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  1. kinezumi89

    Our Betta

    I have the same bowl as well. It originally housed a betta, until I learned that it was much too small, unfiltered, and unheated. I added a heater and while he became more active, his fins still turned black from ammonia burns, even with daily water changes. The bowl now holds an African violet...
  2. kinezumi89

    how can stores afford to sell female bettas for 1 dollar?

    Fish don't cost much to them. They could sell male bettas for that cheap and make a profit, too. The difference is if they charge $10 for a male betta, people will still buy them, so they make even more money. If they charged that much for female bettas, no one would buy them, and they'd make no...
  3. kinezumi89

    Cycling a 1g

    Sounds about right to me! Build up some stronger colonies and you should be ready for some shrimpies! Get crystal red shrimps (red and white stripes) and sell me some when they start making babies
  4. kinezumi89

    Cycling a 1g

    Are the nitrates definitely above zero? I wouldn't call it cycled unless there was definitely at least an orange tint. PS Hello, fellow Chicagoan!
  5. kinezumi89

    Look at my guppuh!

    I already have an assassin named John Wilkes Booth! And Marcus Brutus Beautiful guppy! I don't know anything about their color patterns though so I can't be of any help
  6. kinezumi89

    My Mystery Snail Clutches

    I just can't imagine a pin pong ball snail in a five gallon tank And CJack, we'll need to see some pictures
  7. kinezumi89

    Bum API Nitrite Solution?

    Just to clarify, unless your tank is heavily planted, the nitrates shouldn't drop without a water change There isn't a strain of bacteria that consumes nitrate. Be sure you're really shaking that second nitrate bottle well! I mean like bonking it on a table
  8. kinezumi89

    My Mystery Snail Clutches

    Woah, my rule of thumb is one per 10 gallons I wouldn't out a mystery in a five gallon tank. They can get ping pong ball sized! And they poop like little ponies And no way, look at that striking contrast between the vibrant purple and bright white foot, magentas are the best
  9. kinezumi89

    My Mystery Snail Clutches

    I don't think Fe will mind if I step in while she's gone That one is a magenta They have white feeties. My favorite! Purple ones have darker feeties with orange speckles. Lavender ones have intermediate feeties, grayish ones if I remember correctly.
  10. kinezumi89

    Cholla wood?

    Any driftwood is fine for a pleco; in fact, cholla wood is more often put in shrimp tanks. I've never heard of anyone getting cholla for a pleco. I have mopani for my pleco and she's chomping on it all the time. Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your question for sure. However, because...
  11. kinezumi89

    120 Gallon Tank Help understanding Test reading.... And action to take or not.

    In the future, if the ceramic pieces or foam are gunky, wait until you do a water change, then give them a swish in the bucket. The chlorine in your tapwater that can hurt your fish (hence using dechlorinators) can also hurt the bacteria. Replacing the cotton and charcoal is just fine though.
  12. kinezumi89

    120 Gallon Tank Help understanding Test reading.... And action to take or not.

    I'm not familiar with Eheims, so let me make sure I'm understanding...did you remove all the stuff that was inside the filter? And replace with new stuff? If so, unfortunately you did. It's not completely starting from scratch, since the walls and rocks and inside of the filter housing and such...
  13. kinezumi89

    Beverage Dispenser el Natural Shrimp Tank

    Glad to hear the nerite is moving around, hopefully he continues to perk up
  14. kinezumi89

    2 color tetra glass?

    It's possible You could always see if they would let you exchange them for something else
  15. kinezumi89

    120 Gallon Tank Help understanding Test reading.... And action to take or not.

    Sounds like your tank is going through a mini cycle. I would do frequent water changes to keep the nitrite as low as you can, and dose Prime every 24 hours to keep your fishies safe from whatever nitrite is left. As for testing your tapwater, I would test for nitrates. It's important to see if...
  16. kinezumi89

    2 color tetra glass?

    Welcome to FishLore I agree. Dyed fish are fish that have literally been tattooed. It's a very inhumane practice that shortens the lifespan of the fish. You didn't know, of course, but you may not want to buy any more.
  17. kinezumi89

    My Band

    Woo congrats! Have fun and play well!
  18. kinezumi89


    Hence why I said I wouldn't do it myself Kinda stinks that I can never have snails in my 55, because I could never be sure I picked them all out. Not that I plan to get rid of them of course. Edit: they'll eat shrimp pellets and fallen fish food.
  19. kinezumi89

    Goodbye Henry

    I'm so sorry Sarah, you've been through such a rough time recently. Be comforted in the fact that he is no longer in pain, swimming in the big pond in the sky
  20. kinezumi89


    They most certainly will However if you don't have too many assassins, you may be able to have a sustainable colony growing that can reproduce as fast as or faster than the assassins eat them.

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