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  1. Faytaya

    Fish Supplier Parameters Vs Home Aquarium

    Yup. I'd vote to acclimate slowly. Fish can get used to pollutants and a sharp drop might shock them.
  2. Faytaya

    Help Lethargic Betta

    If you do move him, make sure you acclimate slowly. My baby died of PH shock. Make sure your water parameters don't fluctuate, bettas are really sensitive to it.
  3. Faytaya

    Trying Again With A New Betta

    Hello. So I've decided I want to take up the mantle of caring for another betta. Cali, my baby, died of PH shock...something that wound up being a painful lesson for me in how sensitive bettas are to water parameter fluctuations. With this in mind, I want to ask if drip acclimation is a must...
  4. Faytaya

    I Don't Understand...

    I'm beginning to suspect PH shock myself. We moved to a house under a different water district. He didn't get sick until I did my weekly maintenance... More than a month
  5. Faytaya

    I Don't Understand...

    My tank is cycled. My khuli loaches are healthy. I have a blackwater tank...and my betta is dead. I did water changes, added almond leaf...was I too late? What happened? Is it my tap water? If it was, the khulis are more sensitive...they should have gotten sick first. My ammonia read at .25, but...
  6. Faytaya

    Lethargy And No Signs Of Disease

    I need to check my tap. Thank you for your response
  7. Faytaya

    Lethargy And No Signs Of Disease

    What is the water volume of the tank? 5 Gal How long has the tank been running? A few months Does it have a filter? Yes. 1 whisper internal and 1 sponge filter Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 77*F What is the entire stocking of this tank? 2 khuli loaches, 1 nerite...
  8. Faytaya

    Rainbow Film In Betta Tank

    That is biofilm. You need more surface agitation. Try an airstone for good measure. Protein skimmers with a baffle are a more expensive option, but none are made to fit a 5 gal. You'd probably have to diy one. For now, turn off your filter, then drop a few paper towels over the film and sop it...
  9. Faytaya

    New Aquarium Cycle - High Nitrites

    I would if I were you. That's what I had to do.
  10. Faytaya

    New Aquarium Cycle - High Nitrites

    It can hurt them, but it's nothing a quick water change won't fix. It's just part of maintenance
  11. Faytaya

    Am I Overstocked

    Because of your filtration I'd say you're safe-ish, but I personally would change more water every week. Plus I don't think a clown pleco fits in a 29, though I could be wrong. Even bristlenose need a 35 gal long to be happy.
  12. Faytaya

    Question Sudden Ph Jump

    Do you know if it's made out of any rock or coral, ect? If it's plain plastic, I'd do what @kallililly1973 suggests and test your tap.
  13. Faytaya

    Question Sudden Ph Jump

    No expert, but a few questions so others may better help: ) what decorations are in your tank? ) what substrate are you using? ) what ferts are you dosing?
  14. Faytaya

    New Aquarium Cycle - High Nitrites

    I had a similar situation to yours in my 5 gallon. The bacteria in the eco complete are as of yet unestablished, and have no 'home's yet, so to speak. Your readings are gonna be all over the place for a while. I had high nitrites and a nitrate reading as well. Nothing wrong, just final phase...
  15. Faytaya

    Question Sponge Filter

    I'd go with the above suggestion. Sponge filters only address bio-filtration, so there will be no way for mechanical filtration and water polishing to take place without an accompanying canister or HOB. They work well together ime.
  16. Faytaya

    Question Fish-in Cycling, Water Changes To Reduce Ammonia?

    It takes a few months to cycle a tank. Condition the water with a double dose of PRIME with a water change every other day to reduce ammonia and bind what remains for up to 48 hrs. Honestly, while fish in is considered by many to be cruel, it's one of the only ways to get consistent ammonia...
  17. Faytaya

    Help/advice On A Community Tank

    I'd look into dwarf cories so that you can really hit that school of 6 sweet spot without overstocking. Khuli loaches are another, cleaner choice of schooling bottom dweller with a low bioload.
  18. Faytaya

    First Tank Is There Any Suggestions On Improvements?

    Amanos are bigger and harder to bully. Plus they're one of the easier types to keep from what I know.
  19. Faytaya

    First Tank Is There Any Suggestions On Improvements?

    They're schooling fish. You'd need at least 6. That would put you at an overstocked tank.
  20. Faytaya

    First Tank Is There Any Suggestions On Improvements?

    Where I'm at it's all online. Amazon, online fish stores, ect. Just look it up in google and you'll fi d it.

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