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  1. jinjerJOSH22

    Unmoving gourami

    Three spots will also outgrow a 20 gallon, they are also renowned for being an aggressive fish especially with their own kind. It may be best to start from scratch, cycle the tank fishless and then get fish more suitable. There's a few Gourami that would do well in a 20 such as the Dwarf or...
  2. jinjerJOSH22

    Question Dwarf Gourami... would it eat Ghosts?

    I think Amano's will be fine, i've kept them with my DG for a while as well as Cherries. I wouldn't say they're difficult and they won't spawn in freshwater.
  3. jinjerJOSH22

    16 gallon tank stock

    I think you'd be ok for a while, maybe just add the 1 then more when you upgrade. I've had 2 Peppered Corydoras for over a year and recently added them to a larger school seemingly without any issues.
  4. jinjerJOSH22

    30 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas

    Anubias is a good plant to go with, you'll be able to attach it to the wood and there are lot's of different types to choose from. A lot don't need strong lighting either.
  5. jinjerJOSH22

    Do You Buy Fish, Plants, Corals, Inverts, etc. Online?

    Both but I prefer going into lfs. I love looking at everything and inevitably buying something I didn't plan for. There's always the oddballs that they occasionally get in as well. I have no issues buying online though the delivery charge is off putting, it's £16.99 as standard and even though...
  6. jinjerJOSH22

    Question Should i euthenize my fish that has a curved spine

    It's your choice, they can live fine with that curve but in a community they can easily get outcompeted for food. I had a Tiger Barb with a crooked spine, after weeks of debating with myself I finally did it. He was feeding fine but it seemed like a struggle. It was a hard choice and I wish you...
  7. jinjerJOSH22

    20 gallon long stocking ideas/quantaties

    I'd go 8-10 Kuhli loaches and leave out a second school.
  8. jinjerJOSH22

    Should I get a 2nd Gourami?

    I would only do it if you have tall visual breaks, I've got a "Gourami community" with Pearls and a Dwarf, in my tank they typically have little interactions but the male Pearl will chase away the female Pearls from time to time. You could try it but like stated above have a backup plan to...
  9. jinjerJOSH22

    Most common/popular freshwater fish in the hobby?

    The stores in my local area(in the uk) all have separate sections for cold water fish, usually a pond area.
  10. jinjerJOSH22

    Most common/popular freshwater fish in the hobby?

    It's probably because a lot of people don't do research on Goldfish and think it's fine to keep them in a small bowl.
  11. jinjerJOSH22

    Water Change Frequency

    I agree with you not your family lol. It doesn't feel right if I don't do something.
  12. jinjerJOSH22

    55 gal stocking. Want opinions.

    Just as a heads up Pearls can be quite aggressive, not so much with other fish but with each other. It's not usually too bad and in a 55 there'll be room to get away from each other. As long as there are some tall visual breaks you should be fine.
  13. jinjerJOSH22

    Water Change Frequency

    I do anywhere from 20-50% every 6-10 days depending on the tank. @Mike it'll be interesting to see how often people clean their fliters. I know I should probably clean mine more often :p
  14. jinjerJOSH22

    Help My 5 new danios are dying 3 days in

    I think they can be nippy, usually fish like that don't nip as much when they are in a shoal of their own kind so it's possible he harassed the Gourami.
  15. jinjerJOSH22

    Help My 5 new danios are dying 3 days in

    Yeah, when you do a water change, use the removed tank water in the bucket, give it a good rince. I'm not quite sure what your filter's like but there shouldn't be any harm in doing it.
  16. jinjerJOSH22

    Help My 5 new danios are dying 3 days in

    From what I gather it's only used to remove tannins and Meds so I wouldn't worry about it.
  17. jinjerJOSH22

    Random Thoughts

    Gee thanks for that! Now i'm going to have a midnight snack.
  18. jinjerJOSH22

    How Many Dojo Loaches - HELP!

    In my opinion you want at least 36 inches long and 12 inches depth but 48 inches is really the target. The can grow 10/12 inches.
  19. jinjerJOSH22

    Question How often to squeeze out moss balls?

    I didn't know this was a think! Is it important? I've had mine for a while without doing it and they seem healthy.
  20. jinjerJOSH22

    Is Your Dream Tank Freshwater or Saltwater?

    1000 Gallon Giant Gourami tank, In my short time in this hobby I've learnt that I adore Gourami so I think I should aim for the biggest right?

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