done!
  6. Donnerjay

    Fishless Cycling Weird Foam

    Hi, welcome to Fishlore! That. Is. Odd. I have experienced a white film buildup when starting a new tank. Often it's the good bacteria (a "bacteria bloom") that gets a little crazy until the cycle stabilizes. It's a thin white surface film that can be broken easily with a finger or other water...
  7. IMG_0333


    Fish auction haul: a pair of Sunset Wag Platies and a trio of Endler's Livebearers. Healthily swimming in quarantine.
  8. Donnerjay

    Gcas Spring Auction In Two Weeks

    Tomorrow's the day!
  9. Donnerjay

    Awesome Diy Build

    Wow cool neato wowser yeah.
  10. Donnerjay

    Water Change Mathematics

    Well, actually there is a color change with every single water change. It's very faint but you can see it. That's the point....that it's not enough to do anything at all. Another consideration is the concept of back-to-back water changes. For example, in an ammonia emergency you'd complete a 50...
  11. Donnerjay

    Water Change Mathematics

    check out this illustration:
  12. Donnerjay

    Water Change Mathematics

    Mathematically speaking, a 10 percent water change once daily for seven days is equivalent to a 70 percent water change once a week. Practically speaking, it is not. That's because you're not achieving the same amount of dilution doing 10 percent daily. In aquarium-speak, "the solution to...
  13. Donnerjay

    Gcas Spring Auction In Two Weeks

  14. Donnerjay

    Ghost Shrimp Picking At Betta Fins

    Those sound like red clawed shrimp. They are often mistaken for ghost shrimp. Red clawed shrimp are aggressive and they will continually tear at your betta's fins. If they are red claws, I'd get rid of them.
  15. Donnerjay

    Japan Blue Mix

    Wowser. Stunning!
  16. Donnerjay

    3.5 Gallon Uses And Betta Id

    You're welcome! Seachem Prime is the best water conditioner and dechlorinator, in my opinion. And that's good that you used the API quick start. The only way to tell if your tank is cycled is by testing the water. I recommend the Freshwater Master Test Kit. A tank is cycled when the tests...
  17. Donnerjay

    3.5 Gallon Uses And Betta Id

    Hi and welcome to Fishlore! You've got a nice tank set up for your betta right now. He (or she!) has some growing to do, so you could concentrate on making the home as awesome as possible. For example, make sure that the tank is cycled. The nitrogen cycle is the most important aspect of fish...
  18. Donnerjay

    Pea Gravel To Fine Gravel Replacement

    Thank you, it's beautiful. I'll see whether it's available in the States.

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