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  1. Lchi87

    Back In The Game...

    They look great! Congratulations on the fry :P Glad they went to a good home :)
  2. Lchi87

    Dioaquatics 75g Community Tank

    Congratulations on the fry! Well done :D You should believe in yourself :P
  3. Lchi87

    Looking for help

    Hi and welcome to Fishlore! The gph on that filter is okay however, canister filters are generally frowned upon in saltwater. They turn into nitrate factories and can harbor other nasties as well. In saltwater, your main form of filtration is your live rock so if it were me, I’d ditch the...
  4. Lchi87

    Nj Summer Meetup

    I’ll probably be there between 12 and 1 !
  5. Lchi87

    Question Protein Skimmer Options?

    Hi and welcome to fishlore! You definitely don’t need a skimmer for a tank that small. :) Weekly water changes and not overfeeding will help keep your nutrient levels in check. I would say from my experience that starting with a FOWLR (fish only with live rock) is the easiest to start out...
  6. Lchi87

    Nj Summer Meetup

    We should take bets whether or not @DarkOne goes home with some sort of bottom dweller :p
  7. Lchi87

    Nj Summer Meetup

    LOL we’re not even there yet and already enabling eachother... love it :D Remember that there are raffles both days so bring cash if you’re into that. I’ll be putting in for a giant tank if there is one...
  8. Lchi87

    Lchi’s Sw Build- 10g To Im25 Lagoon!

    I do miss my blenny very much. I will consider another one in the future!
  9. Lchi87

    Question Goodeids

    Hey guys, moved this over to the breeding section since there’s no actual offer to sell fish yet. @BLB please feel free to post back on the BTSF board if/when you’re ready to go! :)
  10. Lchi87

    Lchi’s Sw Build- 10g To Im25 Lagoon!

    I may stick to softies for now as they’re easiest but maybe work up to something more challenging if the zoas do well :)
  11. Lchi87

    Nj Summer Meetup

    I grabbed a weekend pass, Sunday is when you can make deals :P
  12. Lchi87

    Nj Summer Meetup

    See you guys there! :)
  13. Lchi87

    Angel's Tanks And Fish

    Nice to see you stranger :) congratulations on the new tank! Hope all has been well aside from the leak :P
  14. Lchi87

    30 Gallon Freshwater Planning

    Hi there! Personally, I would keep only one group of the mid level schooling fish and just increase their numbers to 8. Some may say that bristlenose plecos and angelfish have temperature incompatibilities but I have seen success keeping them in both warmer and cooler water. It might be worth...
  15. Lchi87

    10g New Tank

    Hi there! Starting your first saltwater tank is such an exciting project :) Since you’re just starting out, I highly recommend giving the stickies in this forum a read as they are full of good info and can answer a lot of your questions. The learning curve is a little steep on this side of the...
  16. Lchi87

    20 Gallon Saltwater Nano Reef Tank

    Surely! Stella's Salty 20g
  17. Lchi87

    20 Gallon Saltwater Nano Reef Tank

    You can definitely run a chaeto reactor but it isn't quite "filtration" in the traditional sense of the word. People use chaeto in the salty world as nutrient export to keep their nitrates down but it isn't technically a "must" in terms of running a reef tank. Also, running it in a reactor...
  18. Lchi87

    20 Gallon Saltwater Nano Reef Tank

    Congratulations on the baby and also on beginning your saltwater journey!! A 20 long is a great starting size too! Were you interested in coral or just FOWLR ( fish only with live rock ) I think an AC70 should work also could potentially grow chaeto if you modified it a bit to be like an...
  19. Lchi87

    My Red Sea Nano.

    Might have to add green goni king to that too, I can’t get over the PE on it!
  20. Lchi87

    Dioaquatics’ Fishroom

    Sorry they’re struggling Wish I knew why but some fish just don’t work out. I’m that way with certain barbs

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