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  1. RSababady

    Filter Not Changed For 3 Years

    I clean my external canister filters twice a year. Since I have two on my 120g tank, I clean one out every 3 months. The one with a pre-filter is never clogged up. The second one has a water surface cleaner, and it tends to be get clogged up with a greasy grime (mainly protein from uneaten food.
  2. RSababady

    Help Bought Filter 2 Weeks Ago And Cloudy Water?

    It varies...... you can also try to squeeze some of the dirt from existing media in your other tank to get some BB in the new filter - again. Are you testing your water? What are the parameters for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, pH?
  3. RSababady

    Two Hobs Vs One

    Just keep in mind a couple of things: 1. Gas i.e. Co2 and O2 exchange occurs at the surface of the water. So as long as you have a clear surface with water movement, you do not need bubbles 2. If you are sucking in water from the bottom of the tanks with your filters and the water return is at...
  4. RSababady

    Question Ideas To Cut Down Maintenance?

    This would be a good option. I also use ceramic tiles on the bottom of one of my tanks - gives a nice look and very easy to keep clean. Ceramic tiles are just baked clay, so they are neutral chemically and can be bought in different colors and patterns to meet your needs and taste. Not easy to...
  5. RSababady

    What Are These On My Water Wisteria

    Are you referring to the black beard algae or to the white spots on the underside of the leaves - cannot tell from thepic. The white spots look like air bubbles from a an stone or from just excess light and high photosynthesis levels. The black hair stuff is algae and that needs addressing...
  6. RSababady

    Java Fern Diseased?

    Hi - let me see if I can shed some light on those egg looking things. When Java fern considers the water favourable, it grows by sending out new shoots that detach themselves and anchor on to something else. However when Java fern feels threatened by the water conidtions it produces these clack...
  7. RSababady

    Help Found Some Stringy Poo In Two Of My Fish

    I like that idea. I use a pre-filter on the intake of one of my canister filters - this catches all the muck and thus I only open my canisters for cleaning every 6 months and is an easy clean without having to open the main filter unit. Don't want to hijack the post, but this is an idea to...
  8. RSababady

    Comment by 'RSababady' in media '33 G freshwater aquarium'

    colourful - nice. Had to twist my laptop sideways by 90 degrees to watch the video, but all the same - nice tank :)
  9. RSababady

    Bloated Pleco Or Egg Bound?

    That is a good question. I have to feed mine with Tropical green algae waffers with ketapang leaves because I don't actually have driftwood in my tanks - I have mangrove roots in my tank - and this does not provide what the plecos need - I lost several plecos before I realised this.
  10. RSababady

    Corydoras Photos

    Parked for the night!
  11. Cories parked for the night

    Cories parked for the night

    My friends parked themselves for the cool. I wonder if they are EVs charging by the wall ;)?
  12. RSababady

    How Long Can Water Pump Run Off Battery

    Rivermonester - just out of interest, why are you using a set up like this? Do you not have access to 240V straight of the grid?
  13. RSababady

    Hello, I'm Rofish

    Very nice RoFish! That curved tank looks absolutely fantastic. Suggest you fill in the details of what tank, filter etc you have in your profile. That will help people understand your setup when responding to questions. Have fun. This is a GREAT place to be for those in the fish keeping hobby.
  14. RSababady

    20 Gallon Tank Can I Add Fish Yet?

    Not yet. There are ways to deal with small amounts of ammonia in tap water - Prime will neutralise the ammonia for a short period. If the ammonia level in your tap water is low, then your filter will together with Prime handle it. The tank isn't cycled completely. There is something producing...
  15. RSababady

    Co2 And Airstones Together?

    Yes is the short answer. When using CO2 in a tank, there are tow things to keep in mind. CO2 gets used by the plants but also gets exchanged into the air at the water surface. Airstones create bubbles not to add O2 to the water, but to agitate the water surface. The more agitation you have the...
  16. RSababady

    How Long Can Water Pump Run Off Battery

    From a purely theoretical point of view, what you have is: 1. 50ah in the battery x12V = 6000Wh 2. 20Wh of pump usage So theoretically you will have 300hrs of pump time. However there are two things that reduce this simplified calculation change dramatically: 1. you need to convert 12v to 240...
  17. RSababady

    Ammonia Concerns

    Sounds good - remember to rinse the filter media in tank water during a wc. Do not use tap water as this will kill the bacteria in your filter. At 0.025, I would not be concerned, as long as the tank is cycled as all test have a certain amount of accuracy. Just stick to one set of test to...
  18. RSababady

    Best White Spot Treatment - Uk/europe

    Good question - sorry to hear you are having to go through this challenge. 1. If you have caught it early enough, and I think this is the case, separate the fish in a hospital tank. Make sure you have no substrate as you will need to vacuum the bottom on a daily basis during the water change to...
  19. RSababady

    Problem Cycling

    I have no experience with saltwater tanks, but I watched the video - Brilliant. This should be a must watch for everyone who wants to move from fresh to salt water fish keeping.

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