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  1. Fshloover

    Bta Placement

    I put mine where I thought a good place would be and it was able to move to go where it can thrive best. From my experience sometimes when they go into a cave/dark space they never come out and die.
  2. Fshloover

    Flowerhorn With Rock Background???

    Do you know what material it is. And what is the size of the tank? And you can always take it off. Any pictures?
  3. Fshloover

    Are There Any Giant, Or Unusually Shaped, Sponge Pre-filters?

    I make almost all my pre filter sponges. It’s really simple all I do is cut a hole in a piece of foam and shape it with scissors. I was able to get the foam I used for mine from a old filter I had but you can probably just buy some online.
  4. Fshloover

    5 Gallon Tank Stocking For A New 5 Gallon Aquascape

    I’m no expert but my personal opinion would be if you want a center piece fish that has all the attention I would go for the betta, but if you want the attention to be on the scape and other inhabitants more I would go with the scarlet badis. If it where me I would go with the scarlet badis. I...
  5. Fshloover

    Tank Updates

    Oops I meant pretty anti social person. And I’ll post some pictures soon
  6. Fshloover

    Tank Updates

    I’ve been in the aquarium hobbie for a few years now and I have learned a lot. I haven’t posted anything in a while because everything has been very steady l. I thought that I would do a update on all my tanks because they have changed a lot. This probably won’t be very interesting and is mostly...
  7. Fshloover

    Help Identify Soft Corals

    green star polyp
  8. Fshloover

    Next Step For Plants?

    I’m also wondering if some shrimp would do well in my setup. My little puffer isn’t aggressive at all. I dont think he would go after them. He is scared of everything.
  9. Fshloover

    Next Step For Plants?

    Back story: I have a planted 5 gallon tank that I set up almost a year ago. The only fish in there is a pea puffer. When it was my first fully planted tank. After I got the pea puffer I think a month after I got the tank I shifted my attention from the plants to the pea puffer because he...
  10. Fshloover

    Ball Python Cage Makeover

    I’ve come up with a better idea of what I’m going to do. Im going to do the foam background on 3 sides with small pots up high on the wall for some hearty plants. I’m also going to create some type of water dish. I am planning on outing the snake in a large craft bin with his substraight and...
  11. Fshloover

    Ball Python Cage Makeover

    I’ve had my ball python ever since I was like 7 years old. My dad did most of the work on making the cage which is a 55 gallon. Now that I’m older and do %100 of the care I’ve noticed that the tank is very ugly. It gets the job done but it’s a eye sore. I’ve been think of creating a 3D...
  12. Fshloover

    Hammer Coral Turning Lighter?

    Over the past weeks my hammer coral has been getting lighter in color. Is this normal? I added pictures of after and one is before. It is a little bit tucked in because I just turned the light on.
  13. Fshloover

    It’s The Drive To Tropicorium Worth It

    I live in Michigan ive been hearing about tropicorium (idk if I am spelling that right). I’ve been going to purses pets of Lansing and although they have a great selection there prices are super high. And I thought that there prices where normal for a while because that was all I knew. I live...
  14. Fshloover

    Research Project On Aquatic Animals

    Here’s the finished product for anybody who’s interested. I finished it a while ago but forgot to post it here. I got a B+ because of grammar mistakes. And I took out my name. And i had to do a speech about it and I got %100 on that Mrs. Gauna Freshman English 20 December 2018 The History of...
  15. Fshloover

    Shrimp Got Stuck In Rock Scape And Died

    What I would do is take apart the rocks and look for them because they could live in there for a while because detritus gets trapped in the rock work?
  16. Fshloover

    Shrimp Got Stuck In Rock Scape And Died

    Maybe the dead ones where shead exoskeleton?
  17. Fshloover

    Shrimp Got Stuck In Rock Scape And Died

    I would think that they wouldn’t be able to get themselves stuck and not be able to get out especially because the are polished smooth stones. They are really good hiders. What king of shrimp where they?
  18. Fshloover

    New Male Betta, Please Help!!!

    Bettas get ther oxygen from the surface of the water. So they don’t need to defuse it from the water. So the airstone is unneeded and might at more flow to the water and make it more difficult to swim. From what I know.
  19. Fshloover

    New Male Betta, Please Help!!!

    so the tank wasnt/isnt cycled? adding a fish to a uncycled tank puts alot of stress on the fish becase they have to go threw all the ammonia, nitrate,and nitrite spikes and can have long lasting effects on the fish.
  20. Fshloover

    Help Betta Fin Rot?

    I don’t really see a lot. But I know as my bettas grow the new growth grows it is translucent and after a while they turn color.

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