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  1. Nobote

    Question How often to squeeze out moss balls?

    Once a week, if you have a high current aquarium with lots of probably could get by with less. If you dont squeeze them once in awhile they will start to smell of sulphur dioxide.
  2. Nobote

    Water Change Help

    It doesnt matter. Prime works pretty much instantly. I put the stability directly on the main surfaces I want it to colonize...the sponge of a sponge filter...ceramic media...wherever I want it to grow, i apply with a syringe that has a 14 or 16 guage needle. You can get those at a TSC or Rural...
  3. Nobote

    Question Biofilm Or Viscosity?

    I did a lot of Walstad aquariums and jars. Without some is considerably harder. I always put at least an airpump hose in...doesnt neccesarily have to have a stone. You arent replicating nature by not having any flow...even lakes and ponds get currents. Sometimes by springs, sometimes...
  4. Nobote

    Strongest Tank Manufacturer

    Landen makes some of the best aquariums today. In the past I would have said All Glass but they got bought out and went for the lower end of the market.
  5. Nobote

    10 Gallon Planted Tank - Runsoncoffee's 1st Tank

    Incas can be really fast when they feel like it. I get more comments on the Inca snail in my work aquarium than I get for the Endlers. The snails might like a boiled/blanched vegetable or two occasionally.
  6. Nobote

    10 Gallon Planted Tank - Runsoncoffee's 1st Tank

    Looks really good. I have a gold inca just like the one you show in the photo. Ive never had an escape attempt but theres a lot of current right at the surface so I think they avoid it. Your bettas look healthy and happy.
  7. Nobote

    Can Endlers Be Kept Alone?

    They do much better in groups. They arent neccesarily a schooling fish like a clown loach or tetra, but they like having a social hierarchy with conspecifics. I have had solo endlers literally swim themselves to death circling the perimeter of the aquarium.
  8. Nobote

    Need Help To Correct My Ignorance - Betta Finrot?

    For a single betta a giant pickle jar, lexan or tupperware tub, extra large vase--- anything will do for a short stay for medications. Or you could flip that and put your filtration in the extra vessel and oeave the fish in its aquarium with a bubbler,
  9. Nobote

    Plant Identification Needed

    Heres a moss ID website. Mosses USID -- identification guide -- Discover Life It could be Hylocomium splendens or Jamesoniella autumnalis.
  10. Nobote

    Need Help To Correct My Ignorance - Betta Finrot?

    I would move him to a separate aquarium or bowl temporarily and start treatment. If his fins are deteriorating and you can see it happening... things will go downhill pretty fast. Bear in mind the fin rot and stress from it can cause something else to start- such as velvet or ich.
  11. Nobote

    Mistery Of The Missing Amano Shrimp

    I, surprised they left the shell. Most of the time they eat that too. I have some cherry shrimp in a filter...I got sick of shooing them out, they seem happy in there so I let them be,
  12. Nobote

    Need Help To Correct My Ignorance - Betta Finrot?

    Fin rot can be bacterial or fungal...usually fungal fin rot winds up being white or pale and much more even around the fins. Bacterial rot results in more ragged fins and unevenly spread infection. I honestly cant tell if your fish has fin rot...if it does you can either use an over the counter...
  13. Nobote

    Mistery Of The Missing Amano Shrimp

    Or died and got eaten by the other 3....
  14. Nobote

    Help How To Breed Tiger Barbs

    Well thats good news. Good luck!!
  15. Nobote

    Saving Extra Conditioned Water

    I save it on purpose.i keep at least 3 gallons on hand
  16. Nobote

    Question Tank Brand Preference?

    All glass or Landen Hands down Aqeuon is All Glass budget line.
  17. Nobote

    When To Add Powerhead? Piranha Tank

    Personally I would downsize to a 2000 gph model for a 120gal aquarium.
  18. Nobote

    When To Add Powerhead? Piranha Tank

    Why 3200 gph? That seems really strong.
  19. Nobote

    Steps I Should Take To Get My Dream Tank?

    Start saving your pennies Tsunami 800-Gallon 120"Lx48"Wx36"H Rectangular Acrylic Aquarium U850 @ Fish Tanks Direct I know...its only 800 gallons but close enough.
  20. Nobote

    Bug In Tank, Help.

    What is it then?

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