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  1. sfsamm

    Question Questions about feeding vegetables

    Squash, pumpkin, broccoli, zucchini, cucumber, spinach, kale, carrots, green beans, peas all good stuff depending on the stock you keep. Snails, shrimp and many sucker type bottom fish love the stuff. Many other fish will nibble and a lot will ignore it. Blanch the veggie place in the tank for a...
  2. sfsamm

    Think my dwarf lilly plant likes the heat...

    I mostly bury mine. Root side down and bury about 2/3 of the way. Since its already established let it be I'll likely pull itself down over time and you won't have to worry about it.
  3. sfsamm

    Can I have cherry barbs?

    Cherry barbs can be quite aggressive. I would be concerned about them bullying your honey gourami.
  4. sfsamm

    Controlling Dwarf Water Lettuce

    Dwarf water lettuce is easy to control, unless there a reason you need/want it corralled you don't need to... it handles pretty decent flow rates. But FYI when its happy there's really no such thing as "dwarf" water lettuce... just stunted lol below is pics from one of my tanks (a 20 long none...
  5. sfsamm

    Question Java plant on wood has orange balls?

    Fertilizer. If you squeeze one it'll be super apparent. 23] I squashed the first on I ever saw to figure out what it was it reminded me of crawfish eggs and I was expecting something gross but it didn't seem quite right.... ferts
  6. sfsamm

    20 gallon long stocking ideas/quantaties

    A school of pygmy cories would fit without slamming you into a very overstocked situation. Khulies and another school would put you into a very overstocked situation. You could easily add 6-8 pygmy cories possibly 10. But don't slack your maintenance a day as your tank will be to the top end of...
  7. sfsamm

    Question Will cutting back roots harm aquatic plants?

    I love crypts and keep a whole huge variety of them. They handle root trimming well. If I move them I cut off almost all the "hair" type roots and will trim back the main ones to about 2/3 the length of the largest part of the plant. Also really like stratum and my trick with stratum is to tie...
  8. sfsamm

    Fish occasionally dying, not sure what's going on

    I've kept danios for like always lol and yeah unfortunately I notice the same when someone is prepping to die on me. They segregate themselves somewhere and just wait. Generally behave normally during feeding time and then return to their solitary wait. I have danios now going in three years in...
  9. sfsamm

    Liquid co2 and fertilizers

    I think your tank holds a good balance of stock as it stands with your maintenance routine. If there's any nitrates then they aren't deprived. I like root tabs and and water column ferts. I generally use nicolg ferts.... both tabs and liquid. I add tabs every so often depending on the tank but...
  10. sfsamm

    Liquid co2 and fertilizers

    Sounds like you have a pretty good balance with the stocking you have now. If you have nitrates present that base is covered. Root tabs won't hurt anything I prefer nicolg gelcap tabs myself and I use thrive as a general water column fert in low tech tanks. I use a full ei routine in other...
  11. sfsamm

    Aquarium Salt For Parasites?

    Myself if wait and watch closely... Do temp matched 25% water changes daily so your fish has the best possible conditions and great water parameters. Medicating improperly or unnecessarily creates resistances. Know precisely what your medicating for. That said if you can't take it dont just...
  12. sfsamm

    Aquarium Salt For Parasites?

    Its impossible to remove other than through eventual dilution via water changes. It doesn't actually kill most parasites in the dosages its used but rather irritates the slime coat and causes excess production which can deter external parasite infestation. Many fish are extremely susceptible to...
  13. sfsamm

    Need Advice: Danio Lump (not dropsy/gravid)

    Odd to me as well, I've kept danios for decades and never seen something like that. Egg bound is what I assumed when I saw the title of your thread but this is something different.... I'm interested in others thoughts mostly is the reason for my post.
  14. sfsamm

    Aquarium Salt For Parasites?

    Agree, in a bit against salt to start and certainly won't recommend a medication without an accurate diagnosis. There's a pile of meds designed for various types of parasites that are much more effective than salt.
  15. sfsamm

    Question Do assassin snails eat cherry shrimp?

    I keep assassins with shrimp.... yes they can and do and I have witnessed it twice. Saw one get caught saw another when it was trying to escape. Remarkable events. However it is not common and I believe that the shrimp I saw likely were weak either molting or dying to begin with so the assassins...
  16. sfsamm

    Help Zebra Danios & red splotch

    I don't think its anything to worry about. Not an identifiable disease and being brand new and who knows what happened prior to your ownership I'd chalk it up to stress and just keep any eye on everyone else.
  17. sfsamm

    Feeder Fish Philosophy

    I was raised and as an adult continued hunting for food, I have butchered chicken and beef as well. I had a couple years ago what I refer to as my shrimpslposion.... well I have some odd ball predators and cichlids and was entirely fine up until I was dipping the net of shrimp into the ctenopoma...
  18. sfsamm

    Question How often to squeeze out moss balls?

    Every water change
  19. sfsamm

    PH dropping throughout week. Solutions?

    Yes changing the crushed coral will be necessary but I would think it would last a bit longer than a month.... you have a kh value of 3 so it should not swing so dramatically. Is your tank planted can you upload a photo?
  20. sfsamm

    PH dropping throughout week. Solutions?

    What substrate are you using?

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