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  1. Zigi Zig

    My Pond Is Under Attack !!!!

    Hello Absolutely agreed Heron"s will catch your fish and mess up pond you can always tell Heron was there :).. There is few thinks you can do such as put up heron decoy. A decoy like the Pond Logic® Blue Heron however he is now knowing your location and Heron will always come back so decoy will...
  2. Zigi Zig

    90 Gallon Tank Fresh Water Sump?

    Hello Have you think about Large canister filter such as fx4-or fx6 instead sump pump I have personally couple planted and they work perfect
  3. Zigi Zig

    Help Advice Needed Please - Water In Check Valve And In Air Pump

    Hello Your check valve most likely bad or install incorrectly check to make sure arrows are going correct way. Check valve is a one way device that is installed inline in the airline tubing, which allows air to pass in one direction, and prevents water (or air) from traveling backwards and...
  4. Zigi Zig

    Filter For Planted Tanks?

    Hello Filter has noting to do with minerals you have to provide nutrients for you plants on your own such Fertilizer or root tabs and all will be depend what plants you well how you planning to maintenance tank as well..
  5. Zigi Zig

    Root Tabs Effective For Moneywort?

    Hello Moneywort is a moderately hardy stem plant so it will need root tabs and high quality aquarium fertilizer also full spectrum (5000°K-7000°K) lighting for the best results.
  6. Zigi Zig

    Is My Co2 Too Much Or Too Little For My 75g?

    Hello Only one way to tell if you have co2 drop checker.. Also adding co2 through airstone is not great either You should not use co2 at night as plants stop consume co2 during night ..co2 overdose will kill fish You need Drop checker,check valve and co2 diffuser.. 1...
  7. Zigi Zig

    What On Earth Is Up With My Cycle?

    Hello Since you have new tank there is limited bacteria in the filter. Only about 10-15% water should be changed, any more and you will be taking away the ammonia and nitrite that the bacteria are trying to feed on. Your water changes has to be done slowly if is done quickly or in large...
  8. Zigi Zig

    Help Ammonia In Tap Water

    It is ok 30-50% partial water changes every day. However the key points to remember are make sure your tap water parameters match (at least closely) to your tank, including temperature. If they are quite different, you can break up water changes to smaller, 25% changes twice daily to avoid...
  9. Zigi Zig

    Help Ammonia In Tap Water

    Use prime to treat water fallow instruction or install Reverse Osmosis..
  10. Zigi Zig

    Could This Be Ich?

    Hello If you fish tank has not complete cycle and you doing water change everyday is already mistake..Your tank needs healthy beneficial bacteria and balanced aquarium relies on beneficial bacteria to break down fish waste. The fish probably be stressed as they carry the brunt of the cycling...
  11. Atman CO2 Diffuser

    Atman CO2 Diffuser

    New Atman CO2 Diffuser Enhanced Dissolution with Bubble Counter & Integrated Check Valve..
  12. Zigi Zig

    Filter Too Strong For Substrate?

    Hello I wouldn't recommend sand with live plants you should use substrate that is suitable for aquatic plants such as ECO Complete or any type aquarium soil..
  13. Zigi Zig

    Tropica Soil Powder Vs Regular Tropica Soil

    Hello Tropica soil is volcanic granulate material is really not actually soil , not sure what you mean by soil powder. Tropica could get some expensive for so organic garden soil could be better option try to do little more research.. Granulate...
  14. Zigi Zig

    How Long Will Co2 Last?

    Hello 10 gallons and running at 3.5 bps is a lot i have larger tanks and I run only 1.bps .. do you have co2 checker. But for example for my tank i use 5,lb cylinder i can go up to 2.5 moths..
  15. Zigi Zig

    Shrimp King Aqua Soil?

    Hello I have never heard about Fluval Stratum raises ammonia I use them before and never experience any problem with ammonia.. I also use garden potting soil and i am not have any issues i am positive you can use fluval stratum and is safe..
  16. Zigi Zig

    Is Aquaneat Ok For Plants?

    Hello If you planning to grow grass that substrate will have to be will need planted aquarium soil for grass
  17. Zigi Zig

    Fishless Cycling, All Parameters Showing?

    Hello You are only in 3rd day cycle process will take anywhere from 2 – 8 weeks. Only after the second or third week the aquarium water should be tested. The nitrite should spike around the second week of cycling. After this it will begin to convert to nitrates. When the nitrite has spiked and...
  18. Zigi Zig

    Co2 Indicator Location And Air Stone ?

    On top on opposite side of the tank.. You shut off co2 only at night or when is no lights
  19. Zigi Zig

    Question Needing Some Plant Advice

    Hello Start with Amazon Swords, Vallisneria ,Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus, Cryptocoryne, Anubias, Java. Those plants should be easy and available at your LPS...
  20. Zigi Zig

    Ph Suspiciously Low?

    Hello Your driftwood most likely dropping your PH as driftwood will release tannins into your tank.. try to add crushed corals or limestone aquifers. Limestone contains carbonate, which when dissolved in water increases PH to balance your resources..

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