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  1. BReefer97

    What substrate should I use for gecko?

    Use EcoEarth. I have dozens of enclosures and every single one of them has EcoEarth as the base substrate (I mix in some reptibark and sand to keep it from clumping up and sticking together). A healthy gecko will not get impacted from EcoEarth, they should be able to pass it no problem. The only...
  2. BReefer97

    New pet

    I would use spring water, yes (: but I personally just use tap water that I’ve conditioned. The hard water stains do build up but I’ve found it does that no matter what water I use so I just use the rough side of a sponge to wipe it off and then dry it with a paper towel.
  3. BReefer97

    New pet

    He looks perfectly fine! When it’s more humid they’ll fire up and their colors will appear darker, when it’s a bit drier they’ll fire down and look more dull. Sometimes they will fire up when they’re stressed but that usually happens when they’re around another gecko. They’ll also look grey and...
  4. BReefer97

    New pet

    Crested geckos actually are not nocturnal as previously believed! They’re considered “crepuscular,” meaning they’re mostly active during sun down and sunrise (twilight hours). It’s normal for them not to eat for the first few days of being in a new enclosure. I personally haven’t had a good...
  5. BReefer97

    New pet

    He is a partial pinstripe harlequin (: What that means is he has almost a full pinstripe down his dorsal, and the harlequin means he has patterning on his sides and feet. Super great looking gecko to find at a commercial pet store like that! If you have any questions or concerns about care...
  6. BReefer97

    I found a mantis

    It looks like it :(
  7. BReefer97

    I found a mantis

    On average 100-200 babies. You can keep a few and release the rest. Once they first hatch though their bodies are really soft so do not touch them for the first 24-48 hours. Baby mantises eat itty bitty bugs like fruit flies; you can buy a culture of flightless fruit flies at most pet stores...
  8. BReefer97

    I found a mantis

    How many segments does it have on its belly? Females have 6 segments and males have 8. The second picture makes me think it’s female because it looks really plump and may be weak because they don’t eat whenever they’re getting ready to lay their egg sacks. Either way, it’s at the end of its road...
  9. BReefer97

    Question Cannabis Leaves

    Hmmm. Well mammals, birds and fish all have CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. The leaves are full of vitamins, minerals and cannabinoids. They’re particularly rich in phytocannabinoids CBDA and CBG, which is good for inflammation and pain relief. Those cannabinoids don’t need to be...
  10. BReefer97

    Fluval Spec V Aquascape Tips + Advice?

    What fish are you planning on keeping? There are some “modifications” you may have to make depending on what your stock is. Regardless of what the stock is though I would put a screen over the bottom half of your filter sponge to cover the small intake slit near the bottom of the tank. I’ve had...
  11. BReefer97

    Individual Pictures Of The 5 Shelled Reptiles

    I think your map turtle is a little boy! Just guessing based on that beautiful long tail (: the yellow belly slider is gorgeous as well! I mean they all are, but the yellow pattern on her face is awesome. I’ve seen a lot of YBS with very little patterning on the face.
  12. BReefer97

    Help Pothos Plant

    I stuck mine in a piece of driftwood I was never able to get to sink. I tied the wood to my lid with fishing string and stuck the pothos in. You may just be taking bad cuttings, not all propagations work. I had a lot of mine rot away like this. I had better luck pulling up a vine of pothos...
  13. BReefer97

    Help Leopard Gecko Puke

    That’s totally good practice! Though I would skip out on lettuce because that has no nutritional value. Otherwise carrots are great, I use them for all of my feeders. I wouldn’t say it makes a difference in the amount of fat/protein your gecko is getting, but instead your gecko is getting all...
  14. BReefer97

    Help Leopard Gecko Puke

    I would just stop taking her out of the tank for a little while after she eats. I would also suggest trying another pet store for crickets or ask your local one to get small ones in your you. Mealworms are really high in fat and they’re not the greatest daily feeder, she may be having trouble...
  15. BReefer97

    Help Leopard Gecko Puke

    Was she in her enclosure when she did it this time or were you holding her? •What are you feeding, •how much, •how often, and •what time of day? Also what is the temperature on the hot side? It sounds like it may not be hot enough for her to digest her meals so she’s throwing them up because...
  16. BReefer97

    Mystery Snail An Pleco

    Yeah they probably would. Mystery snails in particular like a good protein based meal.
  17. BReefer97

    Fire Belly Toads

    It’s probably okay with one but they are a social species and really do enjoy company (: most frog species do.
  18. BReefer97

    Aquarium Salt And Plants?

    It’s 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons. I don’t think salt would harm your plants at all but consistent use of salt in an aquarium is actually not all that beneficial and can be more stressful than useful. Using it once a month would probably be the best bet. I just wouldn’t be adding salt with every...
  19. BReefer97

    Question Hermanns-tortoise

    Oh I know it. My room is like a darn sauna because of all the humid species I keep haha. But daaang, that’s a lot of betta tanks! How many hours a week is maintenance on all of that? I have one 5 gallon tank with just some ember tetras and I can barely keep up with it. I’ve honestly considered...
  20. BReefer97

    5.5 Gallon Toad Tank

    Heater may take up a lot of space but maybe an under the tank heat mat hooked up to a thermostat would work?

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