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  1. RedLoredAmazon

    Nerite Snail Odd Behavior

    I have one nerite snail that only comes out when the tank lights are off. Once the lights are on, it digs in the sand at the front of the tank to hide till the lights are off. The funny thing is that this snail goes back to the same spot every time.
  2. RedLoredAmazon

    Plastic Pot Scrubbers

    Welcome to Fishlore! I would stay away from the plastic pot scrubbers since they say not safe for aquariums. Have you looked into using lava rock instead? Several members on here use lava rock for their bio media.
  3. RedLoredAmazon

    Gourami Anatomy

    :hilarious: ^ This....I really need to have a laugh tonight. I will agree this is pretty accurate. My honey gourami didn't have the "glare-er" eyes. She normally was always and o_O and :nailbiting: and :wideyed: whenever I did anything in the tank.
  4. RedLoredAmazon

    Bolivian Ram Personality

    Here's an update in case anyone cares: I now know why the ram was acting the way it was. I noticed today that it has become a lot darker in color and is pine coning. Sadly, I will probably euthanize the fish in the morning since it seems to be suffering. We've all been sick at my house so I...
  5. RedLoredAmazon

    Slowly Upgrading 55 To 75 Gallon

    Glad to see you back, Jen! Has @bizaliz3 seen Stucky yet? Stucky is such a handsome boy!
  6. RedLoredAmazon

    Bolivian Ram Personality

    I have three fake plants in the tank and a cupcake cave in there. I do have a few more decorations that I could add. There was another ram in the tank with the one that I bought. I didn't feel comfortable buying the other one since I am concerned that the bottom of my tank will be...
  7. RedLoredAmazon

    Bolivian Ram Personality

    I just picked up a Bolivian ram on saturday. I was wondering if they are normally a mopey/shy fish. Mine is in QT right now with three cory trilineatus. It seems to stay still most of the day in one spot if I am looking at it. ...but I have noticed it does come out when it thinks I'm not in...
  8. RedLoredAmazon

    Help Will This Be A Cyanobacteria Outbreak?

    Ugh! I feel for you! I hate cyano! I had it in my 54 gallon tank when I first set it up. I did a black out for a week and it killed it. I do notice it does try to come back every summer. Some of that is because the local water source has cyano growing in it. I currently have it in my...
  9. RedLoredAmazon

    What Should I Do With This Barren Bed?

    Since you are pretty warm, I would plant elephant ears. I would love to have them, but I didn't plant them earlier in the season.
  10. RedLoredAmazon

    Help Angelfish Species Tank

    Welcome to Fishlore! I would also check and see if you have any local fish clubs near you. Some of them have fish auctions and you can pick out some neat fish from local breeders.
  11. RedLoredAmazon

    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    @max h that looks delicious! Makes my dinner of homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich look pathetic. Speaking of grilled cheese, does anyone else put yellow or spicy brown mustard in their grilled cheese?
  12. RedLoredAmazon

    Can't Get Into Forum Using Tab

    I was just trying to get into Fishlore from the main page. Every time I push the "Aquarium Forum" tab it takes me to the African Butterflyfish Care page. The only way I can get in to see the forum (kinda of) is using the search function. If it helps, I use a computer to get on Fishlore...
  13. RedLoredAmazon

    Wild-life photos

    Found this Golden Tortoise Beetle in the garden this week. I've never seen one of these before, it was just a beautiful bug!
  14. RedLoredAmazon

    Wild-life photos

    Found this little cutie in the garden. I tried looking it up and it doesn't appear to be native to Indiana. I think it may be a japanese tree frog. If someone else knows for sure, please reply!
  15. RedLoredAmazon

    Help 125 Gallon Community.

    The tank looks great! The red lotus leaves are huge! They look like they are bigger then Player (at least I think that is Player).
  16. RedLoredAmazon

    Wild-life photos

    I have been to that park with the hippo! My uncle always takes us there when we visit. I always enjoy seeing the manatees just floating and relaxing. Were there any babies there when you went?
  17. RedLoredAmazon

    Pool Filter Sand Substrate

    I have the same sand in my tanks and it does great for me!
  18. RedLoredAmazon

    Lchi’s Wedding “build” :)

    Hope this weekend goes smoothly and remember to enjoy yourself!
  19. RedLoredAmazon

    Question Causes For High Ph?

    Welcome to Fishlore! Your pH is probably the number it is because of limestone. I live in Indiana and the water here gets filtered through limestone rock and that increases the pH. My pH is 8.2 here where I live.
  20. RedLoredAmazon

    Help Cyanobacteria Blue Green Algae

    I had several things that contributed to my cyano. I left my lights on for two days from dawn to dusk (had a family situation going on); I did get a timer after I got rid of the cyano so that wouldn't happen again. We also have very high phosphates here in Indiana as the EPA and the state...

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