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  1. Zachary

    Anyone else tried this?

    I actually did this for my Betta brownorum fry. When they were a few days old, I stuck them in a 10g tank that was very well planted and hadn't had anything in it besides RCS for over a month. As you could imagine, the tank was teeming with microorganisms. Until the fry were large enough to...
  2. Zachary

    Assassin Snails?

    Assassin snails, I'm my experience, are great for controlling pest snails. Some people say assassin snails will starve once they have eaten all of the pest snails in their aquarium, however my tank has been pest snail-free for over two years now, and the assassins seem to be thriving on detritus...
  3. Zachary

    Need help IDing loach

    Yep, those are definitely Queen loaches, Botia dario. I used to keep them with Burmese border loaches and Clown loaches, and they would all congregate together. Good luck with them, they're very interesting, quirky fish.
  4. Zachary

    High ammonia=BB die-off?

    When I noticed the first dead kuhli, I was sure to count all of the fish, and the rest of them were still alive. The dead kuhli wasn't in there for very long, either, as he didn't have fungus. I actually didn't think to check the pH, to be honest with you. That would have been a good idea...
  5. Zachary

    High ammonia=BB die-off?

    Unfortunately, I don't have a nitrate test here at her apartment. I was suspecting OTS, however I really doubt that would still be the issue after the countless WC's I've performed. Not to mention that my girlfriend does weekly 50% water changes using a gravel vac with the exception of the time...
  6. Zachary

    High ammonia=BB die-off?

    Hello everyone, I know I haven't been very active these past few weeks, as I've been out of town, but I'm at my girlfriend's apartment now, and I'm having quite a few problems with her 30g. Here's the backstory- My girlfriend is in college, and I just drove her back to her college apartment...
  7. Zachary

    Fish that are similar to arowanas?

    Have you looked into African Butterfly Fish? They're closely related to arowana, and they have a similarly shaped head/mouth, but they only grow to about 3". I used to have one and he was easily my favorite fish.
  8. Zachary

    50 Gallon Tank Stocking my First Tank

    I'll be sending you a PM very soon I wouldn't recommend taking sand from a beach. Not only is there the possibility of pollution that you'd be introducing to your tank, but there will also be plenty of minerals in there that will increase your hardness and pH. The Black Diamond sand should be...
  9. Zachary

    Golden wonder killi fish

    Wow, that's unbelievable. I'm sorry to hear that. I never had problems with them being aggressive towards my other fish, but then again, I never kept them with other surface-dwelling fish.
  10. Zachary

    Keeping and Breeding Wild Betta Species

    I can vouch for this. I have kept and bred both species, and while the male will create a weak bubblenest, it appears he only uses it for collecting the eggs during the actual act of spawning, and then takes all of the eggs into his mouth soon after. Usually the fry are released once they become...
  11. Zachary

    Golden wonder killi fish

    Golden wonder killies are one of the larger species of killifish, and they are predators by nature, so don't keep them with anything smaller than an inch in length. I made the mistake of keeping 2 males together in a 3 foot tank, and the larger male ended up killing the smaller one. They are...
  12. Zachary

    50 Gallon Tank Stocking my First Tank

    Charlotte, as in Charlotte, NC? Let me know if you ever need any amazon frogbit or java moss, or if you want to know all of the best LFSs As Teleost said, kuhlis are found in soft substrates, but not in terms of mineral hardness. If I'm not mistaken, they are found in mud/silt bottom streams...
  13. Zachary

    New RCS & CPD tank

    Holy cow, that's a lot of shrimp. As far as I know, I've got around 40-50 RCS in my tank, but I can never find more than 10 at any one time. Have you considered culling the less colorful ones?
  14. Zachary

    What is extending from my snail?

    Indeed they are, and especially so for apple snails. They're pretty unusual in that they have both lungs and gills. Neat stuff, huh? And jeez, you've all got your minds in the gutter haha.
  15. Zachary

    Betta Scare

    Is there a reason you're waiting to put the betta in a tank, Jakoba? LDF, my cat loves to steal socks and stash them all around the house. I find mounds of mismatched socks in the most random places lol.
  16. Zachary

    What is extending from my snail?

    It's his siphon. That's what they use to breathe air.
  17. Zachary

    Betta Scare

    I'm dying right now. That cat is too adorable.
  18. Zachary

    Betta Scare

    That cat is absolutely beautiful! They're just incredibly inquisitivs animals, and that's what gets them into trouble. I've had my cats knock over two of my fishtanks (one of them luckily only contained daphnia, but the other contained salamander larvae. He ended up eating the larvae ) My cat...
  19. Zachary

    Are my fish just fat or ill?

    Those platies look perfectly healthy to me Long feces are typical for platies and are no cause for concern unless they are translucent/white. Would you mind uploading a picture of the ghost shrimp? Regular ghost shrimp usually won't harm fish, but long-arm ghosties sometimes will. They are...
  20. Zachary

    Confusion about Molly Vs. Platy

    Well Junebug, it pains me to finally have to disagree with you on something, but I'm just too darn stubborn to let this one go. I feel like these would have more dorsal rays if they were painted mollies. All of the images I'm finding on painted mollies (and not the dyed ones) show them with...

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