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  1. Sheldon13

    Question Mediterranean Geckos

    They are super cute :) I wouldn’t be able to euthanize I don’t think. I do give them fresh water daily and mist them and their substrate. They have half coco fiber and the other half is a mix of worm castings, coco fiber and leaf litter. I have in with them some springtails and white dwarf...
  2. Sheldon13

    Question Mediterranean Geckos

    They are currently in a very large bin (maybe 18”x32”) and there are 4 of them. I know you can’t have multiple males so I was planning on releasing any extras next Spring. They are all babies right now. I will get a terrarium for the permanent residents and maybe put it in my living room.
  3. Sheldon13

    Worm ID

    Yeah I can’t see a triangle head on them at all. I do majorly feed those tanks as I’m trying to increase reproduction in the snails. I will diet them for a while and see if it helps. Not even sure where they came from.
  4. Sheldon13

    Question Mediterranean Geckos

    But don’t they freeze? Where do they go? I live in Texas but we still have several freezing days in the Winter.
  5. Sheldon13

    Worm ID

    Got another pic
  6. Sheldon13

    Worm ID

    But wouldn’t planaria be predators? Or are they all predators? I have them in both of my snail tanks and I don’t want them eating baby snails.
  7. Sheldon13

    Bristlenose Pleco Breeding Diary

    I have many tanks, but don’t intentionally breed anything at the moment. My mystery snails have been getting it on and leaving me plenty of pink egg sacs so I’ve been hatching those out. I sometimes breed shrimp but don’t have any at the moment. I’ve never bred fish before. It seems hard to get...
  8. Sheldon13

    Want To Buy ISO full sized water lettuce

    What the title says ;)
  9. Sheldon13

    Want To Buy ISO cool looking mystery snails!!

    @Fishcat has purple! Just got 3 and they look great!
  10. Sheldon13

    Question Poly-Fil fiber fill vs. batting?

    Sweet! Good call!
  11. Sheldon13

    New pet

    Hi! I just wanted to stop by and say 7]3590]that your little gecko without a tail is so cute!!! My kitty cat is missing part of her tail so I have a soft spot.
  12. Sheldon13

    What substrate should I use for gecko?

    I kinda like using ABG or a Mix of peat moss and coconut fiber. I add in Springtails and dwarf white isopods to keep the mild and mildew at bay.
  13. Sheldon13

    Question Mediterranean Geckos

    They are an invasive species where I live. So, I figured there was no harm in snagging a few of the babies for pets. It got me thinking though, where to they go in the Winter? Do they hibernate? There are no bugs for them to eat so if they don’t hibernate wouldn’t they starve?
  14. Sheldon13

    The dreaded end...

    Dropsy is a terrible thing to witness. Lucky fish he has you to send him off peacefully.
  15. Sheldon13

    Question Poly-Fil fiber fill vs. batting?

    I’ve never used it for filters but I do sew so I’m familiar with both products. I’m thinking the batting won’t be as effective because the folds created will allow gaps. Won’t hurt anything to try though. Might still be enough to solve your cloudiness problem.
  16. Sheldon13

    My fish just died

    “Cheeto” is such a sweet name to bestow a little danio girl. RIP Cheeto
  17. Sheldon13

    A Beginners 55 - Aka My 2nd Big Mistake

    LUV your betta!
  18. Sheldon13

    Bristlenose Pleco Breeding Diary

    I didn’t know they sat on them. Cool!
  19. Sheldon13

    Worm ID

    Yeah I can’t get magnified enough to tell head shape.
  20. Sheldon13

    What are these things in my tank?

    If they are daphnia, or even ostracods or copepods, your betta will love the snack.

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