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  2. Betta Babies

    Betta Babies

    breeding & fry pix
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    Major Security Flaw Found in IE

    We have use Firefox since it came parents use IE tho. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Question on Clown Plecos

    and they love to anything like cut up thawed shrimp...BN like to eat driftwood too
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    Pink Thread Hanging Off Male Betta's Stomach(Please answer ASAP!)

    I really hope it's not the dreaded c worms. We didn't cure med for it here works. I am still dealing with it as my male angelfish still has them hanging out of his anus. He looks in perfect health otherwise. I know he will die for sure, but when is the question? My female...
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    Pink Thread Hanging Off Male Betta's Stomach(Please answer ASAP!)

    If you can find the medication called levamisole it should cure it. It's not available here in Canada, but is in the US. Here an article about the drug.
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    Jagger says hello!

    What a face!!
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    Introducing My Sisters Betta:)

    Aw he looks like my Buster RIP. So pretty
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    Ziggy the Betta

    Yeah sometime they just don't care....My Casper was the same way...not a flarer.
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    Ziggy the Betta

    That is do you think breeders get such greats pix of the ones they are selling. Seeing their own reflection doesn't stress all betta out. Most really do get use to it from my experience anyways. Comb tails have many lengths too. The betty splendens site explains all the tails types...
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    Apologies and a "resurrection"!

    No offense taken Matt. I am not sensitive about children...since I haven't a maternal bone in my body.
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    Ziggy the Betta

    Here's an article
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    Ziggy the Betta

    CT baby betta have spikes pretty much right away I had gotten a 3 month old one last April from could see his double double ray crowns already. Most betta are not up for sale until they are at least 3 months old. I bet he is a combtail. Here's an old pix of my platinum CT Casper...
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    What size tank do I need?

    The house hippos? ANd Lucy I hope you research before buying
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    What size tank do I need?

    Lucy you are lol
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    A little silly

    Exactly... I have seen a fish bleed...when we when use to be newbies with piranhas...we fed them large gold fish and they bled a lot...but only when it was apart of their body. Fins are like hair and breaking finger nails I guess...we don't feel pain when they rip either.
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    Ziggy the Betta

    He is a beautiful boy. He looks like a delta tail or a half moon who is still growing. Crown tails are more spikey. See
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    I'm a proud Betta Granny!

    WOW Karen he looks so good. They both do.
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    I cannot believe this :'(

    True to that...

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