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    Alqae Bloom!

    Update: I just noticed that one of the female guppies now has visible Columnaris on the mouth and her scales. I’m thinking it’s possible stress from after she gave birth and introducing new fish. I got three new fish about three weeks ago and two died in 1-2 weeks! I’m going to order Furan 2 to...
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    Alqae Bloom!

    Thanks for the help. The light is on 6-7 hours a day for the plants as I cut the time down from 8 already. I don’t understand.
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    Alqae Bloom!

    Lately, my 5 gallon tank has been flourishing with nice healthy plants and some guppy babies! However, cleaning algae off the glass everyday doesn’t help my love my tank as much as I should. How can you get rid of all that algae? It’s just everywhere!
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    Help Me Pick Out Aquarium Plants!

    I already have anubias nana, anubias barteri, anubias afzeli, Java ferns, water wisteria, amazon swords, and micro swords. I know it’s a lot already and I could use clippings of water wisteria, but what else should I get to put in a 3.5 gallon as it only has anubias barteri and anubias afzeli in it.
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    Stock My 29 Gallon Tank!

    I’d do some German Blue Rams with neon tetras or Cardinal Tetras. That would look so cool!
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    Bug In Tank, Help.

    You should bet it out as it can overtake the tank if it lays eggs!
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    Why Are My Anubias And Java Ferns Losing Leaves?

    Are you covering the rizhomes? It’s where all the nutritional matter goes into the plant and if it is covered, your plant will lack nutrients.
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    Tank Temp Fell To 72... Is That Bad?

    Leaving him in his home would be fine as the temperature will gradually get warmer rather than stressing him out from switching tanks.
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    Does My Betta Have Ich?

    Nope! Luckily there is no visible ich!
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    Question What Type Of Betta Do I Have?

    He looks like a blue marble to me! I had one that looked just like that who I named Scrump!
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    Enriching A Betta's Life

    I especially recommend live foods to hunt as it copies their surroundings if they were in the wild! Just don’t put too much because they can cause ammonia spikes if the uneaten ones die. I also recommend trying to put a mirror near it sometimes!
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    Betta Sorority Warning

    I’ve tried that and it’s absolutely amazing. The fungus my Betta got was gone in 3 days of treatment but I made sure to do the full week but man did it work well. I also used it when my guppies got ich! I have to say, WHAT A LIFE SAVER! They all survived and even gave birth to about 30 babies...
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    Question Am I Feeding My Betta Enough?

    Yep that schedule sounds great I usually fast two times a week as when my Betta who passed away used to be just generally bloated necause he was lazy. Too much food made him have to wait a while to eat again and he would stop swimming because of his chubbyness, laziness and anger of no food...
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    My Betta Killed My Mystery Snails

    To keep the Betta away from mystery snails try to keep him active with a mirror or even some live food to chase after. They are healthy and get the Betta to exercise.
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    Important Tumor On Betta?

    That’s sounds about right. It looked like a tumor just starting but under it there may have been a fungal infection that induced the tumor. Keep doing water changes and treating your tanks and then you should be good!
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    Question Veil Or Spade Tail Female Betta

    Well said! That puts in a much easier way to understand. I also agree, I believe that female is a veiltail but has a spade shaped tail!
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    My 5 Gallon Tank!

    My guppies and endlers!
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    Help Red Streaks On Black Skirt Tetras - Now Worse

    Um that actually sadly does look like it might be red spot now that I see it better. I’m not an expert so I don’t know for sure because I’ve never had this problem but it does look like red spot, sorry.
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    Help Red Streaks On Black Skirt Tetras - Now Worse

    Well first off, I see a couple ich spots on that fish in the photo so I think you need to start treating for ich. I feel that maybe the red isn’t red spot disease but I can’t tell because the picture isn’t too clear.

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