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  1. sirdarksol

    Planted tank looks incomplete . Suggestions of background and foreground plants.

    Slightly more official response regarding patience: It is poor netiquette to post the same question repeatedly, especially if you haven't waited at least 24 hours for a response. Not everyone is online at all times. Even when I was regularly active on the forum, I wasn't on here all the time...
  2. sirdarksol

    eheim 2217

    Two things, fengshui: First, please do not make back-to-back posts. If you forgot to write something in your post, then edit the post to add it in. I've got to say that the plethora of one-line posts are tough to read. Second, and I think this is the first time I'm going to say this on this...
  3. sirdarksol

    Help Needed! VERY New freshwater aquarist in need of help

    Jasperdog, please don't make a whole bunch of posts in a row. Take some time, think about what you want to say, and then put it all in one post. If you forget to add something, you can use the "edit post" button to do so. It's hard to follow a conversation when the same person has four posts in...
  4. sirdarksol

    Help Needed! VERY New freshwater aquarist in need of help

    Counting my view, there have been 51 views of this page. It has been less than an hour since you initially posted. Sometimes it can take a day or more to get a response, as not everybody who looks at a thread has an answer to the question. There is no need to bump a thread so early after posting...
  5. sirdarksol

    Recycling Old Windows

    That's a cool idea!
  6. sirdarksol

    New study on fish cognitive ability Sadly, I can't post the article that has a better rundown of the topic, as the site does not have a Fishlore-friendly name. However, the basic rundown is this: Fish's cognitive abilities are roughly the...
  7. sirdarksol

    New (to me) 55g set up.

    If the stand was made for that size aquarium, it should be fine. I have never used foam on any metal stand I've owned, and have never had a problem. If I did use foam, I'd use high density stuff, rather than styrofoam.
  8. sirdarksol

    Refuted: Such thing as too much ammonia in fishless cycle

    It's a good start at a refutation. However, this is one instance vs numerous instances that seem to show that an overdose of ammonia _does_ harm the cycle. I wish I had the time and energy to turn this into a controlled test. Unfortunately, I don't.
  9. sirdarksol

    Don't know what happened, I thought these would mix?

    Yep. When reading anything on the internet today, remember what day of the year it is and what people like to do on this day.
  10. sirdarksol

    Sick Fish - Its time to make the tough choice

    That is a ridiculously tough choice, and it never really feels right afterwards (no matter which you choose). A fish that can't swim likely isn't going to survive. It sounds like the Colombian tetra, for sure, is going to die from whatever is afflicting it. The cory, it sounds like, is having...
  11. sirdarksol

    Betta arrived DOA

    Posts relaying members' private information have been deleted, as have posts responding to those posts. DO NOT post other people's private information on this forum. It is rude and it's unprofessional.
  12. sirdarksol

    Good starter fish for a 25 gallon?

    Never apologize for giving a lot of info, especially when it's carefully written. You've answered a bunch of questions people would ask. You should be able to do males only with the platies. I've not heard of people having problems with such. I know next to nothing about black skirt tetras...
  13. sirdarksol

    I'm done! This is it! Happy Anniversary to-NO ONE!

    Exactly. And this is the kind of thing Fishlore can offer, perhaps better than many personal acquaintances; unconditional emotional support and a listening ear.
  14. sirdarksol

    I'm done! This is it! Happy Anniversary to-NO ONE!

    Remember, folks, that we don't know everything that's going on. It's really easy, when we only have one small slice of an idea of the situation, to give the "obvious" answer, but the "obvious" answer might not be the most right one. We don't know most of what's going on. I will support the...
  15. sirdarksol

    1 inch per gallon rule

    It's not a rule. It's a guideline. And it only works with your typical starter aquarium fish (the ones that should be starter, not the ones that Petsmart tells you are starter), pretty much guaranteeing people don't overstock a 20g with small fish. Move on to oscars or plecos or goldfish or any...
  16. sirdarksol

    Porcupine Puffer laying on bottom

    I'm not a big saltwater guy. Mostly I'm just posting to bump this up. How's your puffer doing? What are the water specs in the tank? Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate? From what I've read about puffers, they tend to do best with live food. What kind of flakes have you been feeding it?
  17. sirdarksol

    please get back to me as soon as possible

    Things being only one day in, it's pretty normal for some of the fish to be timid. Other than that, same questions as TheBettaBar. How large is the tank and did you cycle it? My guess is that my suggestion is going to be to return most or all of the fish. Everything you've purchased gets pretty...
  18. sirdarksol

    Question Aquarium conversion to Strawberry Hermit Crab Crabitat

    Big question is whether or not the aquarium is large enough to create a sizable saltwater pool for them.
  19. sirdarksol

    Dietary requirements of goldfish?

    I'm not sure about the percentages, but I can give you an idea of what you're looking for. Goldfish are primarily veggie-eaters. It's best to feed them a quality goldfish food. New Life Spectrum and OmegaOne both make quality foods. The frozen stuff is even better (but more expensive). There are...
  20. sirdarksol

    Random Food Thread

    I have never had eggplant with anything that could be considered a spike. I've had zucchini needles jam into my fingers, but not eggplant. I typically serve it with the skin on. After a moment of research, I have discovered that the spikes are on the leaves, and where I get my eggplant, all of...

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