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  1. VeiltailKing

    Flake Fish Food

    New Life Spectrum!! They have a wide variety of both flakes and pellets.
  2. VeiltailKing

    Best All Around Substrate For Monte Carlo Low Tech Tank?

    This tank is only a 5g. I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for it but I wouldn’t recommend it for a huge tank as it does cost a good bit. I found a picture of the bag on one of my old threads! I think it took two bags to fill my 10g for 2 inches worth of substrate.
  3. VeiltailKing

    Best All Around Substrate For Monte Carlo Low Tech Tank?

    The light I use just came with the aquarium kit I got on sale ops: It’s an LED light of some sort. I don't use co2 in this tank. I occasionally dose Thrive but not nearly as often as I used to. I bought the Monte Carlo from my local fish store and pretty much just threw it in the tank
  4. VeiltailKing

    Best All Around Substrate For Monte Carlo Low Tech Tank?

    I use aquasolum in all of my tanks! I got a Monte Carlo carpet like seen in the back in a few weeks with low light and minimal care. This picture was taken after the carpet had gone without light for a week or two because dwarf water lettuce had overgrown. I definitely recommend this substrate!
  5. VeiltailKing

    What’s Wrong With My Betta?

    She’s only about a year old. I got her as a baby: Rescue Betta by VeiltailKing posted Oct 20, 2018 at 4:15 PM
  6. VeiltailKing

    What’s Wrong With My Betta?

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 29g How long has the tank been running? Just over a year now Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 78° What is the entire stocking of this tank? 6 rummynoses, 1 angel, 1 female betta, and a bristlenose...
  7. VeiltailKing

    Betta Discussion

    I have a thread on a betta I rescued from a family member: 5g Rescue Betta Tank Take her to a trusted store and show her the appropriately sized tanks. Show her decorations she could put in that tank that are betta safe. I’m sure she would be excited to design a tank by herself. Make it seem...
  8. VeiltailKing

    Can Anybody Sex This Angelfish?

    Is it even old enough to sex?
  9. VeiltailKing

    Help Boy Or Girl Betta?

    Wait... Are they all in the 5.5gal? Or did I read the post wrong? Sorry for the confusion.
  10. VeiltailKing

    Help Boy Or Girl Betta?

    Does it have a “beard” when it flares? If so, you have a male on your hands. If it is a male I would just suggest putting it in your 5.5gal.
  11. VeiltailKing

    Love This Driftwood

    Interesting piece of wood! I like it
  12. VeiltailKing

    Anacharis Is Really Insane!!!!

    Anacharis is known for growing extremely fast!! Beautiful tank!
  13. VeiltailKing

    I Think My Pleco Was Too Curious

    Update on Mr. Pleco: He has a new interest! He seems to enjoy catching bubbles from the sponge filter... I’ve watched him do it like 5 times tonight.
  14. VeiltailKing

    5g Rescue Betta Tank

    I still can’t get over how bad he looked in the beginning and how much better he looks now. I’m glad I was able to do him some good. Now I’ve got a little beggar on my hands
  15. VeiltailKing

    5g Rescue Betta Tank

    Little update on the tank!! I just did a larger water change on the tank a few days ago (it needed some plants cleared out...) But the tank in all is doing lovely! The carpet is growing wonderfully, especially considering the dwarf water lettuce was blocking a lot of its light. I must...
  16. VeiltailKing

    Question Good Fish Flakes

    I love New Life Spectrum flakes and pellets!! My fish go crazy for them.
  17. VeiltailKing

    Help Fish Id Please

    I’m going to guess yoyo loach. That’s what it looks closest to to me.
  18. VeiltailKing

    Angelfish Finnage

    Just thought I’d update with a picture or two!! Can anybody sex him/her?
  19. VeiltailKing

    Hope Rummy Nose Tetra Survives!

    Unfortunately Willy passed a few days ago. I lost a whole bunch of members from my rummynose school. I was forced to do a quick move of the tank and the stress of moving was too much for all but two of them. I have since gotten 8 more rummynoses and have the tank all setup. I am happy to say...
  20. VeiltailKing

    Where Are My Shrimp?

    12 should be just fine. I had 10 at first.

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