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    Any Need For A Airstone?

    Yea, youre fine!!
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    Apistogramma Macmasteri Journal

    OMG!! sooo cute!!!! Little tiny adults now <3
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    Angel's Planted 40b Build

    Yea, DarkOne has ALOT of babies now LOL... you may not want to wish for them XD! Glad they are happy and healthy for you though!
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    Shopping For Fish Online

    LOL yea, she's the one to ask. Its a difficult process from what I've seen ._. Babies do MUCH better, just write the adults off if a few die the first few days. (sorry lol) If the adults do well, then you're probably not THAT big of a difference in hardness than you think. Also, @junebug any...
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    Does My Crownfish Betta Have Fin Rot? I Need Urgent Help

    the transparent edges "from fin rot" are actually the regrowth afterwards (after people see fin rot). misinformation gets passed around like the flu lol! No need to worry, like our hair, their fins grow. if it gets REALLY long, like 2 feet, then maybe worry :hilarious: (sorry, joke... but...
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    Silver Dollars And Angelfish Bullying Mystery Snails? 1snail Dead And Suspected To Be Eaten

    yea, not sure there's much you can do since you're house sitting, but mystery snails are not recommended for them most times. I'll put it this way... escargot. fish like it. Sorry ._. I would move the mysteries to another container... keep the water clean, and keep them fed. Also, feed...
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    Is My Betta A Spoiled Betta?

    LOL mine is in a 20H... my new wild type (B rubra) are going in a 40B XD I also culture live mosquito larvae for them!! :hilarious: More live foods to come in a month (springtime) edit: spelling lol
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    My Betta Is Sick

    Definitely do another water change with numbers like that. Probably a spike from the dead plant ***IF*** you were cycled in the first place. 2.5 is a small volume. Even without being cycled, it can cause a jump in ammonia. Temp fluctuations combined with something rotting in the tank...
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    Any Need For A Airstone?

    What size tank, and whats the GPH rating? Does it hold media?
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    Shopping For Fish Online

    Yea, quality of chain stores isn't great IMHO. AH! I am drawing blank on great places to order shrimp from XD brb Edit: Flip Aquatics, The Shrimp Farm, Elite Inverts, as well as Aquatic Arts. (I have recently learned from a friend that AA breeds their shrimp in soft water... so if you have...
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    Acclimating Mailed Fish

    yes it can, just add a few drops of Prime water conditioner to the bag as soon as you open it, and then acclimate the fish as preferred
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    Does My Crownfish Betta Have Fin Rot? I Need Urgent Help

    White is fin regrowth. He looks fine to me. With crown tails, you will want to raise them in soft water, otherwise they get curls on the fins (not harmful, but not a perfect crown tail either)
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    Help! I Put Tap Water In My Tank!

    They should be fine.
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    Anyone Good In Programming

    :hilarious: @david1978!! I am computer illiterate, but I will give you a "bump"
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    Shopping For Fish Online

    Is the OP actually IN the United Kingdom?? Because, they don't do that around here in North Carolina (U.S.) Trinsfish, wetspot, aquatic arts... theres more that I can not remember at this time..
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    Concerning Water Test Results

    Took the words out of my mouth actually. :/
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    Betta Bleeding From Gills/mouth?

    sorry for the double post. internet is messed up right now LOL! didn't even see that June had double posted! eek Wuut is wrong?!?
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    Betta Bleeding From Gills/mouth?

    I agree with @AllieSten. Also, Bettafix isn't good for bettas can harm their labyrinth organ, inhibiting their ability to breathe. Also, a water change would be a VERY good idea.
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    Female Guppies In 15g Tank Mates

    Most cories should live longer than 2 years. *If* they are happy, healthy, and properly cared for in an appropriately sized tank. I agree with junebug and Matt on their stocking advice! They know their stuff
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    New 29g Tank

    I am not a huge fan of UG's *especially* if its a planted tank. Two HOB's will work just fine IMO, (like what @Sel suggested above), or a canister. If not properly maintained, you can end up with a nasty situation beneath using UG's. Thats not to say it will always happen, but it can, if...

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