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  1. Coryd55

    Can I stock with a school of glass cats with 2 corydoras and a male betta?

    30 liters - about 8 US gallons is pretty small for that many fish. You could probably get away with a betta and a trio of small corydoras, but, personally, I wouldn't recommend it. The stock you want would probably be better suited in a 20 long. My .02.
  2. Coryd55

    Shell dwellers, plants, and MTS

    I've got some wisteria on the way and possibly some MTS. I'll get back to you on the snails though. Still looking for some multis, ocellatus, or meleagris/stappersii.
  3. Coryd55

    New Old Member

    Thanks! It is a pleasure to be back!
  4. Coryd55

    Shell dwellers, plants, and MTS

    Looking for multis, ocellatus, or meleagris/stappersii. I am also in need of some plants. Anything that can live in more basic water and low to mid-light. Java fern and some vals are at the top of my list. I would also like some java moss. Lastly, I need some Malaysian trumpet snails. I...
  5. Coryd55

    New Old Member

    I have been a member here for some time now, but took a hiatus from this forum for the past couple years. Decided I would swing back over here and say hi. Quick history/resume: Started fishkeeping in '08 with a 55g (breeding angelfish pair, cherry barbs, breeding BN plecos) Since then...
  6. Coryd55

    Help (Laptop not fish related)

    I use VLC as well. I like it. Very simple.
  7. Coryd55

    20 Long Nano Reef

    Thanks. With no heater it was a steady 78-79. With no MH and heater it is the same. They aren't working so I am only running T5's
  8. Coryd55

    10G Rimless Reef

    I'm more than confident that it won't break. My Koralia 2 broke so I didn't have enough flow for a 20 long and I had the 10 rimless laying around. So thats how it happened.
  9. Coryd55

    Things have changed, anybody still remember the atmachine?

    Welcome back. If you hadn't noticed we lost Dino and CWC as members. But all else is well.
  10. Coryd55

    20 Long Nano Reef

    Kim Thanks for the suggestion and offer. I am planning on using the Loctite gel superglue or some silicone to fix it. Next time I go up there I will let you know. Matt Thanks! Matt(Slug) Thanks. Good to hear. I was worried about it. The skimmer was only pulling like 1/8 of a cup each week...
  11. Coryd55

    10G Rimless Reef

    20 long BEFORE 10 rimless AFTER Everything was closed and it was still cloudy from the sand. will get a new pic tomorrow.
  12. Coryd55

    20 Long Nano Reef

    MAJOR UPDATE. Koralia 2 broke so I had to downsize for lack of a strong powerhead. I am using my 10 rimless. It actually looks better than before. Bad pics. Its clear today and everything is opened up. ALSO: My Remora broke =(. The pump kept popping off and caused a large water fountain...
  13. Coryd55

    my breeding angels

    I'm selling my breeding pair of marble angels if your interested.
  14. Coryd55

    Hardest kind of FW tank to keep??

    There are A LOT of fish that are hard to keep. Many of the cichlids not very well known in the hobby can be hard to keep and need perfect parameters. As well as many other species that aren't cichlids. Takes some patience and time to find them. Don't keep something just because its hard...
  15. Coryd55

    New to the board. Photos of my tank and fish. Suggestions Welcome!

    Tropheus moorii group. 30-40. Would be gorgeous. or a Tanganyikan community tank.
  16. Coryd55

    20 Long Nano Reef

    Matt:Thanks. The skimmer is doing really well. It pulls a lot of gunk out. When I first got it, it was loud and pulled about 1/4-1/2 cup a day. It has since quieted down and pulls about 1/2-3/4 cup a week. So it definitley is doing its job. Other Matt: Thanks, Matt, for the kind words.
  17. Coryd55

    20 Long Nano Reef

    I didn't like the way I had it scaped so I rescaped it. I like it a lot better now. Corals are all ****ed off though since it just happened. FTS Before: FTS After:
  18. Coryd55

    20 Long Nano Reef

    Thanks! These were shipped at no charge from friends on another forum. There are 3 or 4 color forms. Two aren't pictured. Not sure of what they are.
  19. Coryd55

    My 20 gal. planted tank. Make some changes?

    Butters is referring to the gonopodium.
  20. Coryd55

    *** My New Red Sea Max ***

    Looks like a work in progress. RSM are good systems. I also would advise staying away from tangs in this small of a tank. If you were on any other forum you would have 10 people posting "Tang Polizia" haha. I believe the Orange and Black clownfish are the same species, just different color...

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