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  1. Crimson_687

    Heater positions?

    I don’t see why you couldn’t put it horizontally
  2. Crimson_687

    Betta water change with live plants

    What are your nitrates? Also it’s possible your kit is damaged/ inaccurate
  3. Crimson_687

    What Should I Put in My 10 Gallon?

    A 10 gallon is not big enough for a hamster, dwarf or Syrian. The minimum size for any hamster is 450 square inches. This would be closer to a 20 gallon long at the LEAST. not a 10 gallon. Also IMO a leopard gecko would be better off in a 20. They do get kinda big. Axolotl would also prefer...
  4. Crimson_687

    Help Betta Scales Falling Off?

    I wouldn’t say numbered- it’s common for the color of a bettas head in particular to darken to an almost black and for the body to become skinny. My bettas head became black, and he still lived for 2 years longer. It could just mean he is passing his prime, but doesn’t mean he is old
  5. Crimson_687

    Question Please help me with my fair fish

    A bit more cover would be good, for now he’ll be adjusting. Plants are always great but difficult with goldfish since they eat just about anything. You can try some plants with tough waxy leaves such as Anubias. You could also do fast growers such as anarchis, duck weed, and hornwort
  6. Crimson_687

    Question Do assassin snails eat cherry shrimp?

    Awhile ago my assassin snail cleaned out the pond snails in my 10 gallon. He’s been clearly hungry, and a decent (and growing) number of them in my shrimp tank, so I figured putting him in there would clean up the snails and keep him fed. I would think that assassin snails do not eat cherry...
  7. Crimson_687

    Question Please help me with my fair fish

    Yes, the most ideal set up for this fish would be a goldfish pond, and these fish are so tolerant of outdoor elements they’ve actually become an invasive species. @ranftkaren how is he doing so far?
  8. Crimson_687

    Help Corydoras dying!

    How did you acclimate them and did you use water conditioner?
  9. Crimson_687

    10g stocking

    Definitely do not do a betta sorority. I attempted one awhile back and it did not go well. These were bettas that had come from a sorority tank at the LFS so I thought it would work. Well, one had fatal dropsy. Another would constantly chase the others until she was exhausted. I later noticed...
  10. Crimson_687

    Betta sick?

    As you said, depends on the betta. I find that mine has bloat issues if I don’t fast him, but if I feed him less he becomes less active
  11. Crimson_687

    Help Gill flaring at... his reflection?...

    Flaring is not completely bad. It helps them stay active and stretch their fins, which is not something they would do otherwise. Yes, for extended amounts of time they may feel stressed, but I wouldn’t say the amount of stress is so severe it may kill him. Some bettas can also become used to...
  12. Crimson_687

    Help Gill flaring at... his reflection?...

    With my fish this happens when the tank light is on and the room the tank is in has poor lighting. If I turn the room light on or turn off his tank light he seems to calm down. Not sure exactly how the reflection occurs, but this has always worked for me
  13. Crimson_687

    Question Please help me with my fair fish

    Looks to me like a common/ feeder goldfish. They get to be about 8-12 inches long, so you will need a vary large tank. Probably upwards of 50 gallons, and you will have to cycle the tank first. Because you will be doing a fish in cycle I recommend you get a bacteria starter of some sort, and use...
  14. Crimson_687

    Betta sick?

    The stomach of a betta fish is considered to be about the size of their eyeball. Also IMO there should be at least one fast day per week
  15. Crimson_687

    Ugh.... what's wrong with him now?!?

    78 is actually pretty good for bettas. Warmer water will increase their metabolism too much. If you intend to raise temp during treatment remember to raise it slowly. During this time dissolved oxygen will also be depleted. Not too much of an issue for bettas thanks to the labyrinth organ, but...
  16. Crimson_687

    Fun and games during the water change

    Most definitely. My betta will just stare at it trying to evaluate if this moving thing in front of her is edible.. definitely keeps them a bit more relaxed during water changes when they have something to be distracted with
  17. Crimson_687

    Betta sick?

    Not sure if this may be the case for you, but some say the API test kit ammonia will read just above 0 ppm. I had this happen with one of my established tanks. Regardless of when I tested or how many water changes I did it always seemed between 0 ppm and .25 ppm. The color it displayed wasn’t...
  18. Crimson_687

    Stocking Help—Best Tankmates for Zebra Danios?

    What kind of fish are you looking into?
  19. Crimson_687

    Betta 5 days in

    What a beauty!!
  20. Crimson_687

    Question Anubius Nana

    Is the rhizome buried? Are you sure the browning is not due to brown algae/diatoms?

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