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  1. Guppygirl88

    Terrestrial Mollusk (snails/slug) Photos

    That is amazing! and so cute! where do you keep them? Where do you get them? I never really thought about the little land sliders - Thank-you for sharing this
  2. Guppygirl88

    What Is This Think On My Jungle Val

    IDK but I'm pretty sure it's an egg case of something - so it'd be a good idea to remove it; at least it and the leaf it's sitting on to another container so you can watch it to see what hatches out and to prevent any possible infestation from the alien hatchling :) 55 gallons is a lot of water...
  3. Guppygirl88

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to Fishlore! There is so much good information here and good people too everyone is very helpful. So glad the hobby has hooked someone else Happy fishkeeping!
  4. Guppygirl88

    Question Cave Size For Kribs

    A small terra cotta flower pot works really well I have a 3 inch in my Krib tank you can even get Java moss and Fern to stick to them
  5. Guppygirl88

    Question Can Someone Explain

    Why would my LFS change All the gravel in their display tanks with the fish still in them? I walked to the fish section and two employees are there- sweaty , hustling around with buckets and I'm not kidding giant cat litter scoops and taking gravel out of the tanks and putting in wet gravel and...
  6. Guppygirl88

    Question I Don't Know What Fish This Is

    Is that the only pic you have ? I know its hard enough to get one good one as it is
  7. Guppygirl88


    It's up! I can't believe it is done! This tank has been 9months planning, saving, working extra hours for a day off to do it. My back hurts I dropped a rock on my foot but it's up and we are waiting for the cycle to complete. I say we because I already have the occupants - I am giving my...
  8. Guppygirl88

    Question Jewell Cichlid Tankmates

    What are a tough little fish that could survive life with Jewells?
  9. Guppygirl88

    Show Me Your Heavily Planted Tanks

    Here's my 10g GBR
  10. Guppygirl88

    Oops. Bought A Puffer.

  11. Guppygirl88

    Rabbit Snail With Pebble Lodged In Feet

    Hello and welcome! I am so sorry to hear about your trouble - If you could get a picture it would be easier to help
  12. Guppygirl88

    Question Common Marbles?

    Are these black marble angels? Or a cross ? They won't grow out of the stripes will they?
  13. Guppygirl88

    Dealing With Algae

    This video got me a survey on Google play rewards that earned 47cents! and it's a very helpful video -
  14. Guppygirl88

    Feeding Piggy Fish

    Hello and welcome Nice, that picture is a big help! You could try feeding in two different places or break up the flakes into 3 small feedings like 1 or 2 min. apart so the E. and sword are waiting and watching for food while you feed Corys in the other spot. I think your feeding plenty...
  15. Guppygirl88

    Her Water Broke!

    Oh he's smiling already congratulations to all 3 of you He's got great hair too! It's a big one but the parameters are unlimited
  16. Guppygirl88

    10 Gallon Tank 10 Gallon Love Shack

    This is a 10 gallon tank. Occupied by 2 female and 1 male. I don't know if you can see all of these well. I don't want to mess with them too much but the male has three nests going with the two females here is the explanation as far as I can tell: fem. A had a clutch with him (I saw them free...
  17. Guppygirl88

    Help How Do You Sell Your Fish

    So, the LFS where I used to sell my fish is really struggling and she doesn't want to buy the amounts I need to sell and the semi-big box my default has a new fish manager and "at this time is not comfortable buying from hobbyists" I don't have a lot of fish to sell(I do know this sounds like...
  18. Guppygirl88

    Thinking Of Selling Fish And Inverts Online

    Louisville native here I'm thinking unless it's a fish farm sized operation maybe all you might need is a business license maybe not even that you can call KDWFR and ask or your ag agent .
  19. Guppygirl88

    Acclimating Fancy Guppies And Endlers To Saltwater!

    Your gonna put your guppies in a salt bath or a marine aquarium? Are you talking about keeping guppies in a marine aquarium ? You would have to acclimate them for a couple of months at least in that amount of time you could probably find homes for them - why not the tanks at your work - untill...
  20. Guppygirl88

    Funny " Hook Ups "

    If you were going to start a dating Site for Fishkeepers what would you call it?

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