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  1. Rbacchiega

    New Tank

    could you get a picture of the skimmer?
  2. Rbacchiega

    Upgrading tank size...

    There are ways to go about just transferring fish, but it's always at a risk. Look for a product called Stability by Seachem. I was able to move things from a 125 gallon into my 8foot tank (just under 400 gallons) after filling it the day before. I followed the suggested dosing and didn't...
  3. Rbacchiega

    New Tank

    to add on to what Travie said...replace bio-balls (if present) with more live rock. You can never have too much live rock LOL. What kind of skimmer is it? In line? In sump? That will determine how you set it up. Are you thinking of transferring everything over? Or just going with a second SW...
  4. Rbacchiega

    stocking ideas for 29 gallon biocube

    chromis will do better in a larger tank as they are a schoaling fish who enjoy swim space...but the clowns would do well
  5. Rbacchiega

    power head?

    you can have too much on what you're keeping in your tank. Are there any corals in there? If you are overly worried about it you can angle the nozzle so there is more surface aggitation than anything
  6. Rbacchiega

    Question Nano Reef Tanks

    First decide what type of corals you'll want to keep and then go from there in terms of lighting. Although the one that is linked does come with cooling fan, it's really simple to modify it so that it runs even cooler. Also, if run on a timer, you shouldn't have to worry too much about...
  7. Rbacchiega

    old live rock

    use it as base rock or scape rock..depending on where it works best in your tank. you'll still need to buy some fresh live rock though in order to get the process started
  8. Rbacchiega

    what water

    What size of tank? before I got my R/O unit I would buy 5 gallon buckets of RO water from the store...but save up..get one. The corallife ro unit comes with an adaptro that you can just screw onto your tap when you need it's not all that permanint
  9. Rbacchiega

    I feel so cheated......and clueless

    As pointed out already, my guess is that you're having issues due to the canister filter. Although SW tanks have successfully been set up using them, they are more trouble than anything. So, is your tank more or less cycled now? I'd add in at least another 30lbs of rock (generally you want...
  10. Rbacchiega

    stocking ideas for 29 gallon biocube

    depends on what you want the focus of your tank to be.. I like nanos where people notice the corals before the fish.. Personally, I'd keep a jaw fish, maybe a clown goby, cleaner shrimp, 4-5 trochus snails, 5 blue legged (or fairy) hermit crabs and a 6 line wrasse. that will keep the tank...
  11. Rbacchiega

    Inherited salt water tank

    Here in calgary in my upstairs tank (120 gallons) with the MH being on only 6 hours a day during warm summer days I can still reach up to 83* (chiller now installed maintains it at a constant 79*) the basements w/o chillers but with MH bulbs my tanks seem to stay between 76* and 80*
  12. Rbacchiega

    Care for firefish?

    oops, guess I should have read the tank're right, in a 10, one or a mated pair...I've succesfully kept a group of 8 in a 50...they were the only fish in the tank and kept easy corals (mainly mushrooms and other softies)
  13. Rbacchiega

    stocking ideas for 29 gallon biocube

    Are you going to be keeping the bio cube stock? as in not changing the pump or lighting system? If that's the case, try sticking with mushrooms and other softies. not only are they easier to keep corals, but they dont' require a huge ammount of light either.
  14. Rbacchiega

    Tunze nano skimmer in a 29 g Oceanic Biocube

    Oceanic actually makes skimmers that fit in the back sections and under the hoods without any sort of mods.... I've always just kept up with water changes though...
  15. Rbacchiega

    Care for firefish?

    Actually, they'll do better in small groups. Feel safer in numbers.
  16. Rbacchiega

    Inherited salt water tank

    Does the tank have an overflow/sump system? The easiest way to cool the tank would be to buy a couple computer fans (you're getting alot of the heat from the metal halides) and have them run across the tank.. Or, a more expensive, but in the long run, more effective way, is to look at...
  17. Rbacchiega

    SW Equipment

    you could also look at ordering online...usually you'll pay half of what you see in retail stores...
  18. Rbacchiega

    What do you want??

    on a side note...the best christmas commercial on right now has a little boy (7 maybe?) opening up a doll, some pink stuff etc and then it cuts to the kid writting a note "Dear Santa, Kelly is a boys name too" PRICELESS
  19. Rbacchiega

    Whats growing on my Live rock

    actually the copperbands don't. There's an article in Reef Keepers Magazine (I'll see if I cna find a link) where it gives two or three species of butterfly fish that don't dine on corals assuming you keep your tank well fed. I've had a butterfly in the 8 foot reef for nearly a year and...

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