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  1. Mongo75

    Could 2.5 ppm Nitrate be Right?

    I had a similar experience today. Usually my nitrates run 20 to 40 in four days with 75% water changes. My last WC was on the 8th. Today my nitrates were 5. Yes, I have made some changes which attribute to the low reading, but I wouldn't have expected that much of a change. It wouldn't hurt to...
  2. Mongo75

    Water Testing

    Most fish stores use test strips which can be less accurate if they're not handled properly. I too have problems deciphering the color charts. Ammonia and nitrites are not a problem, but the nitrate test and pH test are guess and by golly. I go by what they aren't rather than what they are...
  3. Mongo75

    Snails, shrimp, KH & GH

    I've been toying with the idea of adding some Ghost Shrimp to my 20g so I ordered the API GH/KH test kit. It came around Sept 30, and my first test was on the 30th. My results were 6 dKH and 10 dGH just prior to a WC. Cool, from my research, that's good for Ghost Shrimp. I was also happy that it...
  4. Mongo75

    Fall Is In The Air!

    I hate wind! I especially hate cold wind!! We have our earthquakes, and to be honest, I'll take them over hurricanes and tornados any day. They hit with no warning, and have the potential of being devastating, but are rarely so. Hurricanes and tornados come with a warning, but are far more...
  5. Mongo75

    Fall Is In The Air!

    Today is the first day my hose tap was too cold for a water change,and I had to temp match from the kitchen sink. PITA with all the flow restrictors. Took almost 5 minutes for warm water to start flowing, then about 5 minutes each to fill a 5G bucket times 3! Today is day five that we've barely...
  6. Mongo75

    55 Gallon Tank Filter Decisions.

    I don't think you will be disappointed with the Tidal. Not only does it have a very configurable media basket and output flow control, but you can also adjust the skimmer as well. I really like the 55 I have on my 20g.
  7. Mongo75

    Tidal Size For 46g

    I have the Tidal 55 on my 20g and love it. Lots of room to customize media. I would recommend the 75 as a minimum, but that may be enough with the 306.
  8. Mongo75

    Having My Parents Take Over

    Many people, myself included, don't use carbon at all. You may want to reserve it for after you use meds, or for odor control, and skip it the rest of the time.
  9. Mongo75

    Having My Parents Take Over

    If they test your water and you use the API master test kit, be sure they know about shaking nitrate solution #2, shaking the nitrate tube for 1 minute, and the 5 minute wait before reading the results.
  10. Mongo75

    Having My Parents Take Over

    I don't know how far they're willing to go, but water may be able to get by without it, but your fish will be happier in clean fresh (no pun intended) water.
  11. Mongo75

    5gal. Won’t Cycle

    I'm no expert at fishless cycling, but from everything I've seen here, you should use pure ammonia because you can dose more reliably than with fish food. Everything I've been reading, you want to dose ammonia to 4ppm and wait until the BB takes it down to near zero before redosing. This will...
  12. Mongo75

    Help Desperately Need Fishless Cycle Help!

    It might be worth taking a water sample to your lfs to get a second opinion on your ammonia. I know you said you're getting a 0 reading from another tank, but it may still be your ammonia test. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about API ammonia tests reading 0.25ppm. A second opinion...
  13. Mongo75

    Adding Declorinator

    I usually do three 5 gallon buckets (75%) for my 20g tank. I switch between adding 20g dosing of Prime before adding my water and adding it to the first bucket of water while filling the bucket, though I usually add it to the bucket. Either way is fine.
  14. Mongo75

    One More Question On Tap Water

    As to living in LA, I used to live in Anaheim, and never had a problem with Orange County water. I'm in Lancaster now, and still have no problems with my water. I don't think you need to go to the extra expense of ro or any other water. Your water should be fine. The only exception would be TDS...
  15. Mongo75

    Important Is This Hydra?

    I don't either, but "Google is your friend", lol. To me, it looks like some sort of debris...
  16. Mongo75

    Question Wc For High Nitrates

    One angel (yeah, I know), 4 Mollies, 2 nerite snails and 2 mystery snails.
  17. Mongo75

    Important Is This Hydra?

    I don't know what it is, but I'm pretty sure it's not hydra. Check out these images
  18. Mongo75

    Question Wc For High Nitrates

    I may be over dosing the Flourish, but I don't think so (yeah, everyone says that, lol). I dose per the instructions. It may be a contributing factor though, but I really think it's from excess bio-load.
  19. Mongo75

    Help, Ammonia Problem! if for adjusting your pH in addition to doing the same thing Prime does, removing chlorine, and detoxifying ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. You don't need this, unless you want to mess with your pH.
  20. Mongo75

    Question Wc For High Nitrates

    So, it's been about 7 hours since I did the 75% WC and my nitrates are 10ppm, which is what I expect. I clean my filter every other WC, so last filter cleaning was on the 15th. I vacuum every WC, so last vacuum was also on the 15th. When I vacuum, I also remove all my fake decorations so I can...

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