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  1. Mcasella

    Beautiful Angels spawned

    8 weeks should be pre-dime to dime in size depending on how well they have been fed and cared for. With my babies I was trying to feed them at least three times a day, starting with bbs (baby brine shrimp) that was hatched 12-18hrs from placing the brine shrimp eggs into the premixed water. I...
  2. Mcasella

    Many creepy half shrimp-half centipede things in my shrimp tank

    plant food, it is harmless in most cases and seeing that it has turned orange it is definitely harmless.
  3. Mcasella

    Albino dwarf plecos in cold water?

    They can handle it most often, but they don't really like being cold.
  4. Mcasella

    Are albino bn plecos weaker than other types?

    How big is the tank and how many of the regular colored ones do you have? In a smaller tank the older ones will run the smaller ones off of food and starve them. If they weren't eating before you got them their gut bacteria can die off and starve them in a different manner. A large bn can also...
  5. Mcasella

    Albino dwarf plecos in cold water?

    Albino commons can handle the temp drop that low but it wouldn't work for bns.
  6. Mcasella

    Question Snails popping up in tank. What are they

    Dojo don't generally mess with snails in my experience, other types of loaches will but also get too large for a 20g. Kuhli loaches are a good one, they will rip them out of their shells, just have to crush a couple for them to get them on the taste of snail, and they are good in a 20g. I like...
  7. Mcasella

    ISO: Electric Blue Acara

    Looking for a pair or group of juveniles nearing sexual maturity.
  8. Mcasella

    Want To Sell Assorted Fish And Plants

    Do you have a zip code for a quote?
  9. Mcasella

    Want To Sell Assorted Fish And Plants

    No current java moss available, I am out of blues, might have one spare ivory with other orders from members.
  10. Mcasella

    Apisto ID

    Just yellow and red, the two more colorful ones have a red spot on the gill plate, very tiny touch of blue scales there but it may be lighting.
  11. Mcasella

    Apisto ID

    I believe it starts with a b? Not sure, have a few of them but they don't like my face so they are hard to get pictures of.
  12. Mcasella

    Help Nematode ID-very sick Mystery Snails

    If they are nematodes you may be able to use fenbendazole to get them off the snails without hurting the snails.
  13. Mcasella

    Non Colorful Fish options?

    Albino glow light tetras, they are pale in shade with a bright orange stripe down the body. Okay in a 10g, better in bigger (can get to their full size). Gold/albino neon tetras (seem to be hardier than the average neon tetras weirdly), white-ish body, blue stripe, the red half stripe doesn't...
  14. Mcasella

    Want To Buy Java ferns, anubias, and driftwood

    I have large and small java fern, some anubias, and various driftwoods.
  15. Mcasella

    What's This In My Tank? White Grains Of Something?

    To drop their eggs like that (they carry them until they hatch) there would have to be something wrong with the eggs or the shrimp.
  16. Mcasella

    I Need "happy Fish".

    I wouldn't really considered a sorority a good option if you are wanting happy fish, most of them aren't set up in a way that maintains the balance of the bettas and any change in the tank can lead to a mass murder. Many bettas aren't cut out for community living, i've only got three females i...
  17. Mcasella

    Want To Sell Assorted Fish And Plants

    Via paypal, even if you don't have a paypal you can pay through them using a link to an invoice.
  18. Mcasella

    What's This In My Tank? White Grains Of Something?

    Looks like light colored poop that the shrimp have gone through. The only other options would be the ottos spawning.
  19. Mcasella


    Also looks to be two different types as well.
  20. Mcasella

    I Need "happy Fish".

    I'd look at a smaller centerpiece fish and up the schools, or just do a two species tank with the cories and barbs (make the schools larger and enjoyable as far as viewing pleasure/aesthetics).

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