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  1. Chris92xx

    Betta has one red eye

    No the eye is not cloudy. It is slightly bloody looking at the edge, only along the top portion. I can only notice it when looking from straight above him. Looking straight on his eyes look fine. His behavior is normal and energy levels are great. And no, I cannot see any other external symptoms.
  2. Chris92xx

    Question Questions about feeding vegetables

    My guess would be that fish that eat seaweed would be more accepting of vegetables. I would not feed vegetables to carniverous fish. Also sugar doesnt appear in a fish’s diet as far as Im aware. In fact I think sugar can be quite toxic to fish. I would never feed fruit to a fish.
  3. Chris92xx

    Question What Is The Forums Thoughts On Melafix For Fin Rot?

    I found low doses of seachem stress guard or paraguard to work wonders for fin rot. I was able to cure fin rot using paraguard by slowly working up the dose (1/4 first day, 1/2 second day, 3/4 dose for 4 more days) and this cured a stubborn case of paraguard for my betta fish. However I think...
  4. Chris92xx

    Betta has one red eye

    Hello all, My betta fish has had an eye that is slightly red and the tiniest bit inflamed. It has been like this for about a week or two now. His health seems perfect besides this. My ammonia was around 0.25 for a few weeks despite doing daily 10% water changes. I was using prime the whole...
  5. Chris92xx

    Help Betta Fish With Clamped Fins And Lethargic

    Tank conditions such as ammonia levels, nitrite levels, nitrate levels, pH and temperature are required. Also what is the tank size? I would say at the very minimum 5 gallons is required for 2 fish. Just because the other one is okay, maybe the young fish is more sensitive. Definitely measure...
  6. Chris92xx

    Fish Twitched When Adding Paraguard

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I have been having such a hard time with this. I have come to the point of crying a few times because it feels like fighting an uphill battle. I just started my PhD degree and I have been spending hours every day trying to keep everything ideal for Rex. It...
  7. Chris92xx

    Fish Twitched When Adding Paraguard

    Here are the best pictures I could get. The gold is most prominent at the bottom. This is actually where his fin rot initially was. Also in the pic where he is showing his top fin, the discoloration along the edge is also gold. I know he is very skinny ☹️ He was like this when I bought him and...
  8. Chris92xx

    Fish Twitched When Adding Paraguard

    So basically I have been treating my betta fish with paraguard for the past 9 days. Initially he was very lethargic, scratching against the gravel and had some fin rot. He immediately bounced back after I started treatment with paraguard. He has way better energy, is no longer scratching and I...
  9. Chris92xx

    Tap Water Ph Drastically Changed

    My tap water pH has been 6.6 since Ive had my fish. Today it is reading 8.0. I called my water district and it is supposed to be 8.0 apparently. I read smart water has a pH of about 6.8. Is it okay if I use smart water for water changes? It is supposed to have electrolytes such as potassium...
  10. Chris92xx

    Betta Fish Illness (please Help)

    Maybe I am wrong, but aquarium salt may be harmful to a fish missing scales? I know that scaleless fish do worse with salt. Can anyone possibly confirm?
  11. Chris92xx

    Malachite Green Good For 24 Hours?

    My gf bubbly betta posted about my fish recently. So basically I noticed he had gold powder on him. His top fin was clamped and he was scratching a lot and very lethargic. I added 50% of the recommended dose of malachite green (15 drops in 3.5 gallons) last night. I didnt want to shock him as...
  12. Chris92xx

    Fin Rot Progressing After Stopping Salt And Betafix

    Hello all, So basically I bought a betta about 12 days ago with fin rot. I was treating with half dose of aquarium salt, half dose betta fix and low dose methylene blue for 7 days. This seemed to halt the decay. But now I seem it coming back. His fins are looking jagged at the end where they...
  13. Chris92xx

    Could This Be Ich?

    Thank you all! Thats a huge relief. I really appreciate the help
  14. Chris92xx

    Could This Be Ich?

    I noticed a tiny white spot on the top of my betta today. I don’t know if it is ich or not. While it looks like it I am hopeful it is not for several reasons. I have been doing daily 25% water changes until my tank cycles. My tank still has traces of methylene blue in it. From my calculations...
  15. Chris92xx

    Methylene Blue And Herring (possible Interaction)

    So I just came across a possible interaction. I was treating my betta fish with very low dose methylene blue (5% of recommended dose to add to tank) for 4 days after receiving him. This was because he was exposed to high nitrite and ammonia levels, his cup even had algae when I bought him. I was...
  16. Chris92xx

    Trying To Remove Methylene Blue

    I am trying to rapidly remove methylene blue from my tank as I ordered a sponge filter that is coming tomorrow. I have an activated carbon filter cartridge that came with my tank. If I float this in the tank, will this still soak up some dye? It has been sitting for a few days wet in a ziploc...
  17. Chris92xx

    Heater Deviating From Normal

    Okay so just an update in case anyone wants, or this is useful to anyone else. The temperature in my room dropped overnight. The heater has maintained 78 again since then.
  18. Chris92xx

    Heater Deviating From Normal

    The heater is PGFUNNY 25 watt heater. It has pretty good ratings compared to other 25 w heaters. I was concerned because it has been maintaining the tank at 78-79 for a week now. Tonight is jumped up to 80-82 and is staying there. It is supposed to keep the tank between 78-82, but I am concerned...
  19. Chris92xx

    Heater Deviating From Normal

    Well today was hotter. The room may have gone to low 80s. But at night it has cooled down. At the point I unplugged I opened windows to cool down the room to maybe 75 degrees and when plugged back in, it still raised to about 81/82. If I unplug it for about 5 hours til I wake up, if the room is...

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