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  1. Elkwatcher

    Back in business... more Bolivian fry.

    Thank you for that direction! Over the pond brine shrimp eggs are like gold. ;)
  2. Elkwatcher

    Back in business... more Bolivian fry.

    How much should I hatch per feeding in dry egg measure eg.. 1 tsp eggs or less per hatch? I so appreciate your help @coralbandit! Thank you for the link, I have concerns that the shipping and duty might prohibit me getting eggs from Brine Shrimp Direct as I am in Canada. Found this outlet...
  3. Elkwatcher

    Back in business... more Bolivian fry.

    Today I found that the latest spawn from my breeding pair of Bolivians is free swimming. This time I'm better prepared, starting a brine shrimp hatchery and have Hikari First Bites on hand. I have a l litre water bottle hatchery in a heated quarantine tank ( I can set up 2 ) figuring I could...
  4. Elkwatcher

    Question Questions about feeding vegetables

    This article feels that adding sugar to the tank could cause an algae bloom and any fruit used is to be done with care...
  5. Elkwatcher

    Wild plant

    Spreads by underground runners, normally hard to get rid of in the ground.
  6. Elkwatcher

    DoubleDutch's tanks and fishies

    Love viewing your tanks @DoubleDutch
  7. Elkwatcher

    Comment by 'Elkwatcher' in media 'Black Mustard.jpg'

    What a looker!
  8. Elkwatcher

    Wild-life photos

    Rainy day, the babies were getting wet. :happy:
  9. Elkwatcher

    Question Snails popping up in tank. What are they

    Put in a piece of blanched zucchini, if you can, elastic band it to something that will keep it sunk like the photo below. The snails will congregate on it if you leave it overnight for a day or so. Then just lift it out and dispose. Ramshorns will populate more if you are overfeeding, feed...
  10. Elkwatcher

    Didn’t cycle tank

    Is your driftwood real or fake, it could also cause a bit of opaqueness if it is leaching any tannins.
  11. Elkwatcher

    Aquaclear Filter Questions

    I have an older Aquaclear with a propeller that rattles, even after I replaced it with a new one. I just unplug it and replug and that stops it until the next time it's off for cleaning or tank water changes. Sometimes the lids will vibrate as well, just make sure they are on securely.
  12. Elkwatcher

    Hello everyone Shafqat here. New in the forum.

    Hello and Welcome :)
  13. Elkwatcher

    October 2019 - Forum Upgrade Issues

    The site is evolving nicely.. I'm getting more used to it. Thanks Mike!
  14. Elkwatcher

    Water Change Frequency

    50% weekly except the shrimp tank... 10% Rinse filters in tank water alternately every few weeks, I'm amazed how dirty they get.
  15. Elkwatcher

    Let’s Talk Photography!

    @SaltyPhone How long have you had this photogenic Betta? ;)
  16. Elkwatcher

    Let’s Talk Photography!

    @SaltyPhone I love a good horseface! I try to use the rule of thirds and never put anything in the middle, it works for me. Also different POV's can make for interesting compositon, shooting under, over, getting down on the floor level with your subject... I think I'll give that one up soon...
  17. Elkwatcher

    October 2019 - Forum Upgrade Issues

    I miss the "winner icon" it was a great way to show the post or information was right on. Personally I find the love eye's on a smiley sort of childish, would rather just see a heart symbol.
  18. Elkwatcher

    October 2019 - Forum Upgrade Issues

    The arrow doesn't do anything. This morning on the Wild Life posting thread there were only little squares to hover over, not the option line with the fonts, smilies, inserts etc. Just letting you know to help.
  19. Elkwatcher

    Wild-life photos

    How can one not appreciate this Paradise, it is like an artist's palette. :happy: It's unfortunate there is no "winner" icon anymore.. I "agree" with Cold&warm we want our agree button back....must we go on strike lol!
  20. Elkwatcher

    Help What fish is this?

    My giant danio's didn't show much colour when they were younger. That's how I acquired my G.D's as well and thought at first they were mosquito's! :D

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