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  1. RobM

    Sexing Peacock Gudgeons

    1. female 2. male 3. male They are not real aggressive so would would be fine keeping them in the numbers you have, especially in a larger tank like you have. But, more fish are always better, lol
  2. RobM

    Freshwater Gobies Photos Only

    They are pretty amazing looking when they get their breeding colors.
  3. RobM

    Rainbow Fish Photos

    M. sp. "Running River"
  4. RobM

    Help Help With Dwarf Neon Fry

    Ideally you want more females than males with rainbows.
  5. RobM

    Help Help With Dwarf Neon Fry

    I have not kept Pseudomugil furcatus but I believe they would need the same fry foods.
  6. RobM

    Help Help With Dwarf Neon Fry

    Infusoria is not needed. It can be used if you have it.
  7. RobM

    Help Help With Dwarf Neon Fry

    1. I use Sera Micron for the first two or three weeks and then onto bbs. You can also use 5-50 Golden Pearls instead of Sera. 2. A 5.5 gallon tank works well. With that size tank you do not need to do any water changes for a few weeks without any problems. A few ramshorn snails will eat any...
  8. RobM

    Rainbow Fish Photos

    Rhadinocentrus ornatus Seary's creek
  9. RobM

    Rainbow Fish Photos

    Young M. picta
  10. RobM

    Rainbow Fish Photos

    M. affinis Pagwi
  11. RobM

    5 Gallon Tank Killifish Stocking Numbers

    ^ What he said. Two males and one female is called a reverse trio and a really bad idea for killies.
  12. RobM

    Hydra Outbreak

    This eBay seller ships worldwide, HELMIX F 100g Flubendazole 5% antihelmitic for Suine and Birds | eBay
  13. RobM

    Angelfish Eggs

    You need to put a breeding slate or cone in the tank and remove it once they have deposited their eggs on it. Then you hatch the eggs in a separate tank. The fry can be fed bbs once they are up & swimming around. Good luck! Mine put their eggs on the glass about 90% of the time, LOL
  14. RobM

    Threadfin Rainbows??

    Iriatherina werneri have tiny mouths and need tiny foods (crushed flaked and bbs) but otherwise have no special needs. Like most other rainbows they can easily adapt to most water parameters so long as they aren't extreme.
  15. RobM

    Question Has Anyone Ordered Assorted Pseudomugil Rainbow?

    Ugh, hopefully not the poor looking one in the photo. If you are in the market for Pseudomugil's I would suggest the seller below on Aquabid. He currently has 3 types listed and you will get top quality fish from him. - Auctions Offered By Seller Roseline17
  16. RobM

    Hydra Outbreak

    Flubendazole will kill them quickly. If you happen to have any nerite snails it will kill them as well. Other than that it is safe. Just sprinkle a tiny bit on the surface of the water and it will do it's job. Levamisole, Flubendazole & other chemicals for the aquarium
  17. RobM

    Opinions On Mixing Freshwater Hillstream Gobies

    Mixing rhinogobius with other rhinogobius or other gobies can be hit or miss. R. rubromaculatus and R. giurinus tend to kill off any other gobies in the tank with them. Some of the other rhinos can be more peaceful but still risky.
  18. RobM

    Are They Worth $39.99?

    They look stunted to me. You can tell by the ratio of eye size compared to the rest of the head. I would pass and try to find better stock.
  19. RobM

    Help Just Found Baby Fish In Not So Great Place

    No, cories don't care too much about plants. They like to dig around in sand/gravel. So, you could scoop a little bit of your substrate from the tank and put that in the net. Breeder net have a pretty fine mesh so most of it should stay in place. Also, older cory fry eat the same food as the...
  20. RobM

    Help Just Found Baby Fish In Not So Great Place

    You could put it in a breeder net hanging in the tank until it gets a little bigger.

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