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  1. Sheryl

    Tank Space

    I agree. Having to set up two new tanks for my guppy fry. Why, oh, why did I buy those 2 females!? They are separated now but we all know how that goes! Might just have to put them in a community tank and let them just provide snacks each month for awhile, but I hate that!! I have one all male...
  2. Sheryl

    Opps I Did It Again!

    Gorgeous!!!!! are a lucky boy!! I just bought my first Betta today. Been debating quite awhile. Had the tank ready, even already bought a leaf hammock a month ago! LOL I let my granddaughter name him because he is teal, her favorite color. She picked Neko.
  3. Sheryl

    Rosy Red Minnows As Pets?

    I have them as pets in 2 different places. Got some originally to put in new tank to "test" it before adding other fish. 5 of 7 still great and got more for 20 gallon barrel pond. Actually set up a new 20 gallon for the first ones and added others...White Clouds, Zebra Danios, and another that I...
  4. Sheryl

    Rosy Red Minnows

    Mine are ALWAYS very active! Whole tank seems healthy! I love to watch that tank. I have 3 other types of similar size with them. The tank is always active! They have places to hide but all seem happy together. Oh, I have that song in my head! LOL
  5. Sheryl

    Rosy Red Minnows

    I lost 2 of 7 the first few days. They are now in a community tank with other minnow types and similar size fish. Haven't lost any of them, including tankmates since I set up the new tank. Then I bought 14 and put in my 20 gallon barrel pond. Lost 3 over a couple of weeks but all doing great...
  6. Sheryl

    Instagram Worthy Member Pictures

    Definitely worthy! Gorgeous...or should I say...HANDSOME!!!
  7. Sheryl

    Cycle Complete

    I remember that I use to fill a 5 gallon bucket with water from pond and net the fish into it. Then used hose to "clean" it all. After clean water filled I dosed with anti-chlorine drops and replaced fish. Still surprised they lived so long. LOL
  8. Sheryl

    Funny Had To Laugh At My Mystery Snail

    Poor baby!!!!
  9. Sheryl

    If You Need A Laugh...

    That would be me!!! Left hot water running in kitchen sink one night. Of course it was cold water running in morning. Luckily, the drain was not closed!!! None of my aquariums is bigger than 20 gallons so I WCs with gallon jugs!
  10. Sheryl

    Funny Got A Good Laugh While Calling Some Stores :)

    I went into PetSmart to buy some White Cloud Mountain Minnows and found them in a tank, clearly labeled as such. There was one gold one and the rest were silver. I asked for five, at first not noticing the gold one. The girl said we only have one and motioned to the gold one, saying the others...
  11. Sheryl

    Funny Got A Good Laugh While Calling Some Stores :)

    No more fish in our local Walmart. They do still sell decorations, food and filters, etc. though.
  12. Sheryl

    If You Need A Laugh...

    Been there. Done that
  13. Sheryl

    New Tank Yay!

    I love the natural look!
  14. Sheryl

    Lps Changes How They Keep Betta Fish - Yay!!

    Yay! The tanks NEVER looked good! They still sell aquarium supplies.
  15. Sheryl

    Her Water Broke!

  16. Sheryl

    Am I Overdoing On Water Changes?

    I am no expert and fairly new to all this but I do 10 to 15% WC 3 to 4 times a week. Try to keep an every other day schedule. New water dosed with 6 drops of Prime per gallon and Pristine added at least once a week (probably half for tank size). My tanks are all slightly overstocked but not...
  17. Sheryl

    Comment by 'Sheryl' in media 'My tank from top angel- ugly braces'

    I never saw anything like that on tanks. What size is it? Only on top? Curious...
  18. Sheryl

    Dang Aquarium Braces

  19. Sheryl

    Her Water Broke!

    Did I miss the pix?!!!!!

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