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    Very handsome!!!
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    How To Increase Membership At An Aquarium Club?

    Ever thought of opening membership up across state lines? I know that may sound nutty, but in central NC there are no aquarium groups anywhere. It is very disappointing to say the least for me. I would love to be a part if a group of like minded aquarists.:)
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    20 Gallon Tank Does This Look Safe?

    I would do the plywood platform on the solid base. Your support must be on the corners. If your tank springs a leak it will be at a corner over 90% of the time. The plywood will support the siliconed corners/joints.
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    Cichlids, Derby Uk

    Ahhhh I see your across the pond! I think shipping would be tremendous.....:confused:
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    Cichlids, Derby Uk

    Where are you located?
  6. Charlie’s Dad

    Tidal Size For 46g

    You can't over filter your water. Filtration is the name of the game. The more BB colonies you have the healthier your water will be and fish. Alternate filter maintenance and you won't be over working yourself. I run two filters on all of our tanks.:)
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    Mack and Donald flipin a trick!!!
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    Question Penn Plax 1200 For 75 Gallon Tank. Will It Work?

    After filling your canister with media components your gph is going to be cut in about half. Which would be about 157 gph. That would only turn your water over about twice an hour. All I have read says 3/4 times for optimal results. I personally have a canister and a large hob on my 75...
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    A modern day Apple Dumpling Gang....
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    Upgraded To Aquaclear Hob - Got One Beef

    We are all in the boat and seasick at times!!! Lol
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    Upgraded Filter, How Long To Run Both

    I would run both for about 4 to 6 weeks to be sure you have BB established.
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    Hello Hello

    Hello jasper.....come back when you can stay longer.
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    Type Of Flowerhorn

    Very pretty!!! Coloring is striking.

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