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    Help Good Carpeting Plant Choice For Me

    Hi I would like to put a carpeting plant in my tank I have a 36g tank with the fluval 3.0 but with no Co2. I have a sand substrate and dose with excel. I just need something that will look good and hardy. Thanks
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    Angel Issues

    I'm sorry to hear its frustrating when things like this happen. Keep an eye on the remaining angel and reply if he goes down the same path. I'd do a 50% water change for good measure since he has passed.
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    Help Juli Cory Missing Good Chunk Of Tail

    Has the tail recovered by now ahah?
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    2 Months+ Old And Still Not Cycled

    Hi, Remove the shrimp throw a bunch of fish food in the tank and wait two weeks then do a 25% water change and throw more food in. At the end of another two weeks do a 50% water change. This is what I do to cycle a tank.
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    Is My Gourami Pregnant?

    Both of those Dwarf Gourami look to be males I'm afraid, they are territorial fish.
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    Question Guppies In 5gal Or 2.5 Gal

    Guppies have a small bio-load, four of them in a 5gal tank won't cause rapid parameter changes as long as you do weekly 50% water changes you'll be fine.
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    Angel Issues

    Hi, it may be a good idea to turn down the flow of the tank so that the ill angelfish isn't stressed out and tired. I would recommend varying your fish's diet, try frozen foods my community tank loves Hikari Micro-pellets which are a good quality food. It is weird that your fish are developing...
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    Spots On Tail - Is This Normal?

    They look fine to me just like tail foldage or whatever. If its been several weeks and nothing has changed with the fish I wouldn't stress too much. I'd wait for some other members to comment on the situation though before making a decision to move him. Thanks
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    Pleco Health Problem! Help!

    How long has he been exhibiting these behaviours?
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    New Fish Missing Piece Of Tail

    Hi there, Make sure the fish is eating, try feeding fatty protein foods like frozen blood worms to fatten him up. Keep an eye on his tail and make sure that it doesn't get infected with something like fin rot. I'd probably do 25% water changes daily to heal the tail faster. Thanks
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    Help Help!! Injured Guppy Fin

    Daily 50% water changes for a week. Thanks
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    Rummynose Tetras Bloated And Fat

    I've had a school of 14 rummynose tetras for about a year now, a few months ago one of the fish suddenly became very bloated but was and still is active so I didn't worry about it. In the past week I have noticed probably half of the fish become bloated and now swim around with stringy poo. I...
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    Stress Or Sick? Rainbowfish

    Hi, I would definitely suggest pulling the fish out and treating it in quarantine, the worst thing that could happen is more fish becoming infected. I'm not sure what the disease is but it seems bacterial.
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    Harlequin Rasbora Dietary Needs

    If you diversify a fish's diet they will be healthier and better coloured. I would strongly recommend Hikari micro-pellets, an average flake food and a live or frozen food for harlequin rosboras.
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    Help Rummynose Tetra Problems

    I have a school of 14 rummys and they do the same thing, same are bigger and plumper than others and some are skinny. I won't worry too much as long as they are active and have good colouration that shows they aren't stressed.
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    Question Ammonia Not Lowering

    Do 50% water changes everyday until the ammonia reaches 0.25pmm. Monitor your levels closely as you don't want them to rise. By rushing the cycling process it can be tricky to keep fish healthy and the media cycled. Large water changes don't allow bacteria to settle yet are needed for the fish...
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    Trials And Tribulations Again?

    I would up temp to 30C for the discus, the other fish should be fine with this. Is this your first time keeping discus? How long has the tank been cycled?
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    At What Point Does School Size Not Matter So Much Or Is Too Much?

    The more fish you have in a school the better behaviour you'll have. You can never really have too many in a school unless it starts affecting the biological processes.
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    Co2 In A 10gal Tank

    Would recommend seachem excel instead it pretty much achieves the same thing as Co2 and will save you a heap of money.
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    Help Does My Neon Tetra Have Ich Or Fin Rot??

    Its honestly quite common some of my rummys have it. its like a discolouring.

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