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  1. Tonia

    Snails .... Be Gone!

    I've been trying to get some yoyo loaches for a while now, but my lps has had trouble getting them in. Fingers crossed that they will have some soon. Assassin snails try, but remember, they have tiny tummies and can only eat so many snails at a time. Like.. 1-2. I love my assassins but keep...
  2. Tonia

    I suddenly came to own 800 gallon fresh water aquarium but have zero knowledge

    The tank is gorgeous!! I've always wanted to have a huge tank built into my house. Hasn't happened yet, though. Congratulations on your new house and a gorgeous tank to go with it!
  3. Tonia

    Pea puffer biotope

    Pea puffers do like densely planted tanks, low light plants are great. I have a 15 gallon column tank with a couple of jungle val, a large java fern and some wisteria. The puffers like to swim among them and explore. Changing the tank regularly is necessary as puffers are messy fish. For...
  4. Tonia

    Axolotl behavior

    So sorry to hear about your sweet axolotl. Best wishes to you. I hope putting him in the fridge will help.
  5. Tonia

    Odd pair

    I have personally never tried this combination. The firemouth is more likely to be aggressive and could damage/harm the gourami. If you decide to put them together, keep a close eye on them, make sure there are plenty of hiding spots and be prepared to move one or the other if necessary. Both...
  6. Tonia

    New, and first, betta!

    Welcome to Fishlore!! You have come to a great place to learn about caring for your new betta and providing a great home for her. You will receive a lot of information and you can search for more by reading up right on this site! The first thing to learn is about the nitrogen cycle. This is...
  7. Tonia

    I decided to redo the 37 gallon.

    The tank looks great, Thunder! I like the way you've arranged the plants and the angels look amazing. Let's hope Fred gets to be a daddy again!
  8. Tonia

    Hello Fellow Fish Enthusiasts!

    Welcome to Fishlore, Betta Gems! In case you haven't found out, yet there are Several betta lovers here, myself included! I have to convince my dear husband that we really do have room for one more tank so that I can get a new betta. You have found the best forum around for information...
  9. Tonia

    Convicts Just Spawned

    I absolutely agree with Orange, Convicts make great parents. They will take good care of those eggs and will keep a close eye on their babies for quite a while. Congrats!!
  10. Tonia

    My 125g tank

    Nice looking tank!! I would so love to have a big tank again!
  11. Tonia

    New Betta

    Your new betta is gorgeous!!! maybe not show quality, but most of the time, all I want is a great pet with beauty besides! :;betta
  12. Tonia

    Fish ID? Darter species. Is it a Johnny darter or tessellated ?

    I had one similar and never knew the exact species. Mine was a swamp darter that came in with a batch of ghost shrimp feeders that my eel liked to eat. Such adorable little guys!!! best of luck with him!
  13. Tonia

    new 40 breeder

    The tank looks great!! I am sure your fish will love it!
  14. Tonia

    Long fin eel tank

    He is an awesome eel! I love the tank you've created for him! I don't know much about longfin eels. How big will he get?
  15. Tonia

    New piece

    Nice piece! I'm sure it will look fantastic in the tank!
  16. Tonia


    Welcome Connor!! This is a fabulous forum filled with friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable members who will happily share experiences and ideas with you. I hope you will enjoy your time here!
  17. Tonia

    Baby Dojo loach

    He is adorable!! I just love that face!
  18. Tonia

    Zebra Danio Murdered!

    I do a 50% water change on all 4 tanks every week. It really helps to keep your fish healthier and consider, with a 25-30% water change every 3 weeks, you're making those fish live in their own waste. I am glad you haven't had as many deaths as would be possible. If you stop to think about...
  19. Tonia

    I hope all is well with my fellow fishlorans.

    Great seeing you, Thunder! Can't wait to see the pics of your new fish. You always take such amazing shots!
  20. Tonia

    Out of curiosity..

    Yes, I absolutely love the zen- waterfall- gurgly noises that the filter causes. I wonder what the fish think... hmmm

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