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  1. imba

    Question Tank Mates For Rcs In A 10 Gallon ?

    Sparkling gouramis will pick on the shrimp population, and they are prolific doing so too. Other options to consider are, Male endlers Clown killifish Rasbora maculatas (these are red tho)
  2. imba

    20 Gallon Stocking Ideas?

    After adding more corys, maybe do, 12 espei rasboras 2 honey gouramis
  3. imba

    Question Stocking Options For 48 Litre Tank.

    Agreed, tank is already fully stocked. There's not really any room left for more fish.
  4. imba

    New 10gal Stocking Questions

    Maybe instead of neons, you can go with some green neon tetras. They are smaller but look similar to neons
  5. imba

    10 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    A single Betta Or 5 male guppies Or 9 male endlers Or 14 chili rasboras
  6. imba

    Stocking A 20l (5 Gallon)

    White clouds would be better is 20g or larger. Especially 10 of them.
  7. imba

    New 20l + Fluval 107

    A 207 as a single filter would be better for a 20L. You can keep the 107 and add another HoB or sponge filter at the other corner of the 107 output to ensure more flow and surface agitation. That would be what I'd do. Having two filters is also safer if one fails.
  8. imba

    Question Stocking 6 Gallon Tank

    3 Sparkling gourami in a 6 gallon is pretty fully stocked I think. I wouldn't add any other fish. Amano shrimps would have the best chance of survival against the gouramis
  9. imba

    I Think I’m Over Feeding And....

    Try cutting down starting tomorrow. Feed once per day, then gradually, maybe once every 2 days. If the fishes are alive and well, continue doing so. You get to save some food and probably also save some time for maintainance too.
  10. imba

    I Think I’m Over Feeding And....

    Since you know you're overfeeding, why don't you cut it down? I only feed my community tank 3 times per week.
  11. imba

    Stocking Suggestions For New Planted Tank

    Two of the most common shrimp kept in community tanks are cherry shrimp and amano shrimp. Cherries are more colourful but amanos are more prolific algae eaters. If you go with cherries, any centrepiece largish fish is gonna try to prey on them or their shrimplets. But your tank is well planted...
  12. imba

    20 Gallon Setup And Stocking

    Stick with live plants. Even if you're new, go with easy low demand plants. They look much better and helps with water quality and ecosystem. For stocking here is an idea 6 peppered cories 15 green neon tetras 3 honey gouramis
  13. imba

    5.5 Gallon Tank What Fish

    The only schooling fish I'd get for a 5.5g would be micro rasboras, like the chili or strawberry rasboras. I feel even ember tetras are too active for a tank that small.
  14. imba

    20 Long Schooling Fish

    Espei rasboras Green neon tetras Rasbaora maculatas The above are some other options, with my favourite being the espei rasboras. It's nice to have some bottom dwellers, so I'd still get the ASC. Otherwise 8 to 10 corydoras habrosus would be a great choice too
  15. imba

    Ideas For A Centerpiece Fish For 20g

    The honey gourami is a good shout, I have one in my 20g. Another suggestion is a apistogramma borelli. They are ok with the temperature U have and more of a bottom half dweller, which might work better since you already have some tetras and Fabio's occupying the mid and top.
  16. imba

    Question Should I Clean Fish Poop From My Planted Tank?

    The stocking is indeed a squeeze for a 10g, but anyways, to answer the question, yes, siphon as much poop as you can see by hoovering over the substrate
  17. imba

    Tropica Soil Powder Vs Regular Tropica Soil

    I have small tanks and I use more of the powder aquasoil as the granules are much smaller and wouldn't look much better in a small tank. For my 20g, i used the regular sized aquasoil at the bottom, and cap it off with the powder aquasoil. The powder aquasoil is also much easier to plant into...
  18. imba

    Question Bloodworms

    If u can make the dried bloodworms sink, in sure the Amanos will eat them. Frozen food generally sink so it's easier for the shrimp to get.
  19. imba

    20 Gallon Stocking Advice

    10 pygmy corys 10 espei rasboras 2 honey gouramis
  20. imba

    Flourish Excel Vs. Yeast Co2 Questions

    Excel is more a algaecide instead of co2 replacement for plants really. If you want to run co2, might as well bite the bullet and invest in a proper co2 setup. Otherwise, a tank with low demand plants can also loon nice and lush.

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