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  1. Aquilist

    Good set up for crested gecko ?

    Serpadesign also has a more recent and incredible-looking terrarium. I highly reccomend!
  2. Aquilist

    55 Gallon Tank Spooky community tank?

    Were it a bigger tank, I'd totally say ghost knifefish - they're so graceful and quirky! However, I agree, ghost cats and shrimp, with maybe a broken down castle, or graveyard decor would be awesome.
  3. Aquilist

    Pixie frogs

    I don't have pixie frogs, but I have been keeping frogs for a prolonged period of time (9+ years.) Check out SerpaDesign on youtube - he has great paludariums for large species of frog!
  4. Aquilist

    Question Is it ok to let my Bettas play with my fingers?

    My betta often jumps out of the water to get some food granules on my finger. It's very cute! I love bettas that are more interactive and playful.
  5. Aquilist

    Question Tank Mates In 10g?

    As PascalKrypt said, you could try providing Tyrion with a few shrimp for him to hunt. Often engaging in natural behaviours gives bettas something instinctual, which provides enrichment and entertainment.
  6. Aquilist

    Question Extras For Bearded Dragon Enclosure

    fair enough. But seeing as how I cant put live plants with him due to safety, i purchaded the most realistic silk plants i could and he loves climbing on them. I personally love the look of my tank, its more of a rainforest look unlike their natural habitat. But it matches all my live plants and...
  7. Aquilist

    Question Extras For Bearded Dragon Enclosure

    My beardie has a large branch, multiple hides and plastic plants and a cat toy ball with a bell in it.
  8. Aquilist

    Favorite Types Of Dogs

    I love Staffies, Huskies and samoyed. However, we have two Maltese and a Kelpie. Also, does anyone know how to keep weight on a kelpie? Ours is around 8 or 9 months and scrawny as can be. She gets nearly 1.5 kilos of wet food a day and is still severely underweight. She doesn't have worms or...
  9. Aquilist

    Green Tree Frog

    Some tadpoles take forever. When I raised taddies, it took 4 months for one to get both sets of legs. Remember frogs can live for up to 20 years, depending on the species. It makes sense they may take a while.
  10. Aquilist

    Funny Hey! That Was Mine!

    >:O .:/ ,,///;, ,;/ o o:::::::;;/// O::::::::;;\\\ ''\\\\\'" ';\ ';\
  11. Aquilist

    When To Upgrade Baby Bearded Dragon

    Hahah, he was around 5inch.
  12. Aquilist

    Turtle Shell Brushing

    That's so cute and funny!
  13. Aquilist

    When To Upgrade Baby Bearded Dragon

    I put my beardie straight into a 120gal. He loves the space, even when he was a little baby. Just add a few hides, and he'll be right
  14. Aquilist

    Fish Room Design/ Planning (need Input)

    I don't know anything about building, sorry But I think that will look amazing and I can't wait to hear about it
  15. Aquilist

    Question What’s Your Favorite Betta Decoration?

    I use no ferts, co2 nor fancy lighting.ive found anubias, java fern, baby tears, banana plant and java moss super easy
  16. Aquilist

    Question What’s Your Favorite Betta Decoration?

    Plants!! My betta loves to swim through his planted corner
  17. Aquilist

    Underweight Whites Tree Frog Thriving?

    I think you misunderstood. I hand-feed her 2 crickets for instant nourishment, and release 4 or 5 into the tank, 3 or so times a week. That's almost 20 crickets free-roaming the tank weekly, in which she can hunt, or they can bury themselves into the tank and breed. In no way is my frog...
  18. Aquilist

    Underweight Whites Tree Frog Thriving?

    I tong feed TimTam one or two crickets, and also release 4 or 5 into the tank, with the hope of stsrting a colony in there so I wont have to buy anymore crickets for her.
  19. Aquilist

    Help Frog Habitat

    Congratulations!! I couldnt have done a better job myself. I think Peanut will be very happy
  20. Aquilist

    Underweight Whites Tree Frog Thriving?

    So, Essentially, straight to the point. My Whites, TimTam has never been fed a whole lot. Often when fed more than one or two large crickets at a time, she doesn't finish them all. She's only fed around twice a week. Her physique is not that of a "dumpy" tree frog. She's pretty slim, and only...

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