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  1. Aqua 59

    Aqua 59 Interview

    I am eleven now, but have been fish keeping off-and-on since I was six or seven.
  2. Aqua 59

    Who Wants To Be Interviewed?

    I'm in!
  3. Aqua 59

    Tank Plans

    Cool- I might do some of those. Are they safe with dwarf shrimps? Also, if I didn't add any gouramis, would the tank be able to have a small school of glass catfishes?
  4. Aqua 59

    Tank Plans

    Can you recommend any other fishes that would get along and not be too much bio-load?
  5. Aqua 59

    Pink Jewel Clam

    Hello everybody, I was looking at clams today and saw one labeled as "pink jewel". It is very pale whitish-pink. I might be willing to set up a separate tub just for them. Has anyone ever seen or heard of these clams? Any care advice or precautions? Also, do you know any other places that sell...
  6. Aqua 59

    Angelfish Acting Weird

    Did you test parameters? And condition the water before adding it into the aquarium? It sounds like they are stressed- did you do anything different to their tank before/after the water change?
  7. Aqua 59

    Really Cloudy Water

    Does the water smell foul? If not, give it a couple days to clear up.
  8. Aqua 59

    Orange Dwarf Crayfish Info

    I think it would be just asking for trouble- an aggressive, brightly colored-fish with trailing fins and a crayfish that loves to snatch and eat (or at least try to eat) stuff. I am not completely sure about dwarf crays and betta compatibility- maybe @Fanatic can help you with that one.
  9. Aqua 59

    Orange Dwarf Crayfish Info

    Dwarf crays should be okay with fast-moving, larger fishes. They may eat smaller or slow-moving ones. Shrimp are generally easier to breed and more colorful- but crays are usually hardier. Good luck!
  10. Aqua 59

    Male Or Female Guppy?

    I would say it's a male, but I could be wrong. Good luck- maybe @chromedome52 can help you.
  11. Aqua 59

    Rehoming A Snail Post Disease

    I think he should recover in the critter-keeper for a while- do some more water changes in the betta tank and soon you should be able to add the snail.
  12. Aqua 59

    Frogs For Creek?

    Are you adding them to your aquarium? Or adding more of the same kind to the creek?
  13. Aqua 59

    Tank Plans

    Yes, 11 guppies total As for the guppie's gender- I don't really care which one is the male(s), so i'll just see what the seller (haven't found one yet) wants to do.
  14. Aqua 59

    Tank Plans

    Okay, well since BottomDweller suggested more (eight) pygmies, I might do that. Would the guppies get along then?
  15. Aqua 59

    Tank Plans

    So here's my stocking idea for a 29-gallon long aquarium: One blue mosaic guppy One purple mosaic guppy One pink rose tuxedo guppy Three mixed-color delta guppies One each of black, blue, and purple Moscow guppies (three total) One metallic yellow guppy One platinum red flame-tail guppy Five...
  16. Aqua 59

    Plans For A Diy Aquarium Stand

    What kind of wood did you make it our of?
  17. Aqua 59

    What Are These Plants?

    Unfortunately, both of these plants are not aquatic. They would do well in a terrarium or pot. Good luck!
  18. Aqua 59

    What Exactly Is This??

    It looks like filter media- media used to culture/grow helpful bacteria.
  19. Aqua 59

    Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Care

    Could I keep them in a large kritter-keeper till I get my larger tank(s) sealed off?
  20. Aqua 59

    Cichlid Pronunciation

    How is "Cichlid" pronounced? I have heard it as "SICK-LID"- is this correct? Thank you!

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