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  1. CaptAnnDuchow

    Free Gold Mystery And Ramshorn Snails

    I am out at the moment. Will update when available
  2. CaptAnnDuchow

    Does My Snail Need Calcium Sup?

    I have a lot of my snails in the 65g also and a lot in the 20g i do see more activity in the 20g than the 65g.
  3. CaptAnnDuchow

    Does My Snail Need Calcium Sup?

    I use tums in my snail tank also. I have neber heard the growing too big for shell theory but i guess it is possible. I also feed snello, algae wafers and a snail mix i buy in amazon and once a week i give zucchini blanched. All snails doing great.
  4. CaptAnnDuchow

    Important Any Ideas What’s Going On Here

    Are they moving fast and kinda jigging a bit?
  5. CaptAnnDuchow

    Need Advice Changing From Gravel To Sand

    PICS when done. I love seeing others ideas...then stealing them lol
  6. CaptAnnDuchow

    Why I Love My Fish...

    They don't leave hair on EVERYTHING!
  7. CaptAnnDuchow

    Need Advice Changing From Gravel To Sand

    I emptied mine until i only had about 2in water. It made it easier for me.
  8. CaptAnnDuchow

    New Pea Puffers!

    Cool names. These are my Bonnie and Clyde lol. I shoukd get some puffers to elimante my snail issue. Keep us posted how they do and easy of care please!
  9. CaptAnnDuchow

    Need Advice Changing From Gravel To Sand

    As far as changing substrate it is a pain but worth it i love the sand. Just empty the tank scoop out the gravel and add very well rinsed sand . put a plate in the tank and pour your water onto that so you dont disburb the sand too much. And fish can go in minutes after the prime.
  10. CaptAnnDuchow

    How Do I Clean This Old Rusted Over Tank

    You're gunna need LOTS of cleaning supplies and elbow grease and patients. You can use basically any cleaner to get them good and clean as long as you rinse until the cows come home. I would also reseal them before use. And water test to be sure it holds up. Before moving in the house.
  11. CaptAnnDuchow

    Re-decorating My 53 Gallon Tank!

    I like the more natural tank better. A few more plants and you're set IMO
  12. CaptAnnDuchow

    Just My Tanks Diary!

    Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie has grown a LOT. If it wasn't for her red belly i would have troubles at times. Bonnie: top pic,... Clyde: bottom pic
  13. CaptAnnDuchow

    Root Tabs?

    I use BDBS and thrive C caps and thrive complete and my plants take over.
  14. CaptAnnDuchow

    Help Guppies Dying Don't Know Why

    Can you attach a photo. Maybe someone can see something you're not seeing.
  15. CaptAnnDuchow

    Free Gold Mystery And Ramshorn Snails

    Still have lots of snails available.
  16. CaptAnnDuchow

    Want To Buy Red Ramshorn Snails

    I have these for free. Just pay the shipping of 7.90. I also have blues.
  17. CaptAnnDuchow

    Question Nerite Snails Disappeared

    I couldn't find mine for almost a month and assumed was gone. I redid my tank and found him hiding. Yours may have escaped or may be playing hide and seek.
  18. CaptAnnDuchow

    Just My Tanks Diary!

    I have a new one now. I couldn't do anything last night with the petstores being closed. It is running with the old filter on it until tomorrow, then put the fry into the new 20g long, Bonnie and Clyde in their 20g long with the horde of snails ,then the blood parrots in the 46g bow i sealed...
  19. CaptAnnDuchow

    Humidity And Snail Clutches!

    Maybe too much humidity. They need to stat moist but too moist and they will rot. I have just the glass lid and left it at that and never an issue.
  20. CaptAnnDuchow

    Help Leaking Tank Now Im In Trouble

    True lol. I was only wondering because it was guppies and corys and kuhlis in 20g and now im only moving blood parrots. But they have the highest bioload and are kinda being bullies lately.

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