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  1. pirahnah3

    Oily Sheen on Water Surface

    I would blame the food first really, I have a 40gal that does this all the time and its just some proteins coming out of the foods. I dont have an airstone in the tank and it is one of the only tanks in my house that doesnt have some strong surface movement.
  2. pirahnah3

    10g Scapes

    Hey rouge, I dont care if you put the frogs in there I STILL have a sawzall...... tank looks awesome man my 10gal is well a disaster right now but what can I say 90 hour weeks will do that to a tank.
  3. pirahnah3

    water from cycled tank into uncycled tank= cycled tank?

    The bacteria are in the filter and gravel for the most part and will be on decor to a point. To say he is 100% wrong isnt totally accurate, there will be some BB floating around in the water but not enough to make a difference in a new tank, matter of factly it will most likely die in the cycle...
  4. pirahnah3

    Nls pellets

    I usually watch when I feed, I have plastic teaspoons that I leave in my jars (I have bought enough of the tall ones to do that now) and watch the fish eat, if they eat what I put in quickly then I add some more and watch again.
  5. pirahnah3

    The Morning Coffee

    See you just need to move the coffee pot to your desk. I moved one in one of my offices and it actually really helped me with the staff as I got to talk to them more as the manager, it also cut back on their 20min coffee breaks lol. I also agree that starsux stuff is just blech, Im more of a...
  6. pirahnah3

    Will these so-called ecological tank work?

    I think its a cool idea, and if your looking for a tank at your desk I think you could do some nice shrimp in it. Any shrimp (most likely only one type) would work other than say amano and bamboo off the top of my head. I have seen Bettas successfully housed in small containers, and its...
  7. pirahnah3

    Am I Insane?

    I like the barrel jar as well, my only question on them is what do you do with the cord? It kinda looks like the one at target has the cord in the lower portion, sealing that would be a pain, if im right. If you do the other one does the cord go into the jar at all or how is that handled?
  8. pirahnah3

    Lost my job, but all is well.

    Sorry to hear about the loss, but sometimes a door has to close on us to show us a better one. Good luck!
  9. pirahnah3

    A Great Schooling Fish with Angels?

    Lemon tetras would be good in that category. Could also do Gold Barbs.
  10. pirahnah3

    All new fish are dying in the QT within 24 hours

    Crazy thought, and I might have missed it, but what about using tank water in a diff setup? BTW is there any filtration at your house at all? water softeners or anything like that? Your tap pH seems a bit low to me is all.
  11. pirahnah3

    33g Long 2/12/13

    Great looking tank! makes me look forward to getting the kribs and young out of the tank and giving it the Redo it really deserves, these are such awesome tanks I love mine and wish I could find more!
  12. pirahnah3

    All new fish are dying in the QT within 24 hours

    the other way to do it is to remove the heater and leave the rest in the tank. If it was the heater youll know, if not you should get the same results. Thou I have seen failed heaters in tanks that were electrically charging the water and the fish were still ok. I would be leaning towards the...
  13. pirahnah3

    Automatic feeders

    I tend to leave mine for about a week at a time due to work travels, and they do just fine. they dont treat the food any different when its after a vacatoin of just the normal daily feeding. The longest was 9 days so far and I didnt lose a single fish. I have played with a few feeders over the...
  14. pirahnah3

    Nutrient Obsorbing Aquarium Plants

    I have my wisteria planted in some tanks, but it does seem to grow a bit faster floating. You can control it by just plain culling of the plants. I know quite a few on there that do that with duckweed on a REGULAR basis lol. I know others that grind it up into home made fish food, or others...
  15. pirahnah3

    Fun logic game!

    was the package carried by others...
  16. pirahnah3

    Nutrient Obsorbing Aquarium Plants

    most of your surface floating plants do a great job at taking up nutrients, duckweed, salvinia, frog bit. I personally like my wisteria and frog bit, but my blue eyed rainbows love the tank covered in salvinia.
  17. pirahnah3

    unknown pleco

    I agree, looks like a common to me, he could be older and very stunted too.
  18. pirahnah3

    Addicted to CO2?

    Corries are just crazy to begin with so you have to look at your base line for that line of thought.
  19. pirahnah3

    Cruelty to fish... call the ASPCA, seriously.

    oh wow....people will sell anything! I wouldnt let that near my tank, matter of fact one of my fish was swiming by in the tank behind me and just freaked out lol.
  20. pirahnah3

    Live plants

    I agree, most of your ferns and anubias are low light plants that do great. I have seen swords do ok in low light thou they do prefer med light usually. Also consider if your tank is near a window you can use the sun as additional light. You can also always add desk lamps or the like for added...

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