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  1. Everythingzen

    New Group of Discus

    Wow, you're close. I have been looking at discus in Penrith. One shop has very poor quality everything, which is a shame as his fish were decent when he first opened. The newish one in high st looks OK, but he didn't have much variety and I could have sworn the eyes on one looked very bad...
  2. Everythingzen

    Neon blue acara with corydoras?

    Are these a large and/or aggressive American cichlids that will attack cories? Are they a solo fish?
  3. Everythingzen

    Restocking a 70g. cichlids possibly?

    Thank you everyone. It's been a difficult 5 days, but the deaths have stopped as of 2 days ago. I think I'm on the upside now and have to just wait out this horrible disease while the heat does its thing. I didn't have a preference for African or American. It is (obviously) essential that they...
  4. Everythingzen

    New Group of Discus

    Where abouts do you get your discus from?
  5. Everythingzen

    440L fish stocking

    Make sure your cherry barbs are a 2:1 female:male ratio, or all males. They need lots of girls to choose from or none at all. I had a school of 4 males and 6 females that lived for a long time with no aggression. Have you thought about an angel?
  6. Everythingzen

    Let's Stock!

    Won't cardinal tetras just end up being an expensive snack for some of those?
  7. Everythingzen

    Restocking a 70g. cichlids possibly?

    Ich has virtually emptied me out, I've got a cory school, a few kuhlis and a lone upside down cat. In a couple of weeks I'll be finished the heat treatment and will be looking to start the restocking. Cycle is well established, got very few ornaments - 1 medium driftwood, a clay pot and a resin...
  8. Everythingzen

    Killifish fry!!

    Wow, that's awesome!!! I love killis!
  9. Everythingzen

    Help White cloud breeding pair with ick!

    I'd not remove her if I were you, as the other fish has been exposed too, and you need to treat this tank. Moving her will mean two tanks need treatment. You really need a heater to beat it.
  10. Everythingzen

    Question Ick

    Heat is the best thing you can do right now. Increase it gradually over a few hours until it's around 84f
  11. Everythingzen

    Possible ich?

    Doesn't look promising mate, sorry to say. Get the temperature to about 84f (it's 29c so just double check my conversion) right away. Leave it at the higher temperature for no less than 2 weeks with at least a vacuum every day or two. You need to pick up the spores when they fall off. Are the...
  12. Everythingzen

    Ich wipeout

    Thanks coradee. Water is still good, thankfully, and I've stopped the methylene for now anyway and won't be adding more.
  13. Everythingzen

    Possible ich?

    Could be, the pictures are hard to make out, but treatment involves an ich treatment, raising temperature to as high as your fish can handle (I'm at 28c treating ich at the moment), daily vacuums to remove the spores from the substrate as they fall off the fish, water changes daily and some...
  14. Everythingzen

    Ich wipeout

    Over the last 3 days I've fished out the 4 yoyos, my pleco I've had since she was an egg, half a dozen kuhlis, 2 Congo tetras, the remainder of my 5 year old cherry barb school, 2 killis, the sae and 2 other loaches that I cannot recall the name of, but had lived happily in there for about 3...
  15. Everythingzen

    Want To Buy WTB: Malaysian Trumpet Snails

    I'll have some in a couple of weeks I can post you. I'm in nsw. If you haven't found any by then just let me know.
  16. Everythingzen

    Scaly breasted lorikeet!!

    We finally got a bird to join the menagerie he's a mustard coloured scaly breasted lorikeet, and is only 8 weeks old. He's hand raised, and as sweet as!! Oh, and his name is Winston. Does anyone else have nectar eaters? I've got 1,000 questions to hound someone with, lol. It's mainly about his...
  17. Everythingzen

    This Or That?

    Guppies also. Saturdays or Sundays?
  18. Everythingzen

    Tank rut

    I'm on level 409 of that insidious game!! I'm only finishing it now because I can't let the rotten thing beat me. I don't want to know the hours I've spent on it. I refuse to say they were wasted hours because I like a challenge, and that game can't own me!! No new tanks, either. I've got old...
  19. Everythingzen

    Question Do you love your dogs enough to do this?

    I bought my dog a jacket for winter. She sometimes sleeps outside when it's down to 2-5c in winter. My cocker has one as well. Both dogs have great natural coats, but its still cold.
  20. Everythingzen

    Question Do you love your dogs enough to do this?

    Then I have the only pom in the word who hates clothes! I bought her a gorgeous jacket off ebay last winter. When it arrived,, I put it on her and admired her. Then I had to go out for a couple of hours. 2 hours later, Holly had ripped it off and chewed off 3 of the 4 press studs on it. She's...

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