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  1. Vishaquatics

    Do You Buy Fish, Plants, Corals, Inverts, etc. Online?

    I haven't bought fish in over a year. Mine just simply breed and keep populating. Now plants on the other hand... I can't seem to stop collecting species. I only order online since the selection locally is so limited (and not great quality).
  2. Vishaquatics

    Id please

    Like @Bryangar said, it's Bacopa Caroliniana
  3. Vishaquatics

    Help CO2 - Paintball canister - keeps blowing lines

    Regular airline tubing is not good. CO2 grade tubing should be used for pressurized CO2. I personally use Aquatek CO2 tubing from Amazon. It was $10 or so
  4. Vishaquatics

    Best way to quarantine new aquarium plants?

    I never quarantine my plants. I buy them from trustworthy sources (hobbyists who I know keep pristine conditions) or in Tissue cultures to ensure no disease. If I do notice there is algae on it (my biggest concern), I do a quick 5 minute dip in a bucket with a few mLs of API AlgaeFix.
  5. Vishaquatics

    Plant Identification

    Looks like ludwigia arcuata based on the curvature of the narrow leaves. This is extremely difficult to do. These stems don't naturally adhere to driftwood and this is more of a temporary scape feature rather than a permanent one. After trimming it so much, the stems will eventually become...
  6. Vishaquatics

    Help What Deficiency Is This and Plant ID Please!

    Hygrophila polysperma. It naturally gets a reddish tint under good light
  7. Vishaquatics

    Liquid co2 and fertilizers

    I'd ditch the API CO2 booster and API leafzone. Go for ThriveC by NilocG, it's much better and contains all necessary nutrients. It also lasts a long time. Activated carbon will absorb your fertilizers. I'd remove it. Your val needs to be planted in substrate. It likes sand or very fine...
  8. Vishaquatics

    What is this plant?

    @StarGirl15 Spot on, I think that is glosso as well
  9. Vishaquatics

    Want To Sell Huge Dwarf Sag, Monte Carlo, Crypts, Floaters, And More For Sale

    I probably have one or two available. I'll send a PM
  10. Vishaquatics

    My Planted Farm Tanks And Epic Plant Pictures

    Thank you, I'm located in SoCal so it's warm most of the year, but sometimes it gets fairly cold. I have guppy endler hybrids in there for mosquito control, and some bladder/ramshorn snails. There are not a ton of snails, just a few here and there but I think they're very important for a...
  11. Vishaquatics

    Used substrate sprouting everywhere, ID?

    Woah, those grass pics look like microswords (Lilaeopsis brasiliensis)
  12. Vishaquatics

    Plant Id Help And 1 Year 55 Gallon Tank Anniversary

    Your mystery plant is simply rotala rotundifolia that's been grown above the water. (I'm looking at pic 3)
  13. Vishaquatics

    Elodea anachris seeding?!?!

    It's likely an anacharis flower that was going to bloom, but it likely will not do that now because the flower has been submerged. When anacharis grows floating near the surface, it'll send up flowers that float on the surface of the water
  14. Vishaquatics

    Used substrate sprouting everywhere, ID?

    It's likely a non aquatic plant in there that is growing. The likelihood increases a lot if the person left their substrate outside for a few days or weeks. They'll most like die, but it's worth just letting them grow out to see if they survive. The only time I've had plants seemingly come...
  15. Vishaquatics

    Want To Sell Create Your Own Plant Package W/ Free Fertilizers - Lowtech And Hightech Plants Available

    Just updated the species availability list. I highly recommend the limnophila heterophylla and pogostemon octopus. They're both amazing lowtech plants that grow even faster than my wisteria!
  16. Vishaquatics

    Shipping Is Resumed

    Hi FishLore, Thank you all for your patience with me for the past few weeks. I know I've had to delay a lot of orders, but I am fully licensed now and am ready to start selling again.
  17. Vishaquatics

    Want To Sell Create Your Own Plant Package W/ Free Fertilizers - Lowtech And Hightech Plants Available

    UPDATE: Vishaquatics is now fully licensed and has certified clean nursery stock I will be resuming orders and sales starting now. Thank you all for your patience with my huge delay in sales. PM incoming :)
  18. Vishaquatics

    Easy Green Vs Na Thrive

  19. Vishaquatics

    Centerpiece Plant For A 20 To 30 Gallon Tank

    +1 for red tiger lotus as a center piece

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