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  1. pagoda

    October 2019 - Forum Upgrade Issues

    It's OK...but as someone who suffers extreme migraines, the harshness is a bit heavy going, I'm sorry If there would be a way to soften it like before with a non-white background with a less sharp type...that would be good please Sorry :(
  2. pagoda

    Black Ghost Knife Fish Attack!!

    Ghost Knife fish are carnivorous, so no real surprise that he got hungry especially at night since they tend to be more active at night and the other fish would have been semi-stationary Not recommended to have anything else in the aquarium with them really and in many countries they are banned...
  3. pagoda

    Question How To Turn Down An Air Pump That Can't Be Turned Down?

    Got it sorted thank you for the valve suggestion :) :) Fish are no longer being held against the opposite wall of the aquarium by angry bubbles :) :)
  4. pagoda

    Keeping Floating Plants Contained

    I use plastic cable ties to control my surface plants....they do try and make the plant version of the great escape sometimes but they are never successful
  5. pagoda

    Name Suggestions For Pink/purple/blue Male Betta

    Apinya Its a Thai name that means "magical power"
  6. pagoda

    My Common Pleco In 55 Gallon Tank

    A way to figure out if your aquarium is big enough to handle a Common Pleco Look at your forearm and clench your fist Put your forearm up against the aquarium's front, side and depth If you can move your arm in all dorections around the aquarium with at least 4" turning circle, then you might...
  7. pagoda

    Bubbler Ornament? Available in all countries :)
  8. pagoda

    Which Medicine Do I Need?

    Hot water bottle wrapped in warmed towelsthen surrounded with pillows and maybe a sleeping bag or small would be surprised how a small amount of water can be kept insulated in an emergency You mention the Platys & Guppies....were they in the aquarium already when you added the...
  9. pagoda

    Which Medicine Do I Need?

    I would put the ill fish into a medium size tub using water from his aquarium...Tupperware or similar....using water from the aquarium would mean that any nutrients etc will be kept and not damage the fish further. Then you could try to treat him on his own and keep whatever has made him ill...
  10. pagoda

    Can A 75g Tank Fit In A Car?

    If its a saloon car....either measure the distance tween the backrest of the back seat to the back of the front seats as far forward as possible to drive and the seat cushion to the roof and the distance from back door to back door. Or you can measure the space in the car with the front...
  11. pagoda

    Help Treatment For Gash

    Daily 50% water changes, keep the water and him clean as fresh clean water is the first step towards healing injuries rather than reaching for the medications....they are last resort really.
  12. pagoda

    Heron Took Whole Pond In One Night

    When I was a kid we lived close to a river and dad dug a huge pond, filled it with water lillies and fish.....fortunately cos he knew that the riverbank was home to herons, voles and other wildlife that are partial to a free breakfast, lunch and dinner, dad stretched a black mist net right...
  13. pagoda

    Axolotl Raising Log

    They are beautiful and fascinating animals....tbh I would love to own one myself cos they are just so incredibly unique, but right now I don't have the space for a suitable aquarium, so I shall take great pleasure in following your exploits with these charming creatures :)
  14. pagoda

    Help Received A Dying Betta - Please Help

    If there is money to be made....that will never happen and fish will continue to suffer needlessly :(
  15. pagoda

    Random Thoughts

    When I compare fish available now to when I started over 30 years ago, I think there are alot more "designer" fish nowadays. The humble Betta is an example of that trend. Back when cars first came out it was any colour as long as it was black....with Betta's and a few other species it was...
  16. pagoda

    Help Received A Dying Betta - Please Help

    That poor lad is possibly beyond help, he looks very underweight, his fins and tail are damaged and you can tell that breathing is laboured. Externally its easy to see how ill he is, you won't know how much damage has been done internally with him in the water you described, you won't know how...
  17. pagoda

    Random Thoughts

    :o I will be forced to catch up on my housework :o ........thats seriously scary stuff :o
  18. pagoda

    Random Thoughts

    I like the nutty milks, the cashew is really creamy tasting I am not a great ordinary milk drinker so I get UHT semi skimmed that gets kept for months for when I have a rare coffee (prefer herbal teas and hate ordinary tea)
  19. pagoda

    Random Thoughts

    NUTS! :p :D
  20. pagoda

    My Betta Has Morals?

    Could it be that he is just a bit lazy....dead shrimp can't run away like live babies can, so why bother chasing the little critters when his dad gives him dead ones to eat?

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