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  1. Gonoli

    Help Any Ideas On This Guy?

    Looks like an Mbuna to me
  2. Gonoli

    Help In Identifying Betta

    Absolutely gorgeous
  3. Gonoli

    Guys Would This Be Considered An Okay Tank

    Maybe if your bringing in a betta rescue or something and it needs a smaller tank while it heals maybe but I wouldnt use it
  4. Gonoli

    Reptile For Small Tank?

    You can do a crested gecko in a tall tank or a leopard gecko in a long
  5. Gonoli

    Question Claudius The Turtle X Friends?

    I wouldnt put the fish in the tank with him because that tank is already too small for a slider that size I'd recommend getting an 80 or 90 gallon if you wanted to add fish with him
  6. Gonoli

    Help New Hatchling Turtle Needs Help

    You can feed him blood worms but make sure to get some variety in there hes a baby so he needs more protein than veggies right now and baby turtles actually need warmer temps than adults so make it a bit warmer
  7. Gonoli

    Gecko Tank Setup

    that tank looks gorgeous but i would add more plants and maybe some more hides but what are the genders of the geckos? two leos really shouldn't be in the same tank but if they are both female it would be just fine as long as they get along but that tank sure is nice!!! they are very lucky
  8. Gonoli

    20 Gallon Turtle Or Anything?

    there isnt very many species that could be in a 20 long term but you could maybe keep a mud or musk turtle in there for a while but i think minimum for them as adults is like a 40 gallon? but alot of people keep those species with fish because they dont really chase them i have even seen people...
  9. Gonoli

    Help Help With My Precious Boy

    i checked the flow rate and its almost non existent so i think he just needs more plant cover and im nervous about using sponge filters because i dont really know which one to use or what brand and even how to really use it and im worried it might not have enough beneficial bacteria but ill do...
  10. Gonoli

    Sunrise/sunset Photo Thread

    wow!!! thats stunning!
  11. Gonoli

    Help Help With My Precious Boy

    i am not sure of exact temps currently but its usually at 78 when i see him and thank you alot for telling me about that i had no idea that it was just a myth i had it pretty heavily planted with a little kinda log hide for him to hide in aswell and he seemed to like that but he just wasnt too...
  12. Gonoli

    Help Help With My Precious Boy

    i went and picked up a betta from my Lfs last month and i had him in a 10 gallon for awhile but he became very stressed so i tried putting in a divider to make it smaller since i suppose the big tank would stress him out since he lived in a cup his whole life but he still was very depressed and...
  13. Gonoli

    Funny Post Pics Of Your Turtles And More!

    this is my cute little girl floyd
  14. Gonoli

    Sunrise/sunset Photo Thread

    all of you guys have such gorgeous pictures!
  15. Gonoli

    Reptiles Eating Baby Food?

    oh wow that is really helpfull thank you!
  16. Gonoli

    Reptiles Eating Baby Food?

    i was interested in uromastyx or something like it i havent done too much research on them yet mainly because i havent picked the species of one i like the most (lol). im not too set on a certain one yet, i own other reptiles but i just want one that is a little more challenging than what i own...
  17. Gonoli

    Reptiles Eating Baby Food?

    for those of you who own reptiles that eat vegetables. instead of veggies would i be able to use baby food? i have been wanting to get a lizard that eats veggies and my dad used to own iguanas and he would just feed them baby food and they were absolutely gorgeous, but i was just wondering how...
  18. Gonoli

    Meet Mabel

    shes so precious!!!!
  19. Gonoli

    My Gecko Is Gone.

    just keep looking for him if your house is a bit chilly he might be is warmer areas but usually they dont go far from the terrarium if he was just exploring so look around there a bit more check behind shelves and dressers and behind books and such i really hope you find him amd what your doing...

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