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  1. Demeter

    Ob Peacock Fry Advice

    From my experience the non OB males do turn mostly blue but only if they are dominant. Otherwise submissive males will just have a blue face. Nice looking youngsters!
  2. Demeter

    15 Gallon Tank Centrepiece fish with cherry shrimp

    Perhaps badis? Tiny fish that may not eat all the shrimp.
  3. Demeter

    Dying Amano?

    It may be a molting problem, but yes it will probably die. IME once shrimp are unable to right themselves they will end up dying. Are they a new addition?
  4. Demeter

    Help Three Tanks Affected, Swollen Head

    To add a little more, here's some pics of my own bettas who have the same issue. It seems to only effects the head and gills. Gills appear thickened then it looks as if they start eroding. The head starts getting small sores, the scales pinecone around them and bleed easily. A couple ended up...
  5. Demeter

    Rabbit Snail Information & Experience

    I have lost a chocolate rabbit, somehow it seems to of crawled up the 6in lip of the tote and gotten away. I looked all over the place for it but couldn't find it anywhere. The chocolates aren't as interesting as the others, they are less active and seem pretty unhappy somehow. I'll try moving...
  6. Demeter

    Ob Peacock Fry Advice

    They're at breeding size now and I've got 2 batches from a blue female that spawned with one of the orange male's sons. I'm working on selling these little buggers now and they look fantastic IMO. There's a dark boy with a touch of orange that I may end up keeping.
  7. Demeter

    Need help with bloated betta?

    That looks more like a bump than bloat. It looks more to his left side, bloat is usually symmetrical. I'd be more worried about a tumor than bloating right now. Of course I'm not 100% sure but if it is a tumor it will only get worse and there's nothing that can be done about it.
  8. Demeter

    Need help with bloated betta?

    Honestly I'm not seeing the bloating, just a male betta with a healthy looking body. It's ok for them to have a bit of a belly. He may have been on the thin side when you took him in so perhaps he's just gained a bit of weight. If he's still pooping then I'd say he's fine. You can use a mirror...
  9. Demeter

    Snails for Betta

    I have trumpet, rabbit, nerite, and ramshorn snails with many of my bettas. The trumpets and ramshorns are often preyed upon by some of the bettas but both reproduce quickly so no issues there. I had my young bettas attacking the stalks of the rabbit snails but they didn't do any permanent...
  10. Demeter

    Is this a Tiger Barb?

    I would say that is not a tiger barb. Tigers have 4 stripes from head to tail, that one looks to have 5. I found something that has a very fitting name, the 5 banded barb.
  11. Demeter

    All Female Fry?

    For pretty much all fish they will appear female until those hormones start kicking in and they mature. It can take a while depending on how fast they grow so I wouldn't start labeling them all as female until they are breeding size. Sounds like 3 months is when they can start breeding so wait...
  12. Demeter

    Question Moss covered snails

    Looks like green bush algae or some other type of beard algae. I would think it’s harmless but I can’t say for sure. You can gently pull off the algae and use a but of hydrogen peroxide to kill it, just be careful not to get it on the snail’s body.
  13. Demeter

    Question Has anyone ever been 'bitten' or 'stabbed' by a Pleco?

    What I think of when getting “stabbed” by a pleco is it’s little stabbers near the mouth. I only ever see them when my BN are having an argument or when they stretch/yawn. BN are on the smaller side for plecos so they can’t really hurt anyone IMO. At most I’ve gotten a slight pinch or poke when...
  14. Demeter

    Betta Breeding Questions!!

    If you cross a long fin type with PK you will get mostly long fins. All kois are pretty desirable so you shouldn’t have too hard a time finding homes for any koi offspring. One thing that should be mentioned is culling, or removing/euthanizing fry with undesirable traits. Not all fry will be...
  15. Demeter

    Betta Breeding Questions!!

    After gaining experience with the VT pair then you can think about the HM koi pair, which does sound like a good idea. Koi and marbled bettas are always in good demand. Online I seem to notice that HMPK are often in higher demand than long finned HM too, but locally (for me anyways) it seems the...
  16. Demeter

    Plant Identification

    Looks like rotala of some sort. It’s a rooting stem plant and to grow like that, which appears to be basically floating, you’d likely need a high tech setup complete with CO2 and all that fun stuff. It’s a nice bushy plant that grows fast in good conditions. Mine needed trimming about once or...
  17. Demeter

    Betta Breeding Questions!!

    I think everything has pretty much already been said. Blue would be the more likely color you get from spawning a blue betta with an orange dalmatian. I would expect the orange dalmatian genes to be very recessive so the female would need to be recessive for the gene as well or you have next to...
  18. Demeter

    Question Female or Male?

    That would be a male so not pregnant. Male livebearers have distict male parts for analfins, they are longer, thinner and pointed while a female’s is the usual fan shape. Plus male guppies are usually smaller and more colorful than females.
  19. Demeter

    Help What fish is this?

    When it does grow up be sure to try and pinpoint the species and get it a proper school. They are social schoolers that really prefer larger numbers to swim with.
  20. Demeter

    Help Three Tanks Affected, Swollen Head

    One of my favorite females has just recently started getting the swollen cheek like your boy's. The I have a pair of siblings male and female from last year's spawn that are also effected but both are going strong. They don't have the puffy cheek/gills but instead their mouth was effected. Both...

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