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  1. shrimpforever777

    Plant Help!

    Need some plant advice. I got a big plant, it has huge roots and I had no clue that they would be this long lol I have 1 hour to plant it and some others and I am having a rough time doing so because I am short, have no tweezers and it's huge. Can I trim the roots without hurting the plant?
  2. shrimpforever777

    Question How To Feed Daphnia?

    Yeah, the only reason I am not too worried about it is it's a 55g. Lol I guess I am a relaxed fish keeper.
  3. shrimpforever777

    Question How To Feed Daphnia?

    ‍♀️ I stupidly dumped it in. I think I got ripped off too because I paid 5 bucks for azad bag of it and there weren't many in there at all. Oh well! I will be doing a waterchange on Monday so I think that the water will be alright? ‍♀️
  4. shrimpforever777

    Question How To Feed Daphnia?

    Here is my stupid question for the day, how do I feed live daphnia to my fish? Do I just dump the bag in?
  5. shrimpforever777

    Question Ramshorn Breeding Info.

    So, does this mean I sould get some baby rams? I want them to breed so badly!!!
  6. shrimpforever777

    Looking For: Various Items.

    Sweet pming you now! Thanks! Lol I'll message you.
  7. shrimpforever777

    Female Guppy With Rip In Tail

    You're welcome!
  8. shrimpforever777

    Female Guppy With Rip In Tail

    I had fake decorations for a while (and actually still have some) they can't be any sharper than those giant peices of dragonstone or the wood people add, it's really a matter of preference. Although some of the plastic plants do get a tad sharp, not all of them do. Love the tank by the way...
  9. shrimpforever777

    Big Bellied Danio

    Did you cycle the tank and use water conditioner? Sorry for the super beginner questions btw.
  10. shrimpforever777

    Longfin Bristlenose Plecos

    Please update us if your shipping works out!
  11. shrimpforever777

    Looking For: Various Items.

    Yes they are but I have them for breeding purposes, if you still need some when they breed I can let you know. I got them from fishcat on here I don't know if they are still selling though.
  12. shrimpforever777

    Starting A 125 Discus Tank.

    Oh! I'd love to keep discus someday! Have fun! 173]173]173]173]173]173]173]
  13. shrimpforever777

    Question So, It's The Begining Of My Plant Journey! I Have Some Questions!

    Update: Here is my progress so far! I only have one fake plant to replace and it will be replaced next week! My tank has zero ferts and no special lights, it's about as low tech as you can get but everything is thriving! The hornwort is going nuts and the subwasurtang actually survived!!
  14. shrimpforever777

    Looking For: Various Items.

    Looking for someone who has too many pest snails (especially ramshorns, rabbits or Japanese trapdoos), floating plants (red root floater, water lettuce, duckweed, giant duckweed, frogbit) or shrimp that didn't quite make the cut to sell that you'd be willing to part with if I paid shipping of...
  15. shrimpforever777

    Free Goldfish Fry, Hornwort, Water Lettuce

    Still have any water lettuce?
  16. shrimpforever777

    Free Blue Ramshorn Snails

    Thanks again for my awesome new buddies! 173]
  17. shrimpforever777

    Want To Sell Mystery Snails- Xenia,oh

    Yes but they are larger and I have a limited stock.
  18. shrimpforever777

    Want To Buy Red Root Floater

    Yeah, a pic would be great if possible!
  19. shrimpforever777

    Free Blue Ramshorn Snails

    Sweet! I definitely want to get some from you! I will PM you!
  20. shrimpforever777

    Want To Buy Red Root Floater

    I am looking to buy a handful of red root floater or, I am looking for someone who has too much and needs it gone. that's it. Just a nice sized handful of red root. "Pest" snails do not bother me at all, I love them! Well, that's about it, I know that the people on here are fair priced so I...

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